NuMilk from Shark Tank

numilk shark tank

NuMilk is a company by Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin, who are veterans in the beverage industry and decided to revolutionize the way people receive dairy-free milk such as almond milk. They decided to make Numilk, which is a machine where you can feed almonds and make your own almond milk. The only ingredients used in the milk are almonds, purified water, and maple syrup, but the maple syrup is only added when you want the almond milk to be sweetened. NuMilk also has options for other milk, such as cashew nuts and oats. The edge that Numilk has on packaged dairy-free milk is that it is fresh, and no preservatives or other chemicals are added to it.

The machine is also very easy to use. All the users have to do is take a bottle they want to fill with their milk of choice, put it under the dispenser, and select whether they want sweetened or unsweetened milk. Within seconds, the customer has a fresh bottle of dairy-free milk for a small price. Future plans for the machine include making use of other options such as macadamia nuts and other alternatives.

The owners, Joe and Ari, set foot on Shark Tank seeking $1 million for 5% equity in the business. Of course, this is a very high number, and the Sharks were definitely intrigued by what they were offering. When the two brought forth their pitch and demonstrated the machine, the Sharks were definitely impressed. They asked Mark to try the machine out for himself, and this machine’s ease of use helped the Sharks see its potential.

Upon discussing sales, they became even more impressed since they had already launched it in a few locations, which included a few locations of Whole Foods as well. The owners were even working on a countertop variation of the machine, which truly grasped the attention of the sharks.

The two Sharks who make an offer to Joe and Ari are Mark and Kevin. Mark offers them $1 million for 7% equity and a further, optional loan of another million at 3% interest for an additional 3% equity. Kevin offers them $1 million at 1.5% for three years at an equity of 5%. Joe and Ari accept Mark’s deal.

The deal with Mark did not close, but NuMilk is still active and thriving with kiosks in different stores.

Our Review Of NuMilk

Of course, we had to try NuMilk for ourselves to see if the milk really was that good. The idea of fresh almond milk is a dream for many people who have switched to dairy-free options, and NuMilk was exactly what all of these people were looking for.

There are many options for NuMilk available now, from NuMilk home, which is for homes, NuMilk Pro which is found in many coffee shops, and even the NuMilk Kiosk, which you find in many grocery stores. We decided to test the ease of use of this machine and the milk itself by testing out the grocery store kiosks.

We had the milk of our choice in seconds. We went for almond milk, which is a classic and popular dairy-free alternative. The milk was fresh and came out within seconds, giving us a full bottle. In terms of ease of use, the machine has all our hearts.

The only issue with the kiosk was that the station was a little bit messy. It seemed to be a little difficult to clean, or maybe the popularity of the milk did not allow for the staff to clean it as often. But if this issue is resolved, the machine is quite perfect.

The milk we got was quite tasty, and we were happy that it did not need any additives to be delicious! We added it to the hot coffee to see if it stayed smooth, and it most certainly did. There was no curdling even when we added it to hot coffee.

The milk also made a great base for smoothies, and we will probably be adding it to most of our breakfast smoothies moving forward.

The milk from the NuMilk machines is also inexpensive. You do not have to pay a hefty price to preserve your health with this milk.

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised with NuMilk and understood how the machines gained so much popularity.

Pros Of NuMilk

There are many pros to the milk you get from NuMilk Machines. Here are some of them:

  • The machine is easy to use
  • The milk is excellent in terms of taste and texture
  • The milk is free of additives
  • It is also inexpensive

Cons Of NuMilk

There are not many cons of the NuMilk product. Here is the only thing of concern:

  • The machine is not entirelyeasy to clean, especially in grocery stores.

Who Is NuMilk For?

NuMilk is an excellent machine for everyone who has switched to dairy-free alternatives due to vegan lifestyles, lactose intolerance, or other personal choices. Since dairy-free options have gained a lot of traction in the present, NuMilk has become popular.

NuMilk is also great for everyone who wants their foods and drinks to be free of preservatives and harmful chemical additives.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to NuMilk, and they are mainly name-brands of dairy-free milk that you commonly find at grocery stores. Most of these packaged brands have many preservatives and additives, though.

The fresh alternative to NuMilk is making dairy-free milk yourself, at home, which is too much effort for most people.

Our Final Thoughts

NuMilk is a revolutionary product in terms of innovation for anyone who wants dairy-free milk. The owners want to continue expanding the business and adding more options of fresh milk to their machines. The machines are easy to use, and the milk itself is delicious and made of minimal ingredients. We can likely hope for great things from NuMilk in the future as well.