Mix Bikini from Shark Tank

Mix Bikini shark tank

Once summer starts, women go crazy over swimwear. The weather and the two-piece suit give them the perfect opportunity to display their bikini bodies, which they worked on perfecting all winter.

A swimwear with signature bold prints and quality fabrics can be very expensive. Not everyone can afford a banging swimsuit that complements their figure. On the one hand, it might seem a little wasteful too to buy multiple bikini sets suited for the beach because you know you won’t be able to wear them anywhere else. On the other, you don’t want your summer vacation pictures to look the same every year, wearing your old swimsuit.

So, what’s the solution?

Adam DiSilvestro and Frank Scozzafava dared to enter this apparel category to give women exceptional swimwear that allows them to mix and match with different bathing suit prints and styles.

We are talking about Versakini, formerly known as Mix Bikini, a brand that sells premium quality swimwear. This brand is unique because it allows you to transform your swimwear any way you like. You can change your style endlessly, thanks to its seamless reversibility feature. The company offers stunning prints in Italian lycra material, making the bikinis durable and high quality.

The story of how this brand was founded is quite simple. One day, Adam and Frank thought, why not design a swimwear line that can be used in multiple ways. And that’s how Mix Bikini was born. The swimwear designs on their website might be limited but offer 500 different combinations.

Their unique idea attracted many women, and they were doing well. However, Frank wanted to take his brand one step further and decided to make his case in Shark Tank. They wanted a Shark with extensive business and marketing knowledge who would not only make for a great partner but also guide them with their experience.

Are They Still An Active Company?

In Business

Versakini is doing quite well for itself, but the company’s start was shaky. Frank and Adam landed Barbara Corcoran as their investor. After their appearance on Shark Tank, the Mix Bikini owners threw a huge party, where Barbara was invited as the guest of honor. Later, Barbara learned that the money she had invested in the company and gone into the party.

This was a huge red flag for her. It felt like Adam and Frank had an unserious attitude. The day the Shark Tank episode aired, traffic on the website increased, which caused it to crash. As a result, the website was down for a week, and Mix Bikini lost $200,000 in sales during this time. Seeing all the chaos, Barbara withdrew her support, causing the company to shut down operations.

Kelsey Duffy, the designer of Mix Bikini, couldn’t accept this. She came up with a marketing campaign in which she partnered with Amanda Perna, a former “Project Runway” contestant. The brand was re-launched as Versakini in 2015. Today, it rakes in $5 million annually

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Adam DiSilvestro and Frank Scozzafava appeared on Ep.314 of Shark Tank in Season 3, which aired on May 11, 2012. They presented their brand Mix Bikini and wanted an investment of $50,000 for a 5% stake in the company.

Instead of showcasing their product, Adam and Frank demonstrated how their website can be used to create virtual designs by choosing different patterns and styles. Robert asked about the sales, to which Adam replied that the soft launch of the company hasn’t brought in many leads. Barbara wanted to know more about the numbers, and Frank explained it all in detail. She also wanted to know about their future plan.

Adam and Frank wanted to expand the company and open kiosks that will cost around $25,000. When they are asked about the business model, Frank floundered. Kevin and Daymond wanted to know how they planned to sell the bikinis. Frank replied he isn’t sure, and that’s why they came to them for guidance.

Mark wasn’t happy with the answer and berated them for coming without a plan. He backed out. Kevin told Adam that people who came on the show for investment can to answer questions in 9 seconds and don’t have on in the first place. He’s out.

Adam defended himself by saying they have $500,000 in investments and they are going to partner with big manufacturers to sell their product. Daymond is unconvinced, and he backed out. Barbara liked the guys and the product. She offered $50,000 for a 10% stake in the deal. Adam and Frank made the deal.

Our Review of Mix Bikini

A look at the Mix Bikini AKA Versakini website reveals skinny models wearing one swimsuit in different ways. There are no online reviews to be found about the products, but the raging success of the brand tells us how popular it is.

They offer a size chart that shows they go all the way up to DD+, which might not be suitable for a bustier woman. They do mention that the strings can be adjusted for a perfect fit, and that’s it.

Pros of Mix Bikini

  • Each bikini can be transformed eight different ways
  • Durable
  • Made from Lycra, which provides great elasticity and contour to your body parts like a second skin

Cons of Mix Bikini

  • Expensive

Who Is Mix Bikini For?

Mix Bikini swimwear is for women who love going to the beach. On the surface, it looks like another line of swimwear for women who spend their summer on the beach swimming and tanning. However, its unique reversible feature makes it a great buy.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Bikini Flavors

There are plenty of other companies that sell reversible swimwear. One that pops up when you do a quick search online is Bikini Flavors. The company has been featured in CBS, CNBC, Essence, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Seventeen, Vibe, Surfing Magazine, and other media outlets.

The owner of Bikini Flavors is Colleen Ferris Thompson, who designs the swimwear herself. The company also sells beachwear accessories and tees. What sets their designs apart from Mix Bikini is that the swimwear is available with ties, which help with styling.

Our Final Thoughts

After Barbara withdrew her support, Versakini was destined for failure. Thanks to Kelsey, the turnaround was quick, and this time, the sales were higher because the bikini designs were unique. Women loved them more than what the company was offering before.

There’s no knowing how the company would have turned out if the website hadn’t crashed and Barbara hadn’t withdrawn her support. The Shark Tank Effect was enough to hurl Versakini into success.