Rapid Rope from Shark Tank

Rapid Rope shark tank

Are you an adventure seeker? Do you enjoy camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities? If yes, you’d know what it’s like to live on the edge and experience the thrill. However, you may also relate to the frustration level that comes with tangled ropes. Don’t worry! The Rodgers has finally found the ultimate solution – Rapid Rope.

The outdoorsy dynamic duo, Chris and Geanie Rodgers, were tired of issues that came with ropes. They wanted a solution that could end all the problems like annoying knots, tangled ropes, and ropes that are difficult to cut. So, Chris worked on his idea of Rapid Rope. This product is sheer brilliance and one of a kind. It is not an overstatement.

Rapid Rope is the solution for rope-related problems that you have dealt with for years. The Rapid Rope dispenser empowers you to use the rope with convenience and zero frustration. Sounds good? Well, that’s not all. The product ensures that you don’t develop annoying knots or knots that are practically impossible to cut.

Another thing that makes Rapid Rope unique is that it doesn’t tangle. This means there are no hang-ups. You and your friends can enjoy exploring outdoors instead of struggling to untangle ropes.

Rapid Rope’s success can be gauged by the fact that the company has been in business since its launch in 2017. That’s a significant achievement. Also, the company had to go through some rough times, but that continued full steam ahead.

Rodgers started with an initial investment of $115,000. This money was used for product development and to launch their business. However, for a few years, they remained inactive because their son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. As much of their money was spent on their son’s medical treatment, to continue their business, they needed more investments. Once their son recovered, they began to look for investment funds. This was when they approached Shark Tank.

The Rodgers came out strong as their product. They instantly impressed the sharks. The sharks fell in love with the duo but weren’t enthusiastic about investing in their company. However, the Rodgers harped on their marketing skills and got an offer from one of the sharks. Barbara Corcoran made her offer. She offered $250,000 for 30 percent equity in their business. Initially, the couple was reluctant to offer 30 percent equity but later agreed.

Our Review of Rapid Rope

We think that Rapid Rope Canister/Dispenser is an innovative idea. It is a multi-purpose rope with a cut blade. The product provides convenience, performance, and zero frustration. After using the rope and reading multiple reviews, we believe Rapid Rope is here to stay.

Rapid Rope is a good product because of multiple reasons. It is easy to carry in a backpack and super-light. These features show that it has been designed by someone who understands the pain points of campers and hikers.

Rapid Rope solves the coiling issues, knots, and tangling. It also comes with a cutting blade, making it easier for us to cut the rope for the desired length. The product also features a canister to store the rope’s substantial length. Plus, it is reusable with another rope. Look at the list of pros and cons of Rapid Rope that we have curated for you.

Pros of Rapid Rope

  • Multi-Purpose

This multi-purpose rope makes it a good choice for different situations where you might need a rope. For example, outdoor activities, camping, hiking, hunting, climbing, pulling heavy objects, etc. You can use it indoors for numerous tasks around the house. Indeed, possibilities are endless.

  • Excellent Strength

Another benefit of Rapid Rope is its extreme strength. This commercial-grade rope is highly durable and strong. You will love its performance just like us.

  • Substantial Length

It may be a company canister, but it still has an unmatched capacity for storing an adequate length of useful rope. Also, the rope can be replaced once you run out of it.

  • Blade

It features a ready-to-cut blade. This is a sheer convenience as you can easily cut any length of rope you need whenever you need it.

Other advantages of Rapid Rope are that you will never have to struggle with a tangled rope or annoying knots.

Cons of Rapid Rope

Though this rope is a great product, it is not easy to put it back in the canister. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that putting this rope back in the dispenser is a time-consuming ordeal. Therefore, make sure you only take out the rope that you need.

Who is Rapid Rope for?

This product is useful for everyone who may need a rope. Rapid Rope is a clear choice whether you need it for tasks around your house or outdoor activities like camping and hunting. As it is a commercial-grade rope, it won’t break easily. You can use it to tie a swing in your backyard for kids and even carry your Christmas tree. Isn’t that amazing? Rapid Rope is designed for multi-purpose.

Are There Any Alternatives?

After conducting in-depth research, we figured there is no competition for Rapid Rope as yet. The product is unique and has carved its own niche. It is made in the US and is patent pending. We can safely surmise that Rapid Rope has no tough competition.

Our Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we believe that Rapid Rope is a unique product with immense potential. The product offers convenience, durability, and performance. It is quite helpful around the house and outdoors. So, if you are looking for an affordable rope with unmatched performance, then Rapid Rope is a good choice.

We think that the Sharks missed an excellent investment opportunity. Though Barbara from the Shark Tank made a deal, it was never closed. But it didn’t stop Rodgers from moving forward. The company is going strong even in 2022. Rapid Rope is available online on e-commerce websites. The company makes around $1 million in sales every year.