NeatCheeks from Shark Tank

NeatCheeks shark tank

NeatCheeks is a company that makes natural baby wipes meant for parents to make cleaning up their baby’s face an effortless task.

The wipes are comprised of natural stevia extract that is used to sweeten them and make them taste delicious. The wipes are also good for children’s delicate mouths.

Foods made with non-GMO ingredients make kids happy and keep them healthy. NeatCheeks creators Danielle Stangler and Julia Rossi featured on ABC’s Shark in Episode 627.

The delicious flavor sets the NeatCheeks apart as a great face wipe for kids compared to the alternatives available in the market. It’s hard to imagine a face wipe that tastes so nice that kids can’t get enough of it when they clean up.

Is NeatCheeks Still an Active Company?

After striking a contract with Barbara, NeatCheeks got off to a flying start and quickly established itself as a household name. If you’d want to purchase their products online, you may do so at their website.

How Did the NeatCheeks Pitch Go?

For a 20 percent stake in the company, Julia and Danielle asked for $150,000. They demonstrated the goods and gave free samples throughout the presentation.

They explained that they had completed a 90-day test at Walgreens. Lori wanted to know whether the cost of production could be reduced from $0.72 to $0.53. However, they had only made $4K in sales.

Because the patent is still pending, Kevin feared that his competitors would swoop in and take them down. As a result, Mark decided to withdraw. Robert didn’t like the idea of being paid $50,000 a year, so he was out too.

Barbara firmly believed in women working outside the home, and she proved it herself.

If the patent is granted, Lori will pay $150K for 30 percent of that amount.

As a condition of receiving $150K for a 25 percent stake, Barbara promised to produce a cherry taste. Lori reduced her investment to $150K for a 25% stake in the invention and removed the contingency.

Barbara compared her business associates to a loving family, Lori said the same about hers, and Kevin joined in with a rousing rendition of Kumbaya!

Those entrepreneurs featured on the Shark Tank television show get regular status updates and follow-ups thanks to the Shark Tank blog. Due to a snag in the arrangement with Barbara’s firm, it’s no longer mentioned on her website. Moreover, Julia departed the organization in June of this year.

Our Review of NeatCheeks

We put NeatCheeks to the test to see how youngsters reacted to it vs. other alternatives. The standard face wipes and NeatCheeks wipes were used on five infants, ranging in age from three to seven years.

With the regular face wipe, we faced the same dilemma that millions of parents face every day. The kids got irritated. After using NeatCheek’s face wipes, babies seemed to be eager to get wiped clean when it was time for them to use them.

Their entire demeanor shifted instantly, and they appeared to be having a good time. We think it’s a wonderful idea that millions of parents really like this innovative product.

As you might guess, the NeatCheeks reviews are very favorable, with parents raving about how much their children like the flavored face wipes.

Children enjoy the sweetener made from Stevia, a naturally sweet plant extract. Aloe Vera and honeysuckle make this a natural moisturizer, yet there are no scents or alcohols found in the wipes.

When cleaning our baby’s face, we like the convenience of the compact packets and how easy it is to transport or store them in different locations.

You can substitute them for Kleenex if your baby has a cold. You won’t cover your baby’s face with snot if you wipe their face using NeatCheeks wipes.

Even though this product is more expensive than others, there is currently no similar product that we feel you can put your faith in at this time. For those who don’t use it daily, a 12-wipe box can last a long time before needing to be replaced.

Although the tape and re-tape holes may annoy some people, they are necessary due to the product’s small size and short lifespan. We believe that it is essential to have a more robust and re-stickable opening.

Pros of NeatCheeks

Sweet Flavor

These face wipes come with a sweet flavor, making cleanup after meals a breeze, without the unpleasant taste kids run from!

All-Natural Ingredients

The natural plant extract Stevia is included in this product, and it possesses moisturizing and healing characteristics.

Hypoallergenic for those with delicate skin

All NeatCheeks products are dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested and devoid of alcohol.

Each Convenient Travel Pack contains 25 wipes

The Travel Packs are just the right size for a handbag, stroller, and travel bag.

Cons of NeatCheeks


Regular infant face wipes are far less expensive than these.

Who is NeatCheeks for?

Natural baby face wipes from NeatCheeks are the most cutting-edge and enjoyable for youngsters! NeatCheeks are sweetened with Stevia extract, a natural sweetener safe for children’s delicate teeth and mouths.

Mothers feel more comfortable if the products of their babies are made from natural, non-GMO products!

Parenting used to be a miserable experience when you had to wipe your child’s face. Today, NeatCheeks flavored face wipes only inspire smiles. Use NeatCheeks instead of those unpleasant, sticky wipes at mealtime!

Are There Any Alternatives?

Honest Baby Wipes have a great balance of wetness and thickness, allowing them to handle even the most stubborn messes.

In addition, they’re quite long-lasting, they don’t rip off or tear easily, and they remain moist until the very end. Mothers of sensitive-skinned babies will appreciate how long they last and how effectively they perform.

Their hypoallergenic, odor-free composition is derived entirely from water.

Our Final Thoughts

A set of all-natural baby wipes, NeatCheeks wipes for kids, is one of the most innovative and fun products we’ve ever tried. NeatCheeks wipes are designed to be gentle on the delicate skin of kids while providing a pleasant flavor.

Natural, non-GMO products keep you and your children happy and safe! These wipes are gentle enough for youngsters with sensitive skin, and because they are slightly sweetened, they offer an enjoyable method to clean your child’s face.