mcSquares from Shark Tank

mcSquares shark tank

McSquares was truly a great introduction to the business world. Since its introduction in Season 11, it has allowed businesses to organize events and tasks more quickly. Anthony Franco first came up with the idea when looking for a recyclable alternative to post-its.

Anthony Franco never followed a formal academic trajectory. However, he developed this idea purely through his entrepreneurial mindset and spirit. After introducing multiple businesses to the world, mcSquares followed suit. It was aimed at improving the typical sticky notes and the note-taking system.

If you have grown tired of the inaccessibility of online sticky notes or the wastage caused by tangible notes, this is just the product for you. The product is an amalgamation of sticky notes and erasable boards or whiteboards. It allows its user to write on the surface and then erase the ink when it dries out.

This optimizes space and resources for people who don’t like big whiteboards or wasting a lot of paper. Anthony Franco managed to provide an option that worked in cohesion with Mother Nature. It was an alternative that was years ahead of its time. Perhaps Anthony had realized the effects of global warming years before we did.

What is mcSquares?

McSquares was inspired by the dry-erase system and the tiny sticky notes that every stationery business had introduced at the time. It invented different kinds of tiles and notes with erasable surfaces in multiple sizes. You could stick them on the refrigerator, the wall, the study table, or even on office noticeboards.

Since then, mcSquares has expanded and is offering different kinds of markers that optimize for the same benefits as mcSquares.

How it Works

So, how does mcSquares really work? What are some of the main mechanisms set in place? McSquares is dependent on the dry-erase feature, and it expands upon that remarkably. It offers square tiles, circular tiles, and mini 5×5 inch or large 11×11 inch tiles. These can come in handy for offices in large corporate buildings.

The title of mcSquares may have originated with their most popular product. These are the tile kits, 11.5×35.5 inches in size, which are erasable tiles that can be added to a magnetic whiteboard. These are great for large brainstorming sessions during meetings with multiple clients.

What Makes mcSquares Unique?

McSquares is known for its going green. It is the first company to offer an alternative to wasting both paper and space. The squares are small, portable, and reusable. They are a great replacement for large posters which are often used to draw flowcharts or tables within office spaces.

They don’t only save the environment; they save company costs.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The shark tank pitch was a huge success. Since Anthony was aiming to expand the business beyond mere Kickstarter campaigns, he was looking for a larger investment than usual. He also wanted one of the sharks to help him get his idea to a successful stage by adding their input to the business.

Anthony demanded $300,000 for 10% of mcSquares. The sharks immediately ate up the idea and Anthony’s confidence. They loved his enthusiasm, and they were impressed with the sales numbers. The sharks stalled Anthony for quite some time as they considered the deal.

As usual, Kevin O’Leary grabbed the opportunity. However, he was asking for 30%, which was a bigger figure than Anthony had in mind. Eventually, Anthony had to accept the offer.

Our Review of mcSquares

McSquares was a successful idea because it worked. A great factor in the deal was that the product was sustainable in its use and production. Anthony aimed to use environment-friendly methods in production to offer a product that could lower business costs for the product’s users.

The product also advertised its collaboration with TFF, the non-profit organization that went by the name “Trees for the Future.” This pointed toward their main aim and mission statement. It encouraged customers to buy the mcSquares since every sale resulted in a tree being planted by TFF. This meant that mcSquares was directly contributing to employment and saving the environment.

Pros of mcSquares

  1. Environment-Friendly

In a world where global warming is a looming reality, who wouldn’t want to opt for a product that reduces wastage and helps the environment? mcSquares is a great investment.

  1. Practical

The product works for businesses that want to reduce their long-term cost of office supplies. It also allies for a hassle-free planning system and the opportunity to brainstorm better.

Cons of mcSquares

  1. Learning Curve

The product was a fairly new invention, and it might have been hard for people to move from stickies to the new organizing system.

Who is mcSquares for?

The product is great for people in office spaces who want to expand their workspace by reducing clutter and helping the environment simultaneously. It is also a viable option for small businesses that cannot afford to lose the extra yearly money invested in massive amounts of office supplies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There may not have been many alternatives back when mcSquares was introduced. However, times have changed, and today, many sticky notes have been introduced which work the same way as this product or are made of recyclable materials.

However, mcSquares is unique in its sustainability and variety. It offers much more dry-erase options which do not involve cutting down trees. That is a great alternative to other stickies.

Our Final Thoughts

McSquares is not just a product but an investment into the future of Earth. It says no to paper wastage and puts the environment first through its friendly options. It also allows businesses to save costs and explore more varieties for organizing their thoughts or events.

Imagine carrying around a chunky whiteboard everywhere you go just to brainstorm during important meetings. Now replace that with a kit of mcSquares instead. Doesn’t it sound more convenient?