Saavy Naturals from Shark Tank

Saavy Naturals shark tank

When it comes to soap, body lotion, and scrubs, the last thing on your mind is whether or not they’re edible. The exotic and delightful scents are sometimes quite overpowering to resist, yet nobody in their sane mind would eat a bar of soap because of all the “artificial” ingredients, right?

Most soaps, creams, and body washes are not edible, yet we apply them on our skin, which is then absorbed by the body.

The revolutionary beauty offerings from Saavy Naturals have changed the perspective of how people might now look at a soap bar.

Hugo and Debra Saavedra, a husband and wife duo, are professional chefs and restaurant owners who chose to use their experience of culinary goods that helped them establish Saavy Naturals, a novel line of skincare products.

Hugo and his wife Debra loved using edible flowers and herbs in their recipes while in the restaurant industry. They wanted to include these plants and edible blooms in their personal care line.

Saavy Naturals is made entirely of natural components that are gluten-free, vegan, palm-free, soy-free, and without GMOs. Furthermore, all of the components are obtained ethically and are cruelty-free.

The products from Saavy Naturals are technically edible because all components are food items. The products have no parabens, sulfates, or other unnatural ingredients.

They’re manufactured in small batches, are biodegradable, and gluten- and soy-free. The skincare line includes body soaps, washes, creams, scrubs, and even bath bombs. There are also hand soaps, candles, and hair care products.

The Saavedra couple approached Shark Tank with a request for $200,000 for a 10% stake in the firm. This gives them a market value of $2 million. They didn’t receive exactly what they wanted, but they didn’t go home eerily quiet. Barbara Corcoran contributed $100,000 for a 40% stake and another $100,000 for the sales order.

Hugo and Debra adapted when the epidemic struck. They recently launched a new sanitizing line with sprays, gels, and mask sprays.

Baby care is the newest addition to their offering. Everything from baby oil to diaper care is covered. They have everything you need.

The social media presence of Saavy Naturals is extensive. They promote their products through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn. Since the company’s inception in 2014, they’ve grown from Hugo and Debra to a total of eight workers.

In 2018, Saavy Naturals established its first retail location in California. It’s unclear whether they plan to grow into the retail industry, and with Barbara on board, anything is possible.

Our Review of Saavy Naturals

When Robert looked closely at the products, they were pretty impressed and had no option but to believe their story. Lori commented that the scent of the products was quite delightful. Yet, the Sharks were skeptical about tasting the product until Debra herself tasted one of Saavy’s products herself.

The first one to taste from the Sharks was Barbara, and she couldn’t deny how edible the soap was; it felt like she was tasting a perfume with sugar. The Sharks admitted that the Saavedras do not want people actually to eat the products; the ideology behind Saavy Naturals is that skincare products should be all-natural and include no hazardous components for the body.

The products were worthy of recognition, and Mark was quite concerned why the co-founders of The Saavy Naturals could not market their products as effectively.

After the Shark Tank episode appearance, Hugo and Barbara’s Saavy Naturals products have been well-received. The brand’s media exposure meant sales skyrocketed, much to their joy. Barbara’s addition to the team has been fantastic, and they’ve now been able to get the online sales fully operational.

The skincare products of Saavy Naturals are quite popular for their delectable fragrances. From soap bars to body lotions, scrubs, and body washes, these non-irritating products with skin-loving ingredients promote skin re-hydration while keeping the skin supple and glowy for hours.

The beautiful packaging makes these unique products a great gift for anniversaries and birthdays. The luxurious product range can turn your routine showers into a mini spa day at home.

The natural candle wax with fruity and earthy fragrance can be used as lip balms and moisturizers; safe to say, the Saavedra’s deliver what they claim with their products.

Pros of the Saavy Naturals’ Products

  • The products are made of all-natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin.
  • Best for sensitive, allergic skin.
  • Delectable, ever-lasting fragrance.
  • Great Gift item for loved ones.
  • Cruelty-free, biodegradable, and leaves minimal carbon footprints.
  • Has no harmful synthetic additives.

Cons of the Saavy Naturals Products

  • The products can be slightly pricier than other synthetic products on the market.
  • Because there are no synthetic additives, the shelf-life of these products is relatively shorter.

Who Is The Saavy Natural Products For?

The Saavy Natural Products are for men and women of all ages who wish to treat their skin and hair with all-natural ingredients and love the organic scents of fresh fruits and blooms. These products are great for anyone with sensitive or allergic skin that tends to dry out due to the harsh chemicals in conventional skincare products.

The nourishing properties of exquisite ingredients like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, moringa oil, shea butter, and kukui oil as base ingredients in soaps, lotions, and scrubs restore skin’s elasticity and is best for people with naturally dry skin.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no direct competitors to the Saavy Natural Products. However, some skin care companies use natural and herbal ingredients to formulate relatively less harmful products to the body than conventional products.

But Brands like Edible Beauty Australia and Cocokind cover an extensive range of face masks and toners and claim that the products are so safe for the skin that you can even eat them.

Yet the product range differs entirely from the Natural Saavy Product.

Our Final Thought

To experience the refreshing scents and gentle skincare of all-natural ingredients, you must give The Saavy Natural Products one shot! They currently have an extensive range of twenty-five products and have established quite a rapport in the market.

With the boost from the Shark Tank and active promotion through social media, the former culinary artists and the co-founders of The Saavy Natural Products will launch some more exciting cruelty-free, natural products, so keep an eye out!