Myron Golden Net Worth: Unveiling the Financial Success of the Master Sales Trainer

Myron Golden Net Worth

Myron Golden is a successful American business coach, motivational speaker, and social media influencer. With a net worth estimated at $25 million as of 2023, he has made a significant impact in the world of business and personal finance. His wealth has come from a variety of sources, including speaking engagements, consulting, book sales, and online platforms, such as YouTube.

Golden’s 30-year career in the industry has provided him with valuable financial knowledge and experience that he shares with those seeking guidance in the realm of entrepreneurship and wealth creation. As a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, he has managed to build a diverse income stream, leading to the impressive net worth he has today.

In this article, we will explore the factors that have contributed to Myron Golden’s success and delve into his various income sources, providing insight into how he has built his impressive wealth over the years.

Personal Life

Family Background

Myron Golden was born on May 14, 1961, in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in a family that highly valued education and the pursuit of success.

Age and Early Life

At 62 years of age going by the current date, Myron dedicated himself to learning early in life. He kept a strong focus on education, which later played a significant role in his journey towards success.

Wife and Children

Myron Golden faced a personal tragedy when his first wife passed away in November 1978. The couple had a daughter named Malaika Solange. Later, he married Chevaunne Ingrid Powell on August 7, 1993. The two have a child together named Erinma Nell Golden. This close-knit family lives together, with Myron being a loving husband and a devoted father.

Overcoming Challenges


Myron Golden faced immense challenges early in his life, including contracting polio. Polio is a debilitating disease that can cause muscle paralysis and potentially life-long physical complications. Despite this setback, Golden’s determined spirit and resilience allowed him to overcome the hardships brought on by polio. He used this experience to fuel his drive for success and became an inspiration to many, providing lessons on perseverance and overcoming adversities in life.

Metal Brace

As a result of polio, Myron had to wear a metal brace on his leg to support mobility. The metal brace itself posed challenges in terms of daily activities and movement, yet Golden did not let this deter him. He continued to pursue his dreams of financial success and entrepreneurship. By adapting to the limitations imposed by the brace and utilizing his resourcefulness, Golden turned his life around, transforming into a multi-millionaire, motivational speaker, and business coach.

Myron Golden’s journey of overcoming challenges serves as a testament to the power of determination and resilience. Through his experiences with polio and the metal brace, he has set an example of how obstacles can be turned into opportunities for personal growth and success.

Education and Background


Myron Golden pursued his education in the field of accounting. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, a prestigious institution known for producing quality professionals. Throughout his studies, Myron developed a strong foundation in financial management and analysis, which later contributed to his career in business consulting and leadership.

International Development

After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Myron furthered his studies in the area of International Development. He joined the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), where he gained valuable experience and knowledge in global economics and development policies. This exposure allowed Myron to acquire a unique perspective on business growth strategies and global market trends, further enhancing his expertise as a business consultant.

Master of Public Administration

Seeking to advance his education and professional career, Myron Golden enrolled at Harvard University to pursue a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. During his time at Harvard, he honed his skills in policy-making, strategic management, and public sector leadership, which, in combination with his other areas of expertise, eventually contributed to his substantial net worth.

To sum it up, Myron Golden’s educational background comprises a rich and diverse blend of accounting, international development, and public administration. This, along with his experiences at world-renowned institutions like Howard University and Harvard University, has equipped him with the knowledge and expertise required to excel as a successful business consultant and mentor in the competitive global market.

Career and Business

American Diplomat

Myron Golden (born on 14 May 1961) had a successful career as an American diplomat before transitioning into the world of business consulting. His experience in foreign affairs and international relations helped him develop crucial skills in communication, negotiation, and problem-solving.

Business Consultant

After his career as an American diplomat, Myron Golden became a sought-after business consultant, specializing in helping businesses achieve guaranteed growth in the Tampa Bay Area. He has over 30 years of experience providing valuable financial knowledge and business strategies to entrepreneurs. Myron takes pride in his ability to educate people about financial success and entrepreneurship through motivational speaking and business coaching.

Sales and Marketing Coach

Apart from his work as a business consultant, Myron Golden is also a successful author, speaker, and sales and marketing coach. His expertise in these areas has helped numerous clients grow their businesses and achieve success. By leveraging his experience and knowledge of the industry, Myron provides valuable guidance on sales strategies, marketing techniques, and business development.

Myron Golden’s multiple income sources—such as speaking engagements, consulting, book sales, and YouTube—have contributed to an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2023. His dedication to sharing his knowledge has allowed countless individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to benefit from his keen insights and achieve their own financial success.

Financial Success

Net Worth

Myron Golden, a well-known business coach and social media influencer, has achieved significant financial success throughout his career. As of 2023, Myron Golden’s net worth is estimated at $25 million. This impressive wealth can be attributed to his extensive experience, knowledge, and skill in the field of business coaching and consulting.

Income and Earnings

Myron Golden has multiple sources of income that contribute to his net worth. These include:

  • Speaking Engagements: Myron is a highly sought-out speaker, commanding significant fees for sharing his expertise at various events and conferences.
  • Consulting: With over 30 years of experience in the business world, many individuals and companies are willing to pay for Myron’s advice on how to grow and thrive in their respective industries.
  • Book Sales: As an author, Myron has published several books related to business, personal development, and wealth-building, which generate consistent revenue through royalties.
  • YouTube: Myron also benefits from earnings generated through his popular YouTube channel, where he shares advice and insights on business and personal finance.

By effectively leveraging his skills and knowledge, Myron Golden has successfully managed to accumulate a substantial net worth through his various income streams. This financial success not only highlights his proficiency in the world of business coaching but also demonstrates his dedication and hard work in achieving his goals, inspiring countless others to do the same.

