Safe Grabs from Shark Tank

Safe Grabs shark tank

Safe Grabs is a versatile circular mat made of insulating silicone material that finds umpteen uses in the kitchen. This hand-held mat is the key to protecting your hands against burns and high heat. In that sense, it will prove to be, well, very handy for protecting your hands when removing searing hot dishes from the microwave. Not only does it insulate well against hot surfaces, but it also provides a great grip so that you don’t accidentally drop hot dishes.

The name is apt since it is pretty much self-explanatory. As the name implies, Safe Grabs empowers you to safely grab and move scorching hot items in your kitchen. It is especially suitable for your blistering hot microwave. Using this mat, you can safely withdraw scorching hot dishes from your microwave that you have just heated. No burned hands, no fear, no hassle. Goodbye, oven gloves.

Not only does the insulating mat protect your hands from the searing heat, but it also provides excellent traction so that scalding hot dishes won’t slip out of your hands and burn you by accident.

If hot dishes scare you (and they should!) then this mat is your best friend. It will empower you to handle hot dishes with finesse and pull them out with max confidence and no fear.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are very much an active company. And why wouldn’t they be considering that their insulating mat is, well, a hot-selling item.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Safe Grabs founder Cyndi Lee sought a $75,000 investment in return for a 10 percent share in the brand. She shook hands with Shark Lori Greiner who offered the same investment amount for a 25 percent stake.

Our Review of Safe Grabs

We just loved the striking simplicity of Safe Grabs and wondered how we managed without it for so long.

Using Safe Grabs is a cinch. Here is how it works in a nutshell.

Step 1. Place Safe Grabs on the microwave turntable (with the microwave switched off).

Step 2. Place the dish on it, close the door and switch on the microwave.

Step 3. When the microwave is done heating and switched off, now is the time to work the magic of Safe Grabs. While avoiding touching the dish with your hands, just wrap the Safe Grabs silicone mat around the hot dish and you are good to go! Take out the dish with Safe Grabs encompassing the dish from its sides.

As you can see, it is exceedingly simple to use. And best of all, it seems to work very nicely without issue. No need to fear hot dishes anymore with this simple silicone wonder at your fingertips. And chances of spillages, accidents, and dropping burning hot dishes will be mitigated since the silicone material provides a surprisingly good grip. What’s not to like about the mat that works wonders with hot dishes?

To call it a kitchen accessory would be a euphemism. It is a must-have safety tool in your kitchen that you simply can’t do without. You will wonder why someone didn’t think of it before and how you managed so long without it.

It is not just limited to microwave use. You can use it as a:

  • Trivet/Place mat (for keeping it under hot dishes on your table)
  • Splatter guard (place it on top of your uncovered dish to prevent that annoying splatter that messes up the microwave interior)
  • Cover for smaller cooking pots
  • Jar opener – yes, thanks to its grip and traction it works nicely for prying open intractable jars

Serving so many different purposes, it is truly versatile.

Apart from its heat-resistant silicone material, there is a lot to look forward to.

For one thing, it is highly slip-resistant. This will prevent dropping hot dishes and other such mishaps that can leave you and others with nasty burns.

The silicone used is food grade. It is BPA and plastic-free. Hence it is perfectly safe for culinary use.

Thus it has a lot going for it despite being a humble mat.

It is multifunctional and can serve in different capacities besides microwave withdrawals. For instance, it makes for an unusually good jar opener thanks to its slip-resistant surface that provides a good grip that will help you conquer obstinate jars.

There is a lot to like about this humble yet awesome mat. You have to give credit to its inventor and founder Cyndi Lee who by the way executed a very smart and funny sales pitch on the Shark Tank show.

The myriad uses that this silicone mat boasts sounds quite impressive. Products like these are proof that highly versatile items don’t have to be overly complicated. It’s quite astounding how far you can go with the utmost simplicity. This is a winner that deserves close attention from all kitchen artists.

Safe Grabs Pros

  • Very versatile, many uses
  • High traction, slip-resistant
  • Extremely simple to use
  • BPA free
  • Food-grade silicone
  • Available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes

Safe Grabs Cons

  • There really aren’t any!

Who is Safe Grabs for?

Safe Grabs is for all kitchen artisans. Anyone dealing with hot dishes needs one. This hot seller is proof that the best things in life can be surprisingly simple. This is a winner that has won over chefs and kitchen pros alike with its ease of use.

Are There Any Alternatives?

You could always think of using oven gloves for handling hot dishes straight out of the microwave. But who wants to go through that? Getting your gloves on and taking them off multiple times, time after time can be a hassle. Why go through the pain when you can literally wrap it up with Safe Grabs. No gloves, no fuss.

Our Final Thoughts

This hands-on Safe Grabs review discussed the pros and cons of the silicone mat designed to ease the handling of hot dishes. It provides great peace of mind and takes out the fear of handling piping hot dishes. There is no reason why you should not have this in your kitchen.