RuckPack Combat Nutrition from Shark Tank

RuckPack Combat Nutrition shark tank

Ruckpack Combat nutrition is a business that sells energy drinks in shot-sized servings, but there’s a catch; there is no caffeine added.

The energy drinks are equipped with essential micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, making the drinks quite healthy for health-conscious individuals looking to add a bit of deliciousness to their diet.

Ruckpack drinks are a much healthier alternative to other drinks on the market due to no added sugar or caffeine, which means that the energy comes from the specially devised formula.

There are many kinds of flavors available, and you can even expect to buy protein powder and fitness apparel from Ruckpack, making it quite a diverse business that offers a variety of products.

You can also find electrolytes present in the drinks, making them an excellent hydrating option for athletes and avid gym-goers.

Rob Dyer is the founder of the company and entered Shark Tank looking for a 75,000 USD investment for a 10% stake in the company.

Dyer made his pitch explaining that in real combat, caffeine can be a major problem because it leads to caffeine jitters and an eventual crash, which can affect your focus and potentially result in a serious injury or death.

This is why he came up with the idea of a caffeine-free drink and tried to pitch his products in a positive light.

He explained that he wanted to equip soldiers with a bunch of supplies that would enable them to stay focused and optimize their performance.

The sharks were quite engaged in the conversation, and it was surprising that they were showing such an interest in Rob’s pitch because the energy drinks and supplement industry is quite saturated.

Dyer was looking to use the investment to boost his manufacturing process so he could create more products and eventually wanted to reduce production costs by up to 40%.

The company had managed to sell 15,000 bottles in under a month and raised 30,000 USD.

Rob didn’t have exclusive ownership of the company and had partners who had invested more money than him, which was an important point to know for the sharks.

After a lot of back and forth communication and negotiations, Rob eventually settled on a 75,000 USD deal for a 20% stake in his company.

Our Review of RuckPack Combat Nutrition

Ruckpack offers excellent products that are not only delicious but quite healthy due to the lack of caffeine and added sugars, which is typical for most energy drinks.

Rob’s journey seemed to impress the sharks, who were quick to see the potential of his business and invested soon after learning about some important details.

After the episode air date, the company saw a lot of sales that generated over 0.5 million USD, which was a big jump from before.

Kevin and Robert invested in the company and overlooked many of the operations to ensure everything was well functioning.

The company sells energy drinks in around 9000 locations due to a partnership with Walgreens, generating more than 4 million USD.

Due to Rob’s genuine commitment to the company and Kevin And Robert’s support, there has been a lot of progress, which is quite promising for the future.

The company also financed an airplane for sponsorship purposes, accelerating revenue due to the marketing advantages.

With the help of Walgreens, the company’s products became available throughout the United States, and many people became aware of the brand and the products.

The website is fully functional, and the operations are running smoothly, which has been a breath of fresh air for Rob Dyer.

As of today, the company is continuing to do quite well and growing and developing with the times.

Pros of Ruckpack Combat Nutrition

Ruckpack combat nutrition has done quite well despite the niche being quite saturated, which speaks about the product quality and the expertise of the team behind the mission.

Let’s explore some of the pros of Ruckpack Combat Nutrition and its products.

  • The company sells caffeine-free energy drinks, which is quite an advantage for the brand because people are looking for ways to cut out caffeine in their diets due to sleep-related problems like insomnia and caffeine crashes.
  • The energy drinks are low in calories, easily consumed, and have no added sugar, making them quite a healthy alternative to other energy drinks on the market.
  • The protein powder has a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fats while using the best quality ingredients to make the product.

Cons of Ruckpack Combat Nutrition

The company has some cons that need to be looked at to truly gain an understanding of the advantages and limitations.

Since the company has become well established due to the support of big companies, the brand has become quite popular in the eyes of the public.

However, let’s look at some of the cons of Ruckpack Combat Nutrition and its products.

  • The company’s products are mostly shot-sized, which means that people cannot enjoy a full can of beverage.
  • The protein powder isn’t special and is outcompeted by numerous other brands, making it a product that holds back sales to quite a degree.
  • Many people are looking for that hit of caffeine from their energy drinks, which somewhat limits the market.

Who is RuckPack Combat Nutrition For?

The company’s products are enticing to a large part of the population, especially ones who are looking to boost their performance without consuming too much caffeine.

The protein powder can be used as a supplement by athletes and people who enjoy going to the gym due to the high protein content.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are numerous kinds of protein powders available on the market, and many people may choose products from more established brands.

There aren’t too many energy drinks that are caffeine-free, making the products somewhat unique.

Our Final Thoughts

The company has done well after appearing on Shark Tank and securing investment from two of the sharks who were eager to get on board with the business idea.

Rob Dyers managed to secure partnerships with other companies that played a significant role in making the products available to the masses.

Ruckpack continues to do well and is currently seeing an upward growth trajectory, making its future quite promising.