Night Runner 270 from Shark Tank

Night Runner 270 shark tank

When it comes to running at night, safety is key. That is why the Night Runner 270 is a great product that was pitched in Shark Tank. These LED lights attach to your shoes and provide up to 100 lumens of light, making it easy for drivers and others to see you. The batteries last up to 6 hours, so you can run for miles without having to worry about recharging. Plus, the Night Runner 270 is water-resistant, so you can even use it in inclement weather.

Night Tech Gear (rebranded from Night Runner 270) is a company specializing in shoe lights. They offer a wide range of safety products for both consumers and businesses, including night-shift safety lights, night running shoe lights, gearboxes, and supplementary accessories essential for their use.

Night Tech Gear was co-founded in 2013 by Doug and Renata Storer, husband and wife after Doug came up with the idea of Night Runner 270 after tripping on a pothole while he was training for a marathon. Today, the company is a leading provider of these solutions, helping people and businesses see in the dark and better understand their surroundings during nighttime.

Night Runner 270 was rebranded to Night Tech Gear and, as of June 2022, enjoys yearly revenues of well over $1 million. Within only a month after the episode was aired, Doug and Renata heard from more than 290 companies from various sectors and industries, including military, theme parks, mining, security, public safety, construction, parcel delivery, transit, etc., showing interest in the Night Runner 270’s industrial model.

The company also made sales worth $300,000 within the same month and ended that year at $880,000. Night Runner 270 is worn globally today in more than 50 countries and lights theme parks and subway tunnels across the world.

The pitch for Night Runner 270 did not start off fine when Doug explained how the idea came into being after he stumbled on a pothole. The couple also handed out pairs of the Night Runner 270, and Lori and Mark tried them out. Mark even said that the product is extremely comfortable and does not press its presence on you.

However, Barbara was quick to go out after making the point that there are not many night runners in New York City. But as soon as Doug mentioned the product’s potential for night workers, the sharks got really interested in Night Runner 270. Doug further explained how the industrial version of the product would be called the Night Shift and how it would have longer battery life.

While Doug and Renata sought an investment worth $250,000 for ten percent of the business, the first offer they received from one of the sharks, Robert, was $250,000 for 30%. After much back and forth and consideration on the couple’s part, a deal was made with Robert for an investment of $250,000 against 15% of the business in addition to a loan of $100,000.

Our Review of Night Runner 270

We are all familiar with headlights or helmet beams that work somewhat well but require you to constantly move your head around to find out where you are going. Night Runner 270, on the other hand, can be strapped to your shoes with a clip that comes with the lights and slides into your shoes.

Night Runner 270 has three different settings that illuminate up to 30 meters ahead. It also has flashing capabilities and a little tail light as well that extends behind you. The lights come with a charging USB cable.

Night Runner 270 not only grants you visibility but allows vehicle drivers to see you from a distance as well. These lights can be worn by security guards or other laborers working during nighttime. I highly recommend the product and safety while running as well as every eight minutes a runner or walker gets injured.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or just getting started, the Night Runner 270 is a great choice for lighting up your evening runs. So don’t let the darkness stop you from getting out there and enjoying your favorite activity. Pick up a Night Runner 270 today and start running under the stars!

Pros of Night Runner 270

The Night Runner 270 is the perfect way to light up your evening runs. With its unique design, the headlamp provides a wide and even beam of light that illuminates your path ahead. The lamp also has a red LED mode that helps preserve your night vision.

In addition to its bright and even light, the Night Runner 270 is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has an adjustable strap that ensures a secure and comfortable fit, and it’s also weather-resistant, so you can keep running no matter what the conditions are like outside.

– Increased Visibility: One of the biggest advantages of Night Runner 270 shoe lights is that they increase your visibility while running at night. This can help you avoid accidents by making it easier for drivers and other pedestrians to see you.

– Lightweight and Comfortable: Another advantage of these lights is that they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing them, which is important when you’re running.

– Affordable: Night Runner 270 shoe lights are also very affordable, which makes them a great option for budget-conscious runners.

Cons of Night Runner 270

– Batteries Required: One downside of Night Runner 270 shoe lights is that they require batteries, which means you’ll need to keep an eye on the battery life and make sure to replace them when necessary.

– May Not Be Bright Enough: Another potential downside of these lights is that they may not be bright enough for some runners. If you’re running in an area with poor lighting, you may want to consider another option, such as reflective clothing.

– Can Be Annoying to Others: Some people may find the lights on Night Runner 270 shoes to be annoying, especially if they’re flashing. If you’re worried about bothering others, you may want to consider another type of light.

Who is Night Runner 270 for?

Just about anyone who loves to run or be active outdoors at night can benefit from the Night Runner 270. They are also great for people, such as security guards, delivery guys, miners, etc., who work night shifts in the dark, or have other evening activities.

Because the Night Runner 270 attaches directly to your shoes, it leaves your hands free to carry whatever else you need for your nighttime adventures. Furthermore, the beam is always facing the direction that you are facing.

So whether you’re running a race under the stars, carrying out your duty at night or in the dark, or just taking the dog for a walk after dark, Night Runner 270 shoe lights can help you stay safe and visible all night long.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The functionality and idea behind the Night Runner 270 became pretty popular, and a number of companies started producing similar products. While most of them are not up to par in terms of quality when compared to Night Runner 270, the Teqin LED Flash Shoe is a high-quality and durable running shoe light. It is priced much less but offers a long battery life and the same functionality as the Night Runner 270.

Our Final Thoughts

The Night Runner 270 shoe lights are a great way to stay safe while running or walking at night. They offer more practicality than headlamps as well as hand-held illuminating devices. They provide plenty of light, are easy to use, and have long battery life. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be visible while exercising or working outdoors in the dark.