Romper Jack from Shark Tank

Romper Jack shark tank

Romper Jack is a line of rompers for men. The idea was introduced to Shark Tank by Justin Clark and Wyatt Thompson. Rompers are generally garments worn by women, but Thompson and Clark thought a cultural shift was needed. Clark got the idea when he saw the lack of companies making romper looks for men. The stitch to rompers is intricate, so it can be understandable that many people weren’t investing in making them for men.

Rompers for men can be used in many different spaces, and it only makes sense for people to want to invest in a product of this sort. What sets Romper Jack apart is the eclectic designs they were able to come up with. They also managed to have a clear target regarding their product. Romper Jack knew they wanted to target gay men as they were most likely to experiment with their looks and purchase rompers to try them out.

The company is still active today and going pretty strong. They have many designs out now in all colors, so it’s safe to say they’re going strong. Now that we know more about the company, we can look into the kind of experience they had on Shark Tank and how their pitch went.

The entrepreneur duo entered the Tank looking and asking for $200,000 for 5% of their business. They wore black suits, and in true costume fashion, they tore them off to reveal the rompers underneath. They explained how the rompers they have designed and are wearing are significant for men. Daymon is the first to act out and ask them about their valuation as it seems high to him for a clothing brand. They respond to it by saying that they did pretty well in sales last year. They had done $1.1 million in sales last year and had been an active company over the previous four years, with the total sales going up to $3.7 million. They also talked about how their sales were directly from their website. Daymond is a bit old school and comments that if he planned on wearing a romper, he would appear to be pregnant, and that’s something he likely didn’t want.

The entrepreneurs quickly jumped in at this comment because most gay men would buy their products. The duo stated that there were other companies in the space but that none of them were quite as prominent as Romper Jack. They talked about their Kickstarter and how they beat it. Peter turned to Lori and asked her if she thought the rompers looked nice. Lori is unsure of whether she does. Mr. Wonderful chimes in with the LGBTQ+ market for rounder bum, another company he invested in season 9 of the same show. That, too, is a hit with the LGBTQ+ community; thus, this adds to the promise of the current company.

The duo also runs the operations of the company. However, they manage to hire stay-at-home moms for the customer service that they must provide. Mark is the first one to drop out, he cites the fact that clothing isn’t his thing. Daymond said that he admired that they were catering to a community that was rarely served and, in doing so, reminded them of him.

However, he wasn’t a part of the community and wouldn’t provide any insight, which is why he was out. Peter said they would struggle and need so much more money to have average growth. Lori starts to speak, and the entrepreneur duo tries to hold her attention by saying they would bring on Romper JIll for women, but it’s not enough for Lori to stay on. Mr. Wonderful seems to be making a consideration. But he decided in the end that he did like the product although he didn’t love it. He was out.

Thus, the entrepreneurs leave without a single offer.

Our Review of Romper Jack

All products that walk in through the door have positive and negative aspects. Let’s take a look at the positive and the negative aspects of it all:

Pros of Romper Jack

  1. It is unique. You’re not going to find many companies catering to men in the romper category. They can expand into rompers of all kinds and still stand out due to the designs.
  2. It caters to an underserved community. The rompers are products primarily for gay men; thus, they can have a lot more demand within that community.
  3. It has a production line that can expand. The rompers are ones that the company could also provide for females and thus, there is a likelier chance of product line expansion and growth as the company grows.

Cons of Romper Jack

  1. The styles may not suit everyone. The fact that they’re targeting gay men narrow downs their overall demographic, which could mean that their sales plummet. Lori said it herself that she didn’t quite get the look.

Who is Romper Jack For?

Romper Jack is for mainly gay men who want to have stylish rompers. However, if the company plays its cards right, it could expand into jumpsuits and even construction suits for men. The idea that only gay men can wear rompers in this day and age is absurd, and so as society progresses. It very well may happen that romper jack no longer is for just the LGBTQ+ community.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Chances are there are places where you can buy rompers for men. However, it depends on the kind of material you’re after and the quality of the stitch you’re looking for. There are alternatives, however, they may not be as stylish as that of Romper Jack.

Our Final Thoughts

Romper Jack is a one-of-a-kind idea. However, there is still much growth to be had regarding its execution. We find that the designs are unique. However, the company can’t keep up with the kind of demand and the ability to stay relevant in the growing times. If they overcome these hurdles, they may be able to go down in history.