PC Classes Online from Shark Tank

PC Classes Online shark tank

PC Classes Online is a service provided to middle-aged (possibly above 50 years) individuals who want to learn the basics of computers and gadgets to blend in with the current modern generation.

To enroll for these classes, you must subscribe to the online program PC Classes Online on your Apple computers (Mac), and the participants must pay the fees in advance for the whole year.

The annual fee, which includes the missed out lectures if you are joining the program late and the new live classes, is as low as $199.

The founder of PC Classes Online is David Cox, a young entrepreneur who had a passion for Mac products since his teenage years and worked in an Apple store for many years.

David presented his start-up of PC Classes Online on Shark Tank, demanding 1.5 million dollars in exchange for 15% equity in his business. The significant investment demand was to take his business to a global level.

While working in the Apple store, David gave basic computer classes to people struggling with technology use. His classes received a lot of attention and became quite successful, which gave him the idea to provide tutorials online for people who don’t use Apple computers.

David’s vision is to make his online educational platform available to many people through the add-on option on Apple Store.

While giving his online classes, David noticed that most of his students were adults above 50 years old. He observed the need of older adults who want to keep up with the fast-paced technological world. Therefore, this observation was the base of his start-up, where he wants to provide quality tech-based education to middle-aged people eager to learn and use technology on their own.

Before PC Classes Online, David and his friends started a podcast on using different tech-based gadgets. The idea was good but lacked the visual aspect people needed while learning about something. This notion led to the development of PC Classes Online, which taught people how to use computers and gadgets while giving a live demonstration simultaneously.

During his pitch, David also introduced Emmy award winner Vilanch and claimed that he taught Vilanch’s mother how to use Skype.

While being asked about his current revenue generation, he said that he is earning 35000 dollars monthly from his subscribers, wants to increase his sales, and needs extra finance for marketing and promotion.

David received quite a rude and disappointing response from the sharks. According to the judges, his idea of online classes is not unique since it started way before in the early 1980s. The judges also remarked that his revenue generation is shallow concerning his business, and he needs to work innovatively to earn more profits. Hence, they believed that David’s idea was not worth investing in, and they all refused to make a deal with him. As a result, David left the Shark Tank platform without making any successful business investment deal with the sharks.

When leaving the room, Vilanch cheered David up by making a light request to eat sushi with him.

After his appearance on Shark Tank, David received much recognition and praise. He continued to give in classes to people worldwide and conducted workshops for various multinational corporations.

He also gave servicing training classes about Mac products and was given the “Mac Guru” title.

The business is no longer in business, and there is no known website for it. However, David now gives tech-based lectures on his YouTube channel, where he has more than 2 million subscribers, and he earns the revenue through advertising and viewership.

Our Review of PC Classes Online

Even though the perspective of PC Classes Online was the technological well-being of adult people, the idea was cliché and lacked originality.

In other words, the company needs to do more research and generate a better business plan to achieve the company’s desired success and profit.

Pros of PC Classes Online

The company has a lot of benefits which are as follows:

  • The company catered middle-aged population, which is in a state of neglect in tech-based ideology for being too old-fashioned.
  • A potential boost for Apple company as the business impacted its market growth and increased the production of its products.
  • They promoted the credibility of being innovative and how people can benefit themselves by becoming tech-organized and starting online classes.

Cons of PC Classes Online

There were inevitable setbacks for the company as well, which were:

  • The classes are accessible by people using Apple computers only. This business did not benefit people using Windows desktops.
  • The company’s idea lacked innovation, and apart from the vision to expand online education, the only thought was to make profits from people.
  • Not everyone has access to internet services, so the company should have also given thought to physical face-to-face classes.

Who is PC Classes Online for?

PC Classes Online is for the middle-aged population who want to get their hands on the latest tech gadgets and want a better understanding of complex terminologies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

So far, there are no active competitors of PC Classes Online. Still, various companies and tech organizations have also started their online training sessions to create more interest in people to learn about technology.

Our Final Thoughts

PC Classes Online was created from passion and free spirit but didn’t get the response it deserved. A more technically advanced idea might have significantly boosted the company.

Setting a hybrid mode for learning where the people would like he have options to learn either at their homes or in an actual physical classroom setting would have been a better option too.

Celebrities like Vilanch should call out to more of their fellow stars to promote this business to attract more potential subscribers.