Shell Bobbers from Shark Tank

shell bobbers shark tank

Shell Bobbers are one-of-a-kind fishing bobbers made from used shotgun shells. These fishing must-haves are the brainchild of two boyhood friends and Texas entrepreneurs, Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway. Given that it is made from actual 12 gauge shotgun rounds, practically every fish hunter loves having it. The ammo rounds are loaded with floatable polymer and can swim aloft on water. Recently, they were highlighted on the Sportsman Shopping Network and used for fishing and hunting.

Dusty Holloway and Jeff Stafford, the shell bobbers’ inventors, appeared on Shark Tank in Season 4. The duo was hoping for $80,000 for a 20% stake in their company. Mr. Wonderful offered $80,000 for half of the firm, with a license of 10% in perpetuity and a royalty of 50 cents per piece until he recoups his stake. Dusty and Jeff declined the offer. Because Robert was doubtful that the guys had a legitimate company, he quits, and Daymond follows.

Daymond bombarded Jeff with inquiries about everything from the sales process to whether or not the product had a trademark or patent. Jeff responded that they did and carefully explained that they also had trademarks on “Shell Bobbers,” fishing ammunition, and some other similar concepts, as well as a tentative patent that was in effect until a formal patent could be obtained. However, Daymond inquired whether Jeff had issues with the company’s estimated $400 million worth.

Jeff began by stating that it is very tough to evaluate any new start-up firm; he, therefore, determined how much money they required to proceed in the right direction. The funding would pay for the equipment’s patent, production, and legal costs, leaving money to pay for their ongoing operating expenses.

Lori was reluctant but fascinated. Consequently, Mark gave the boys $80,000 for 33% of the company, proving they were wise not to accept Mr. Wonderful’s offer. The Shell Bobber pair accepted Mark’s offer.

Shell Bobbers were able to visit 3000 stores after Shank Tank, thanks to Mark’s suggestion. However, Jeff and Dusty’s shell bobber company is currently closed. Despite receiving a large retailer’s interest in their design, they barely sold 1000 dollars. They expected $1 million in sales after the performance. They were ultimately able to reach Walmart eventually in 2017.

However, Jeff accepted a new position as CMO in Darwin, and the company began to decline. Shell Bobbers are currently marketed as Fishing Ammo. They are now out of stock on Amazon and aren’t even offered at Walmart. Although the promotion featured several fisherman celebrities, like Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, the company was not profitable.

Our Review of the Shell Bobbers

This unique fishing bobber constructed from an actual 12 gauge bullet casing is great for everyone who enjoys hunting or fishing. After their appearance on Shark Tank, the product earned a tremendous response and “hooked” a partnership with billionaire businessman Mark Cuban. It was one of the most popular and rapidly expanding fishing gear options.

Except for the shotgun shell construction, fishing with them is similar to using any good spring bobber. Although these bobbers are not so appealing to the eye, they are effective fishing equipment. The stem is made of fine, sturdy plastic, and the spring is also nice. The bobbers are filled with a floating material that keeps them on the surface.

The Shell Bobbers are apparently constructed from brand-new shells that have been specifically designed to be used as bobbers, suggesting that the original intention of recycling discarded shotgun shells has been abandoned.

That detracts from the credibility and disproves any claim that the product is “green” by using recycled shotgun shells that would otherwise go to the landfill.

Shell Bobbers perform well in all angling situations and can be a valuable gift for any fishing enthusiast.

Pros of Shell Bobbers

  • Shell Bobbers are made of used shotguns and are more like a spring bobber that does the job as effectively as any other fishing bobber.
  • The shotgun is filled with a floating material that does not let it sink in water.
  • Most users have loved its efficiency for peaceful fishing days and found them a great gift option for their fishing partners.

Cons of Shell Bobbers

  • Customers had complaints about the quality of the product with how it looks.
  • Shell bobbers are slightly overpriced compared to other fishing bobbers on the market.

Who Are Shell Bobbers For?

If you enjoy hunting and fishing, this is a must-have product. What could be more appealing than a product combining two of your favorite outdoor pursuits? Another reason to stock up on them is that they are superior bobbers to most on the market. They also have the boys from the iconic Duck Dynasty on its front cover wearing Shell Bobbers, which adds provenance and mainstream appeal.

You’ll have to agree that after trying this product, you won’t want to use the distressing old bobbers again. The convenience of attaching and detaching it from your fishing line is well worth the cost of keeping a bunch of them in your toolbox.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Like any other brand, Shell Bobbers has competitors while holding a unique and reliable niche in the market. Some of them include RapalaPenn Fishing, and Eagle Claw.

Our Final Thought

Shell Bobbers was a breakthrough for fishing and hunting enthusiasts and engaged many investors after their appearance on Shark Tank. With Mark’s support, Jeff and Dusty could propose their product to renowned retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

The Shell Bobbers were flying off the shelf after their appearance on Shark Tank, to which the co-founders owed their success. However, the budding business came to a staggering halt as Jeff took up a prestigious position at Darwin Automotive. Their social media handles and website have not been updated since 2018, and the products are out of stock on Walmart and Amazon, which clearly shows that the business is supposedly closed.