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Are you someone who prefers traveling light but would also like to have all essential items at your disposal when you arrive at your destination? Do you find it frustrating having to stand and endlessly wait for luggage to arrive at baggage claims? If yes, Lugless is here to help and take care of all your shipping needs. You can now enjoy luggage-less travels with Lugless and spend a little extra time in all the attractive shopping outlets at the airport.

Lugless is a shipping platform that is convenient and easily available to anyone seeking to ship their luggage. They aim to deliver luggage to your doorsteps in the fastest and safest way possible. They also provide luggage pick-up services to their customers, meaning anyone can have their luggage collected and shipped to the desired destinations. Lugless ships items of all sizes to your desired locations, from small jewelry boxes to large bulky goods like bicycles.

They compete with high costs of airline fees giving their customers a fairly priced alternative. Customers using Lugless for their shipping needs don’t have to worry about long queues in check-ins and the hassle involved in baggage claims. Missing luggage is a huge cause of stress for many passengers, and Lugless ensures that you never have to face this problem again.

To give their customers confidence in their services and be worry-free about the package, Lugless offers to reimburse an amount of 500 dollars for parcels if a parcel does not arrive safely, which shows how confident they are about their services. Their cash-back guarantee is what sets them apart from other courier services. One of the major benefits of using Lugless is the money you will save that would otherwise have to be spent on airline baggage fees. Imagine the amount of money you would have to spend

From students and corporate travelers to families going on long vacations, Lugless caters to everyone’s needs. They have also collaborated with organizations like Student Universe to make the process hassle-free for its customers. Traveling by air with a lot of luggage increases the chance of them getting lost or forgotten. Lugless allows you to travel with a carefree mind.

Brian Altomare, the founder of Lugless, proposed the idea to reduce the stress travelers often face as they haul their luggage through large airports, long check-in queues, and numerous airport security checks. He wanted to provide travelers with a solution that ensured the safety of their luggage, especially for people who bring valuable items along while traveling. Baggage inspection is time-consuming and outdated, and Lugless allows you to avoid it altogether by traveling with nothing but your hand-carry with a few essentials.

Even though Brian had a lot of faith in his idea, he knew that he would require some assistance in launching Lugless and making it huge. Hence, he appeared on Shark Tank, hoping to get some financial assistance and business expertise from the Sharks. Brian sought an investment of 100,000 dollars in exchange for a 10 percent ownership in Lugless. He pitched his idea well to the Sharks, telling them that he aims to reduce the burden of excess baggage fees at airports and the risk of people losing their luggage. With Lugless, the travelers would have an option to save money and have their luggage arrive at their desired destination ahead of them. The Sharks gave him a lot of constructive criticism for his idea. They pointed out how it can be too costly for frequent travelers and asked him to consider all the competition around him. Unfortunately, Brian had to leave Shark Tank without a contract.

Like several other brands on the show, Lugless also gained a lot of publicity after the Shark Tank episode. His company being compared to some big names like FedEx provided him a lot of media coverage and a competitive edge.

Lugless is still very much in business, and you can avail of its services in 235 countries worldwide. Customers can avail of its services to travel to another town, city, or even a state.

Our Review of Lugless

Lugless aims to make traveling an enjoyable and hassle-free experience for everyone. Lugless will pick up your luggage from your place and transport it to your desired destination ahead of you. If you are someone who wishes to travel light, Lugless is exactly what you need.

You don’t need to get any boxes, measuring tapes, or weighing scales because Lugless will take care of all your transportation needs by transporting all your luggage to your desired destination ahead of you. Lugless aims to help people avoid the high fees of excess airline baggage fees. What is great about this company is the confidence they give you regarding safe delivery offering a 500-dollar refund in case your luggage does not reach safely.

Lugless has a user-friendly website where you can enter the particulars like size and weight to estimate how much it will cost to share your luggage. We guarantee that it will be a lot cheaper than airline baggage fees. They also offer contact-less delivery with no interaction or receipt required.

Pros of Lugless

  • Lugless guarantees safe delivery of your luggage and a $500 money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t.
  • It is cheaper than excess airline baggage fees.
  • Offers luggage pick-up service.

Cons of Lugless

  • The service is not of much use to people who travel light.
  • Some planning time is required ahead of your flight.

Who is Lugless for?

Lugless is for all travelers who wish to have their luggage transported to their desired destination ahead of their journey at a cheaper rate.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Lugless has many competitors, including My Baggage and Fly Frontier. The best one we have found is My Baggage, and we highly recommend it to all travelers.

Our Final Thoughts

Travelling has never been easier thanks to Lugless providing luggage courtier services in 235 countries across the globe. No more waiting in long queues at airport safety checks and baggage claims. Now you can travel with nothing but a purse with all your essential items and schedule to have your luggage delivered to your desired destination ahead of you. There is no denying that the airline baggage fee is too high; however, now you can avoid it completely by letting Lugless take care of your luggage. Safe travels!