Ready Set Food from Shark Tank

Ready Set Food shark tank

Ready Set Food is a business that produces nutritious baby food that provides stage 1 and 2 babies with all the necessary proteins and fibers without any risk of food allergies. The foods are specifically designed, keeping in mind how sensitive a baby’s stomach is. Their ingredients, such as milk, peanuts, and eggs, are all organic and non-GMO. They also add sugar and other preservatives to increase the shelf life of their food. Their oatmeal mixes are considered superfoods for babies since they are rich in nutrients.

Katie Marks-Cogan, Daniel Zakowski, and Andrew Leitner are the people in charge. Katie and Andrew founded the company, and Daniel is the CEO. Having come from a medical background, Katie and Andre created this formula. This idea was the result of an experiment carried out by Katie on her child. She introduced her child to all kinds of allergenic foods at an early age, thus building immunity and allowing his body to get used to them.

On the other hand, Andrew didn’t do this, and his child grew up with food allergies. After comparing their results, they discovered a way to reduce or altogether prevent children from developing common food allergies. They concluded that if a baby is introduced to all the allergy-causing foods through a supplement from a young age, they could make all these foods safe for them.

The best selling point of Ready Set Foods is that they incorporate powdered versions of these allergenic foods into baby formulas to make them safe and easy for kids to consume. They have stage one and two recipes for younger and slightly older babies to cater to their immunity and sensitivity level.

Before coming on Shark Tank, they were selling their products online and needed the investment from the Sharks to increase their distribution.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are still active and in business. Their products are available on Amazon and their website: ReadySetFood.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Katie, Andrew, and Daniel came on Shark Tank with an initial ask of $350,000 in exchange for 7% equity in their business.

They began their pitch by telling the Sharks that food allergies are not something kids are born with but something that they develop in their childhood. They introduced their product by saying babies cannot consume peanuts, eggs, and milk, which is why they convert these items into powder mixed with breast milk.

The Sharks were then given a sample to try. In response to why they only chose peanuts, milk, and eggs, Katie explained that these three products make up 80% of the food allergies in the world and that milk and eggs are common ingredients for most food items such as cookies, cakes, bread, etc. Their product is suitable for all babies except those already diagnosed with an allergy.

Kevin prompted them about the sales, and they replied that they have been very successful. They’ve reached $2.4 million and expect yearly sales to be about $450,000. They explained that they have competitors who sell allergens in baby products, but their formula is explicitly targeted toward these allergenic foods and is easy to give babies through breast milk.

Then the time for the offers came. Barbara stated that she didn’t like that the box didn’t have any clear indication that this mix was for preventing allergies, and she left because of that. Kevin and Lori wanted to give the money as debt and specific equity.

Mark liked their product and made them an offer of $350,000 for 12%, which included 2% for advisory, and Mark also wanted to give one free version of this product to low-income families for every unit they sell. They counter with 9.5%, and the deal closed at 10%.

Our Review of Ready Set Food

The good news about this formula is that it has a very light taste and doesn’t affect breastmilk much, making it easier for a baby to consume. The product also has a majority chance of preventing these major allergies, which will save the parents and the child the pains that come in the future if the child develops allergies.

The bad news is that this doesn’t guarantee that your child will not have allergies. Since all babies are different and the way their body processes food is different, there is no guarantee that it will prevent allergies for kids. Additionally, it doesn’t cover all the other allergies, so parents will still have to notice for signs of any other food allergies their child may develop.

Pros of Ready Set Food:

  • Has a very subtle taste and blends in with breastmilk formula quickly.
  • Introduces allergens for peanuts, milk, and eggs which are common and constitute 80% of allergies.
  • Can be administered to children from 4 months onwards.
  • One box is very affordable.
  • Comes as a baby mix or as oatmeal for slightly older babies.

Cons of Ready Set Food:

  • Does not guarantee 100% prevention of allergies.
  • Contains allergens only for peanuts, milk, and eggs.
  • If your child is susceptible to taste, it might not be easy to incorporate it into their diet.

Who Is Ready Set Food for?

Ready Set Foods is perfect for new parents to give to their babies. Their other option, such as oatmeal, is also ideal for providing to slightly older kids who have not yet been diagnosed with allergies to prevent them from developing later.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Happy Baby Organics Crafted Baby Cereal is a good alternative for Ready Set Foods. It is an organic cereal for babies and introduces babies softly to the taste and texture of solid foods. It contains oats and quinoa and is manufactured keeping babies’ sensitivity and food consumption stage in mind.

But it’s not designed to prevent allergies of any kind. The cereal is for slightly older babies and can not be given to kids younger than three months or those with allergies to its ingredients.

Our Final Thoughts

Although this doesn’t guarantee 100% allergy prevention, using these mixes is a great way to introduce your kids to the main allergy-inducing foods in a safe manner. This product also contains the nutrients of these foods, so it’s a healthy supplement for your baby.

This isn’t for babies with an existing allergy, but it provides the baby with energy and is a relatively healthier option without any significant side effects.