RollinGreens from Shark Tank

RollinGreens shark tank

Vegan food is all the rage nowadays, and RollinGreens is one of the best options on the market. People are constantly looking for the next best vegan food. However, many people who want to opt for veganism often don’t because it becomes difficult for them to sustain the method. However, RollinGreens is different, and they’re at the Shark Tank to pitch their product.

The factor that helps the product stand out is that the RollinGreens are an accessible, on-the-go brand of nuggets and tots that people can eat conveniently. The brand mainly specializes in chicken wings and tater tots, which are easy to prepare and consume. They’re frozen food for vegans. Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham are the masterminds behind this product, and they want the Sharks to invest. Ryan has a background in food. He comes from a culinary family. His parents owned a food truck in the 80s, and Ryan attempted to restart the business in 2011. He stuck to the same name that his family had: the RollinGreens.

Ryan also had a background as a personal chef, and one of his most prized recipes was the millet tots that everyone seemed to love. Millet is a grain that is extremely high in protein, and thus vegans severely require something like this. In 2016, the couple shut down their food truck and instead moved on to selling millet tots. These tots had three flavors for people to choose from.

From here, the two also attempted to expand their product line to include the chicken wings they made from cauliflower. These chicken wings also came in three different kinds of flavors that people could opt for. The millet tots and the chicken wings will be in different stores nationwide, and customers can buy them with relative ease.

Now that we have a good idea about what the product is like let’s look into how the Shark Tank pitch went.

Ryan and Lindsey entered the tank asking for a total of $500,000 for 10% of their business. They told the Sharks about their history with food and their resuscitation of the food truck that Ryan’s parents had in the 1980s. The duo then talked about how they switched roles from marketing frozen foods. They then asked the Sharks to sample some of their foods, and the Sharks were completely impressed by the taste of the food they were eating.

When they got to the sales, the duo said they made $320,000 in sales in 2018 and then doubled that to $700,000 in 2019. However, the company wasn’t doing too well and was in deficit at the time. They wanted to raise $2 million and were looking for the right kind of investor for their growth. The Sharks didn’t look too happy and seemed genuinely concerned about the 35% profit margins.

Daniel was the first one to say that he couldn’t handle another clean food company which was why he was out. Lori said that she wanted to collaborate with Daniel and his exit meant that she could no longer offer much, which is why she stepped out too. Mark and Kevin also left, not citing any particular reason. Robert appreciated the story, the people behind it, and the food. He offered them a deal of $500,000 for 20%, and they took it.

The company is still active, and the deal with Robert didn’t manage to go through, but the publicity for Shark Tank did them well. They expanded their product line to include Taco Meat, and the revenues per store grew even more in the years after the airing of the episode. They make $4 -5 million per year in sales now.

Our Review of RollinGreens

There are pros and cons to all the products you see on Shark Tank, and RollinGreens is just one of the many.

Pros of RollinGreens

  1. It is Vegan. The main attraction for RollinGreens is the fact that it’s vegan. The market for vegan goods is booming, and it only makes sense for people to want to capitalize on it. People also recognize that vegan products are better for the environment and for all those involved, which is a plus point.
  2. It is convenient. The millet tots and the cauliflower wings don’t require much effort to prepare. They come frozen, just like any other food. You only have to prepare and fry them.
  3. They have an expansive production line. There are many different flavors and products for you to choose from. You can try all the different flavors to decide which one you like better, so you have enough options to explore.

Cons of RollinGreens

  1. It is on the expensive side. You have to pay a high amount of money to eat these vegan nuggets, which makes veganism less accessible to the masses, which is why fewer people will choose to invest in them.

Who is RollinGreens For?

RollinGreens is for those who want to eat vegan food without spending too much time on it. It’s for all parents who want an easy, on-the-go vegan option for their children and want it to be yummy in a way that works for them. It’s also for all of those people who want a little more variation in their vegan food and who genuinely don’t have time to prepare it on their own.

Are There Alternatives?

There are many different alternatives to vegan food which is on the go. However, you’re less likely to find the exact same alternative for millet tots and cauliflower wings which is why an exact alternative may not be present. However, there are many different contenders for vegan food, such as Beyond Meat, etc.

Final Thoughts

RollinGreens is a great product as it allows you to have vegan frozen food on the go. It is healthy and convenient, so you don’t have to worry too much about the nutritious aspect of it. It may be a little on the expensive side. However, if you can afford it, then it’s one of the best ways to cut down meal prep time.