Magic Dates from Shark Tank

Magic Dates shark tank

Magic Dates are a snack from Diana Jarrar, who wants the sharks to buy her magic dares, an all-natural date-based snack. She introduced this company in episode 16 of season 13. Diana Jarrar is a Palestinian Refugee from Syria. The Magic Dates in the episode were a specific snack she loved to eat while growing up. Those dates were unique since they typically have some special walnut where the pits are located.

The thing that sets the Magic Dates apart is the fact they have a wide array of unique ingredients. The dates are something you don’t necessarily always find in America, but they are quickly growing in popularity. Dates are a good source of sugar and can add sweetness to the snack without the use of processed ingredients.

This company is still active, meaning it is managing its business well, or the SharkTank deal is still yet to come to fruition. Let’s look at the Magic Dates from SharkTank and how the pitch went against all odds.

Diana comes into Shark Tank. Her ask is for $150,000 for 10% of her business. She talks about her journey from Palestine to Syria and then from Toronto to LA. She also mentions that she grew to love dates. She talks about the dates and how they are gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. The Judges look at the date bites, and all seem to enjoy it. These bites have 50-60 calories and are nutrient-dense.

Each bite-sized serving has a significant percentage of dietary fiber. Diana also needed to uphold her standing, which meant that she brought up the fact that she helped create Coconut Girl, another company Mark had chosen to invest in during season 11. Diana stated that the investments helped her carry the current product to completion. Diana added that due to this investment, she opted not to go to law school and instead moved to start her business.

Mark said the packaging had recently changed. He thought this meant that the sales had been out. He felt like he couldn’t possibly follow through on the investment, which is why he managed to opt out of the deal altogether. Robert felt that there wouldn’t be any notable growth as an investor, so he didn’t want to follow through and backed away.

Daymond also backs away since he feels he doesn’t have enough space within the current conditions to make a deal. Lori believed that Diana should maintain the business and return to law school. She felt Diana had entered a crowded space and didn’t feel like she could continue with a deal. So, she chose to opt-out.

Kevin thought the number of sales was awe-inspiring; however, he didn’t seem to believe that the sales numbers would take him anywhere. In the end, Kevin offered Diana $150,000 for 33.3% of the business. Diana wants to counter at 20% but doesn’t want to move from 33.3%. Diana agrees with Kevin, and a deal is made.

Our Review of Magic Dates

We almost thought that the Magic Dates wouldn’t be able to make a deal into Shark Tank. However, there are positive and negative aspects to all the products. We have listed some of these below.

Pros of Magic Dates

  1. It has a special ingredient that makes Magic Dates stand out. The most memorable aspect is the ingredients. Dates will give you the right amount of sugar that it naturally craves.
  2. Dates have a lot of nutrients, so you can ease them and learn to be healthy. These dates are high in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber.
  3. These dates have the benefit of being a guilt-free snack. Anyone can eat them as they are halal and kosher. They also don’t have any dairy and gluten. Furthermore, they also are non-GMO.
  4. They are available in all sorts of flavors, which means that you can choose from several flavors, which include blueberry choc dream, coconut cream cake, and triple Choco crunch.

Cons of Magic Dates

  1. Magic Dates are pretty expensive. A pack of 8 3.5 oz. bags cost a total of $40.

Who Is Magic Dates For?

Magic Dates is for every Arab and Muslim in a country who wants a hint of their own dates. Magic Dates would also appeal to health-conscious eaters who want sugar-free deserts after their meals. Dates are a natural alternative to sugar.

You can also give and serve the Magic Dates to anyone who may want to send these dates to someone. Magic Dates should also be enjoyed by all those who are around for you.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

The other alternatives include the small dates that the Arab world offers. However, the Magic Dates are a force all on their own. However, if you went to the lengths of making Magic Dates, you would need to gather good ingredients and make the magical bites yourself.

Some alternative recipes are available for the Magic Dates using which you can create the Magic Dates on your own.

Our Final Thoughts

Magic Dates is one of the best and most popular food products out of Shark Tank. We can see why it’s so popular with the crowds because it seems yummy and can provide a lot of delicious nutrients into the mix. The many different flavors of the Magic Dates make the product all the more popular. People will want to eat more Magic Dates, especially if they are refugees and have known the Middle East before.

Magic Dates are still popular as they are easily edible and provide the consumers with a sweet experience with fewer calories.