Partie Poche from Shark Tank

Partie Poche shark tank

Bright-eyed college student Jillian Jaccard felt her bulky purse interfered with her night out with her friends. She wanted to dance and be carefree but was anchored down by her bag.

Even her sorority sisters had the same problem and were forced to stuff essentials like money, ID cards, and phones into their bras.

Then it hit her like a lightning bolt; what if there was another way for ladies who like to go out to carry all their essentials without having to drag along a bulky bag?

She partnered up with her collegemate Connor Pastoor to design the ultimate solution: the Partie Poche. A small, lightweight holster with a pocket large enough to carry all the essentials (cards, phone, and money) that is worn around the thigh.

Is Partie Poche Still Active?

Partie Poche went out of business soon after their Shark Tank episode.  Nothing has been heard of them since 2013.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Jullian and Connor’s pitch was the Season 4 trainwreck that was hard to watch and even harder to look away from. These two ambitious college students were swimming in the open ocean without a life jacket and were asking to be torn apart by the Sharks.

They walked in and gave a cute little presentation about where the idea came from and how they had designed the Partie Poche, the next big fashion accessory for women. They wanted $100,000 for 20% equity valuing their business at $500,000.

Calculating the valuation based on an ask is simple math, but these two college students would not give a straight answer for some reason. It seemed as though Connor and Jillian didn’t want to admit they valued their business at half a million dollars.

Barbara asked for sales figures, and Jillian told her they had sold 200 units. Most of them were at $17, then they raised the price to $39 and sold 27 more. They had been unable to sell  any in the last six months because they needed more investment.

The Sharks all agreed they had valued their company too high. Still, Jullian and Connor were adamant that they did the math by the books and believed their business was actually worth over a million dollars but they were valuing it lower on purpose.

None of the Sharks were buying it because all their calculations were based on speculation; there was no hard sales data to back it up.

Kevin said they were insane, and their idea was not worth $500,000. It was barely worth $100,000. Julian tried to persuade Kevin to change his mind and said she had $50K in the bank.

Robert asked where they got that money from, and Jillian disclosed it was from an investor with 40% equity in the company.

This revelation just opened the flood gates and decimated the entire pitch. Kevin was beside himself. He could not believe they were asking the Sharks for five times the amount of money for less equity and forbid the other Sharks from making an offer.

Conner and Jillian would not back down and continued arguing to prove themselves right. Daymond called out their unwillingness to listen and learn. He was out.

Barbara said their wide-eyed enthusiasm had left them blind; they needed to get out into the real world and test their product before looking for investors. She was out.

Robert said the real world would eat them alive. He was out.

Mark had been uncharacteristically quiet during all this and decided to give the duo another chance. He said the other Sharks were wrong, and these two reminded him of himself at 21.

He asked a few rapid-fire questions about their business plan, but neither Connor nor Jillian could give him any definitive answers. That’s when Mark knew these kids were out of their depth.

They had proved him wrong, and he was out too.

Jilian and Connor walked out, shellshocked by what had just happened. The Sharks had given them a taste of the real world, and the bitter reality was not pleasant.

What Happened After Shark Tank

Connor and Jillian lost faith in Partie Poche and sold the business to a company called Audacis.

Audacis shut down less than a year later and never commercialized the product.

Our Review Of  Partie Poche

The Partie Poche is a handy item for when you want to keep your hands free.  It is low profile and has the space to hold all the essential things you need, like ID cards, money, and your phone.  It even has room for a tampon and lipstick.

It’s made of neoprene, lightweight, and has an adjustable band that you can use to fit snuggly around your thigh.

Pros Of Partie Poche:

  • Lightweight, durable neoprene material that is comfortable around the thigh
  • The pocket keepsyour items securely in place and hidden from sight.

Cons Of Partie Poche

  • Limited colors and pocket sizes
  • Stylized name makes it hard to search for online.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Stashbandz has the perfect dupe for a Partie Poche.  Their garter purses are made of satin and lace and keep all your essentials secure and hidden.  The band has silicone grippers to stop it from sliding down your leg.  These are currently available at their Amazon store.

PortaPocket has patented wearable carry cases that have the versatility to be worn around your thigh, calf, ankle, arm, wrist, or even your waist.  It is made of poly-coated neoprene, making it lightweight and comfy.  They come in various styles for wearing under or on top of clothes.  They are available on their website.

Final Thoughts

Frankly, the entire business venture was frustrating.  Jillian and Connor came in with a marketable product that was well designed and manufactured.  Partie Poche had great potential.  But their entire business plan was based on speculation; they had no real-world experience.

Their Shark Tank pitch was a masterclass in what not to do.  To any entrepreneur who plans on jumping into the Tank in the future, you are on the most prominent business funding platform in the world. Do your homework!