Ride FRSH Review from Shark Tank: A Fresh Take on Car Fresheners

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Ride FRSH, a company offering a fresh take on car freshness, entered the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank to secure an investment and expand their market presence. Their innovative approach to car air fresheners captured the attention of the “Sharks” and the audience alike. With a unique blend of hip-hop culture and a commitment to freshness, Ride FRSH aims to revolutionize the way people experience scents in their vehicles.

The company’s philosophy centers around high-quality, long-lasting air fresheners that are designed with a stylish edge. By infusing their products with personality and a certain cool factor, Ride FRSH differentiates itself from the traditional air freshener market. This appeal, alongside their focus on customer satisfaction and cleanliness, has poisted them to make a significant impact in the automotive accessory industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Ride FRSH offers a unique spin on car air fresheners with a hip-hop influence.
  • The company made a significant impression during their Shark Tank appearance.
  • Their focus resides in quality, design, and customer experience.

Origin and Founders


Ride FRSH, a distinctive car air freshener company, made waves on the hit show Shark Tank. It has captivated audiences with its innovative approach to keeping vehicles smelling fresh.

Journey to Shark Tank

The founders of Ride FRSH seized the stage on Shark Tank with a clear vision: to revolutionize the car freshener industry. Originating from the bustling streets of Los Angeles, the entrepreneurial team pitched their business in 2022, showcasing a unique subscription-based model that promised to deliver long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing scents to car owners.

Founders’ Background

Ride FRSH was founded by a dynamic team: brothers Trey and Donovan Brown, along with Garrick Mitchell and Dean Parker. Trey and Donovan, enhancing their keen business acumen, are alumni of Howard University, which set the foundation for their entrepreneurial journey. Their combined passion for innovation and Trey’s experience with NBA entertainment marketing shaped Ride FRSH’s approach to business. Mitchell and Parker bring their own diverse skill sets, completing the team with a shared commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Shark Tank Pitch and Deal


In a gripping Shark Tank episode, the founders of Ride FRSH faced the Sharks to secure a deal that would propel their car air freshener business forward. Here’s how their pitch unfolded and what they walked away with.

The Pitch Recap

When the founders of Ride FRSH stepped into the Shark Tank, they were determined to make a strong impression. Showcasing their exclusively manufactured car air fresheners, they highlighted the simplicity of their product design and how it seeks to enhance the driver’s experience. Their pitch focused on the company’s performance over the first three years, setting the stage for the Sharks’ questions and offers.

The Sharks’ Offers

As the founders presented their case, the Sharks listened intently, weighing the potential of Ride FRSH. While Mark Cuban had comments that led to no offer from him, the other Sharks saw promise in the business. Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary took turns drilling down on the company details, valuation, and their vision for its future, pondering the prospect of a licensing deal or partnerships.

The Deal and Investment Terms

Despite a competitive round of discussions, specifics about the deal—including equity, investment amount, and valuation—highlighted the negotiations. In the end, the founders struck a deal that aligned with their business strategy. Unfortunately, precise details such as equity stakes or licensing agreements in this Shark Tank episode remain confined to the context of the show until publicly disclosed. Additionally, it’s key to keep an eye out for updates, as terms agreed upon during the show can sometimes change during the due diligence process that follows.

For more detailed accounts of what transpired regarding offers, equity exchanges, and any licensing deals presented to Ride FRSH, fans will have to refer to episodes from Shark Tank Season 14 or Shark Tank updates releases.

Product and Design


Ride FRSH has brought innovation to the automobile air freshener market with its unique approach to scents and product design. They emphasize a modern style that sets them apart from traditional car air fresheners.

Unique Selling Proposition

Ride FRSH’s unique selling proposition lies in its offering of premium-designed air fresheners that do more than just emit fragrances. They aim to enhance the aesthetic appeal of car interiors with their innovative and stylish products. Their air fresheners feature quotes from popular hip hop songs and stand out with a thicker composition, making them long-lasting and a noticeable upgrade from conventional options.

Design Evolution

The evolution in design has been significant for Ride FRSH since its appearance on Shark Tank. Initially focused on infusing personality into cars through scents, they broadened their scope by collaborating with Viacom to integrate iconic images from SpongeBob SquarePants into their designs. This partnership exemplifies how Ride FRSH blends pop culture with product design, offering car owners both a functional and innovative fragrance solution with a dash of nostalgia.

Business Growth and Impact

As the Ride FRSH brand continues to expand, its traction can be seen through increased sales and distribution channels, innovative marketing strategies, and strong customer engagement and loyalty. These elements together have solidified the company’s reputation in the car air freshener market.

Sales and Distribution

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Donovan and Trey Brown, the founders of Ride FRSH, have significantly grown their business. Not only did they catch the attention of the Sharks, but they also managed to secure retail partnerships with notable companies such as AutoZone and Target Stores, increasing the accessibility of their products to consumers. The company harnesses a subscription model, offering a monthly subscription that ensures customers receive regular deliveries of their signature car air fresheners. Leveraging moments like the NBA playoffs, they even hosted a watch party to deepen the brand affinity among basketball fans.

Marketing Strategy

Their marketing approach has been particularly effective, utilizing platforms such as Facebook to run targeted ads that reach their demographic. With collaborations with diverse entities like Boarderie and ActionGlow, and by tapping into the music scene, Ride FRSH has employed a multi-faceted approach to disrupt the traditional car air freshener market. Through their efforts, they’ve highlighted not just their products but also their identity as innovative black entrepreneurs.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Ride FRSH’s commitment to customer satisfaction has been a cornerstone for their growth. They have built significant brand affinity and customer loyalty through various initiatives, such as their engagement with customers during the NBA playoffs and listening to customer feedback to refine their products, scents like mint, and service offerings. The company’s willingness to engage directly with their audience and foster community has led to a burgeoning Ride FRSH family, showcased by enthusiastic customer reviews and repeat business.