Zuum Technologies from Shark Tank

Zuum Technologies shark tank

Zuum Technologies was introduced to the Sharks in the 11th season of the show. The product sought to rethink and redesign roller skates, a simple invention that has been in the market for far too long. With the Zuum shoes, you no longer have to balance on wheels that run in a straight line.

The product was pitched by two friends-turned-founders. Mason Buechler and Chico Guerra had been working on different kinds of businesses ever since they were young. However, college led to both knowledge and experimentation. This led to the birth of Zuum Technologies.

Zuum Technologies was a venture that began in China, and the product was designed by a Chinese manufacturer. This was brought back to the U.S.A and promoted through Kickstarter campaigns. The product is available today on their website.

What is Zuum Technologies?

What makes the Zuum shoes so great is that they put nature first. For too long, we have lived in an unsustainable manner, consuming resources of the Earth that we trash with pollutants. The Earth may never recover from the gases that we release into the air every day.

The commute is one of the major causes. The more cars are manufactured, the more gases are released into the air. With these shoes, it is finally possible to go from one place to another without needing to use public or private transport.

Zuum Technologies has designed special shoes that look like skates and go as fast as 8MPH without much energy required by the wearer. You don’t even need to balance them!

How it Works

It is pretty easy to use the shoes. All you need to do is to keep them charged and turn them on. A power button is located on each shoe. This needs to be pressed, which will turn on the shoe. This should be followed by placing your dominant foot on the correct shoe and then the other.

After that, simply leaning forward will push you forward, and leaning backward will allow you to reverse. Charge the shoes for 2 hours to get 1.5 hours worth of travel.

What Makes Zuum Technologies Unique?

Zuum shoes are unique for many different reasons. These include how much fun you have when operating them. Moreover, these shoes are much faster than skates. The shoes are also easily charged; you just need to push a button to turn them on.

The Zuum Technologies creation offers a much greater balance than traditional skates. It is suitable for adults and children. The shoes can take you to work without wasting fuel and harming the environment.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The founders were looking for $125,000 for 20% of the company. However, the Sharks did not bite. This was because their idea hadn’t been developed as well, and as they didn’t have good answers to some of the Shark’s concerns, they didn’t get the deal.

Our Review of Zuum Technologies

Zuum shoes are great in their design and inspiration. Who doesn’t like durable shoes that can easily take them from one place to another? The founders showcased many different features within the shoes that they set out to develop long after they were rejected on Shark Tank.

Today, the Zuum shoes contain a protective casing that leads to a long-lasting product. Zuum has tested the shoes time after time to eliminate any possibility of water damage, breakage, or fire hazard. The reason why Zuum shoes work is that they are a versatile product. They are forever improving.

Pros of Zuum Technologies

  1. They look cool

Yes, the Zuum shoes look really cool. That is probably one of the major reasons why they appeal to younger audiences. Their sleek design and neon lighting are better than any paint job.

  1. The features

The shoes do not get ruined if dropped from a height or subjected to dirt or water. They charge quickly and last for a long time. They are lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you are lugging a whole lot of weight around. And they are fast… real fast!

Cons of Zuum Technologies

  1. Not for everyone

The shoes aren’t for people who need to travel for more than 1.5 hours to get to their office. They are also not that great for elderly people who can fall and break a bone which is much harder to mend than for younger people.

Who is Zuum Technologies for?

Zuum is best suited for a younger generation. However, adults can also use it. Since the design is flexible, it presents a lot of options for every generation. It is much easier to use Zuum shoes to travel shorter distances as opposed to backing the car out of the garage every time you need to run an errand.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We can’t say that a product like the Zuum shoes already exists in the market. However, there are options that come really close. It is possible to use hoverboards, which have already existed in the market for a very long time.

However, these hoverboards are harder to master and much heavier than the Zuum shoes.

Another alternative could be regular skates. However, most people already know the downside to these creations.

Our Final Thoughts

Zuum Technologies is a one-of-a-kind creation. It isn’t a product that is merely beneficial to the people. It also puts the Earth first. It’s about time we started thinking of Mother Nature. If there is a way to cover the same distance without spewing venomous gasses into the atmosphere, why not opt for it?

Zuum shoes are a great alternative to skates. They may even be better than hoverboards since they can easily be carried around. Zuum is affordable, durable, and reliable.

For parents wondering what to gift their children for the next holiday, these shoes may be the perfect investment. Your children may benefit from the healthy activities that are encouraged by the Zuum shoes.