Best-Selling Books

From the Trash Man to the Cash Man

Myron Golden is a best-selling author known for his inspiring book, “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man“. In this book, he shares his journey from working as a sanitation worker to becoming a successful entrepreneur and business mentor. The book provides readers with valuable insights and tips on how to achieve financial success and entrepreneurship.

In “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man”, Myron emphasizes the importance of mindset, hard work, and determination in reaching one’s goals. This book has been well-received by readers and has helped many people in their journey towards financial freedom.

Click and Order for Brick and Mortar

Another best-selling book by Myron Golden is “Click and Order for Brick and Mortar“. This book focuses on helping businesses transition from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to effective online business models. Myron shares his expert knowledge on leveraging digital marketing, creating engaging content, and maximizing online sales conversions.

In “Click and Order for Brick and Mortar”, Myron helps businesses understand the importance of having an online presence in today’s competitive market. He provides practical strategies and solutions for entrepreneurs looking to expand and grow their businesses online.

Throughout both these best-selling books, Myron Golden showcases his confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone of voice. Readers can benefit from his experience and guidance in achieving financial success and expanding their businesses.

Public Speaking and Motivation

Motivational Speaker

Myron Golden is a renowned motivational speaker who focuses on topics such as personal development, business growth, and financial success. With an emphasis on motivation, he encourages his audience to take action in their lives and businesses by sharing his own experiences and the lessons he learned along the way. Utilizing his background in sales and marketing, he uses practical examples to illustrate the importance of motivation and persistence in achieving one’s goals. Myron Golden is respected for his ability to connect with his audience and inspire change in their lives.

Events and Training

Myron Golden is also involved in organizing and participating in various events and training programs. Some of these events include:

  • Conferences: Myron Golden speaks at different conferences and seminars, offering insights on motivation and personal development. As a sought-after speaker, he shares knowledge, experiences, and faith to help individuals on their journey to success.
  • Workshops: Golden has designed and facilitated several workshops that focus on specific topics related to personal and business growth. These training programs provide practical tools and techniques to aid attendees in achieving their desired outcomes.
  • Webinars: To reach a global audience, Myron Golden conducts webinars that cover key aspects of motivation, speaking, and business success. These online events cater to a diverse group of people, offering them the opportunity to learn and grow from the comfort of their homes.

Overall, Myron Golden’s contribution to public speaking and motivation has positively impacted the lives of many individuals and businesses, providing the necessary guidance to unlock their full potential.

Social Media Presence

YouTube Channel

Myron Golden has a YouTube channel that showcases his expertise in business coaching and personal development. With over 10,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views, his channel serves as a significant platform for his brand. His videos cover topics ranging from success in business to personal growth, providing valuable content for his audience.


On Instagram, Myron Golden offers a more personal glimpse into his life and experiences. With thousands of followers on this platform, he not only shares his professional insights but also engages with his audience on a more personal level. His Instagram feed features photos and motivational quotes, as well as updates on his latest endeavors.


Facebook is another significant social media channel for Myron Golden. Through his official page, he shares updates on his work, accomplishments, and key insights into the world of business consulting. In addition, he uses this platform to announce his upcoming webinars and live events, ensuring his followers stay informed and have the opportunity to access his valuable teachings.

Coaching and Courses

Online Courses

Myron Golden offers various online courses aimed at helping individuals and businesses improve their sales and marketing skills. These courses cater to a wide range of experience levels, from beginners to advanced professionals. Through his training, Myron has helped countless students achieve success in their ventures. Known for his clear and knowledgeable coaching approach, Myron effectively imparts his expertise to his students, enabling them to grow their businesses.

Business Mentorship

Myron Golden’s business mentorship program is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to take their ventures to new heights. Under Myron’s guidance, clients receive personalized strategies and actionable steps to improve business performance. Myron’s coaching covers various aspects such as mindset, sales, and effective communication techniques.

His business mentorship has produced impressive results for many clients, with some reporting significant jumps in revenue following Myron’s training. By maintaining a confident and neutral tone, Myron instills confidence in his students, allowing them to fully grasp the concepts he presents and apply them effectively in their own businesses.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Skillionaire Enterprises

Myron Golden is the founder of Skillionaire Enterprises, a platform dedicated to helping individuals develop skills and competencies necessary to achieve success in business. Through this platform, Myron has generated considerable wealth, adding to his net worth of $25 million.

The company offers several products and services aimed at helping customers achieve their entrepreneurial and financial goals. Some of the key offerings include coaching, consulting, and training courses designed to focus on various aspects of business growth and development.

Golden’s work within Skillionaire Enterprises has transformed the lives of many people, combining his extensive experience and knowledge to bring about tangible results. His passion for education and business development is evident through the success stories and achievements of individuals who have significantly benefited from his coaching and guidance.

Guaranteed Growth

Myron Golden is also responsible for the creation of Guaranteed Growth, a consultancy service that promises to deliver growth for small and medium-sized businesses operating in the Tampa Bay area. As part of this service, Myron leverages his entrepreneurial acumen to devise effective strategies and methods that help businesses experience consistent and significant growth.

Golden’s Guaranteed Growth services have a solid track record of providing positive results for a diverse range of clients. By tailoring his approach to suit the specific needs of individual businesses, he has managed to create customized solutions that resonate with their growth goals. This has propelled numerous businesses to attain higher levels of financial success and expanded market reach.

Clients who choose to work with Myron Golden and Guaranteed Growth benefit from his expertise in financial growth strategies, time-tested skills, and vast knowledge. The consultancy’s ability to foster tangible results for businesses establishes it as a reliable solution in the quest for sustainable growth and long-term success.