PetPaint from Shark Tank

PetPaint shark tank

Dogs aren’t regarded just as pets anymore; they’re considered family members in numerous households all around the globe. But what happens when celebrating occasions and festivities? One can dress up to the heart’s desire; however, the dogs can’t do so. Does that mean they shouldn’t look like a part of the celebration?

Such is the trouble Abe Geary faced with his dog. He saw how impossible it seemed to find perfectly themed costumes for his four-legged friend and how expensive it was. Hence he went on his way to find a solution. And the answer was spray paint. Thus, PetPaint came into existence.

After years of testing and experiments, Abe came up with PetPaint spray paints that are friendly temporary sprays of different paints for your dog to make them a part of festivities. All the products are dermatologist approved and contain no harsh chemicals or irritants. The paints are formulated for pigmented and long-lasting results that come off quickly once washed.

Abe had realized he had a market for his product; he just needed help and finance in scaling the business and nationally distributing his products. Therefore he was at Shark Tank US Season 5 asking for a sum of $200,000 in exchange for 20% equity of his business. Abe had brought some of the pre-painted dogs of different breeds to the show to demonstrate his product’s results.

The Sharks immediately started talking about the profit PetPaint had made so far. Abe told them that since his launch in spring 2010, he had earned $70k in sales. He adds that he has another $200K worth of inventory. Hearing this fact made Lori immediately withdraw from the discussion.

Kevin stated he doesn’t believe spray paints for dogs are a proprietary product; after this, he left the discussion. Mark expressed his disappointment that Abe hadn’t started selling on social media when he could have found a loyal customer base for his product. He left, with only Barbara and Robert remaining.

Initially, Barbara was out, and Robert was ready to make an offer. But Barbara changed her mind and chimed back in, asking Abe to give him 60% of the company’s stake so she could handle the marketing entirely on her own. Robert got out as soon as he heard Barbara’s offer. Abe refused to go with Barbara’s deal as he wasn’t willing to give up his company; he had come in search of a partner, not a buyer.

Abe returned home empty-handed with no deal with any of the sharks. However, Abe took Mark’s advice and tried to find an audience for his product on social media. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Review of PetPaint

Since his appearance on Shark Tank and a shift in his marketing strategies, Abe has managed to find a customer base on social media and has since been selling on numerous online platforms such as amazon. PetPaint products are loved all around the nation by humans and their pups alike. Festivities have become even more festive thanks to PetPaint spray paints.

PetPaint sprays can be bought individually or as a kit that comes with spray paints and additional stencils for a particular design, such as a leopard or a zebra, to decorate your hairy friend and transform them with the help of gorgeous patterns. Customers love the friendly formula that’s gentle on skin for the pets and owners alike. The paints are super pigmented but washable easily, making the bath time fun and hassle-free. Check out their Greyhound Green Spray.

Despite what the sharks thought of the unique business, the Shark Tank reject made a good name for itself. As of 2022, PetPaint has over 5 million dollars in lifetime sales, and with how fast the company is developing its place in the market, it’s only expected to grow in the years to come.

Pros of PetPaint

PetPaint has been winning hearts all across the nation thanks to its unique solution to the costume problems of dogs, especially on different celebratory occasions. Here’s what the customers love about PetPaint:

  • The spray paints are super pigmented and leave a rich color on the pet with no streaks and gaps.
  • The paints are also skin-friendly, not irritating the pets or the owners.
  • The colors last all day, causing no patches and gaps in the design.
  • Despite being durable and long-lasting, the paints can be easily removed with a single wash.
  • The stencil kit is easy to use with no extra steps or complex processes
  • The products are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of costumes
  • The paints can be used numerous times before running out.

Cons of PetPaint

While PetPaint has been taking over the accessory market of pets with a thunder, there are some things that customers aren’t pleased about:

  • The paints are quite wet right after spraying and don’t dry off quickly, making the processing time consuming
  • Despite being known for durability, customers have complained that the paint fades away quickly, which in turn requires spraying all over again
  • Some customers have also reported that their pets have had an allergic reaction to the paints
  • This situation may not always occur, but some dogs are scared of the hissing sound of the spray, making the process of painting harder for pet owners

Who Is PetPaint For?

PetPaint is a business of skin-friendly spray paints for dogs. Its uniquely formulated products are for anyone who loves to play dress-up with their hairy friend without having to spend hours and dollars on the costumes. Whatever design you want on your dog, just grab a PetPaint kit and spray on it. If you want to try some free-hand techniques, grab the individual sprays and go nuts with your artistic creation on your companion.

PetPaint is for every individual who doesn’t want their dog to feel left out on the occasions and festivities. Make your four-legged buddy a part of your family with PetPaint.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While no businesses to date could come up with a product as unique as PetPaint sprays, numerous businesses are selling exceptional dog care and accessories products. One such business is Pet Project LA. The company manufactures clothing and accessories of various designs for your paw friends, along with pet carriers, bedding and treats on the sidelines.

The company is loved by the customers, thanks to its quality products that make durable clothing and accessories for pets. Pet owners also love the comfortable material and the prices at which all of it is offered to them.

There’s still no such company that has sold the alternative to clothing like PetPaint. The company stands on the top of the peak alone so far.

Our Final Thoughts

Despite being a shark tank reject, PetPaint has managed to make its way to the top of the pet accessories market with its unique solution to a common issue. PetPaint offers reusable paints that last longer than a costume and are easier to use. The products are also cost-effective compared to the outfits that must be bought for different occasions.

PetPaint is still in business, and with the revenue generated so far, it seems it’s here to stay. Check out their Amazon store page to learn more about the variety of products PetPaint offers.