LuminAID from Shark Tank

LuminAID shark tank

LuminAID is essentially disaster-relief solar lights that aim to provide light in dark areas that do not have safe access to electricity and electronics. Naturally, the use of the light can be extended to other things such as camping. The founders of LuminAID, Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta, came up with this product after the horrifying Earthquakes in Haiti back in 2010, when the area did not have access to basic amenities like light.

The uniqueness of the LuminAID lies in its unique design and charging ability. The lantern inflates when you want to use the light, which helps to diffuse the light and make it cover a larger area. You charge this light by deflating it and laying it on a flat surface for 7-8 hours, and voila, it’s charged! It is a simple and effective solution that naturally caught the attention of the sharks in Shark Tank.

The LuminAID episode of Shark Tank is one of the most-watched episodes of Shark Tank since the women behind the idea were able to garner the attention of all the Sharks and gain excellent investments from each one. They decided to accept the offer put forth by Mark Cuban, the Billionaire, who offered $200,000 for 15% of the business and the option to possibly lead the next financial round of the LuminAID.

LuminAID is still in business and thriving since they make around a million dollars in sales every year. The ladies have also distributed over 50,000 lights in more than 50 countries that have been stricken with disaster since their advent. It is one of the true success stories of Shark Tank, and the cause is one that everyone can get behind.

Our Review of LuminAID

So, we know so far that the concept of LuminAID is fantastic, and the Sharks agree as well. But how exactly is the LuminAID a product? Does it work just as well as Stork and Sreshta claim, or does it have some discrepancies that can be improved upon?

Most of us have been highly satisfied with the LuminAID, and this can be seen from their high ratings and usefulness in environments where emergency lighting is essential. The best part is that one cycle of charge can easily last for around 24 hours, making it very long-lasting. It is also extremely easy to charge as well since no outlets or sockets are required. The charging cycle also does not take too long as the light is charged before you know it.

The LuminAID provides a maximum of 75 lumens of brightness, making it shockingly bright for an emergency light as well. It is bright enough that you can easily read at night time and find your way through your path.

These lights are also completely waterproof. So you can take them out in the rain or use them while steeped in water, and we can assure you that the lights will come out just fine. There is no doubt that this is a revolutionary product that is highly useful.

However, there is no denying the fact that there are still some drawbacks to the design that the company can work on improving slowly.

The first problem we noticed was the inflatability of the light. Sometimes, it is difficult to re-inflate the light after it has been deflated, which makes the light more concentrated and less diffused. Other than that, we also can’t vouch for the durability of the light since sometimes it fails to work after a couple of uses.

To make the best use of this light, you need to ensure that you do not let the light discharge completely before taking it through another round of charging since complete discharge prevents the light from working as well as it should.

On the other hand, the light should also be treated like a delicate object, despite it being a disaster-relief product since it will be able to sustain itself better if you take better care of it.

Pros Of LuminAID

There are many great things we can say about LuminAID. Here are some of its best features:

  • Easy to charge
  • Each charge cycle lasts for a long time
  • Very bright and diffused light
  • Waterproof

Cons of LuminAID

Unfortunately, there is also some criticism regarding the LuminAID design and functionality, and the most pressing concerns are the following:

  • Can become permanently deflated after a few use
  • Very delicate, which makes it less durable

Who Is LuminAID For?

LuminAID was intended for the use of people in disaster-stricken areas that need access to basic amenities such as lighting. These areas get pitch-dark at night, and the people living in these areas are constantly under threat of being taken off-guard. Other than that, the LuminAID is also the perfect product for people going camping or on long treks that need emergency lighting on hand at all times. It can also function as a nightlight for reading purposes.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are some alternatives to LuminAID, which also include some of their top competitors, such as:

  • Enomoto
  • North American Lighting
  • Warom Technology
  • Simon

Many people will opt for the more affordable and durable alternatives that can be used for the same purposes as the LuminAID, even if the intention behind the product was not the same.

Our Final Thoughts

The LuminAID is a revolutionary product that caught the attention of not just the Sharks at Shark Tank but of people worldwide, especially those trying to find relief in disaster-stricken areas. We believe that the design and functionality of the product are very well thought-out and excellent, even though it can still use some improvements.

Even so, we understand why the product is so delicate since sturdier lighting would be more expensive and possibly need more maintenance. The LuminAID has undoubtedly helped many disaster-stricken areas of the world find their way to brightness. The generosity of the founders of the brand will only help brighten our futures further.