Kitchen Safe from Shark Tank

Kitchen Safe shark tank

The Kitchen Safe is a time-locking container that can lock away anything inside and only open after the set time.

Do you have an addiction or get cravings every once in a while but find it hard to let it go or stay away? Well, the kitchen Safe can be an immense help to you.

You can put anything inside the container of the kitchen safe and cover it. The cover then locks itself for one minute to ten days. You will not be able to unlock the safe once it closes, keeping you away.

The Kitchen Safe uses of BPA-free plastics and is 6.25” in length, 6.25” in width, and 7.5” in height. This allows you to lock away almost anything, including your cigarettes, cell phone, snacks, or credit card.

The container is a great help to people who need a little help with kicking their bad habits and addictions. We plan on going on a diet, quitting smoking, or stopping playing games. But, after a couple of hours at most, we can not help it. The Kitchen Safe can address your problems perfectly.

The founders of Kitchen Safe got the idea when they wanted something to help kick their sugar cravings. They would always find the junk food no matter where their wives hid it.

The container has a lid containing an electronic timer that prevents access until the set time ends.

The Kitchen Safe founders first got started through a Kickstarter funding in 2013, raising forty-two dollars. This little safe was a huge hit for people who wanted to drop their addictions.

Inventors Nick Tseng and David Krippendorf appeared in Shark Tank in the tenth episode of season 6 in 2014. They sought a hundred thousand dollars for a five percent stake in their company.

Lori Griener is the first to make an offer, followed by Daymond Garfield. They both offer a hundred thousand dollars for twenty percent of the company. Nick Woodman also follows suit and offers a hundred thousand dollars to go in with Lori. This totaled two hundred thousand dollars for thirty percent of the company.

Tsend and Krippendorf accept their offer. Shark Tank gave it the publicity it needed.

The Kitchen Safe is still going strong in the market, now named kSafe. Their unique idea is hugely popular amongst users. Initially intended to use for junk food, the scope has increased to a variety of different items.

The Kitchen Safe now comes in four different versions: the micro, the medium, the large, and the extra-large.

Our Review of The Kitchen Safe

We use safes to keep things that are valuable to us inside them. What if we wanted to keep ourselves away from things that are bad for us? The Kitchen Safe answers that very question.

The Kitchen Safe is a great help to those who need a helping hand with their cravings and addiction. The time lock mechanism ensures that no one can get in until the time is up. It’s easy to use and has a variety of applications.

This innovative product is a massive hit with the customers, but it’s not perfect.

The quality of the plastic used in the container is not the best. This causes the Safe to be more fragile than it looks. Another issue with the safe is the cost. Some customers remarked that they expected better quality for that kind of money.

Even so, the Kitchen Safe perfectly does what it was meant to do. It is effective in keeping people out. Its price may make people think twice before breaking it on purpose to get what’s inside.

For your understanding, we have listed some pros and cons of the Kitchen Safe.

 Pros of the Kitchen Safe

  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Flexibility in time control

Cons of the Kitchen Safe

  • Costly
  • Plastic is low quality
  • Not very durable
  • Only locks for ten days at most

Who is the Kitchen Safe for?

The Kitchen Safe was designed to keep certain things locked inside a container, so you won’t be able to get it until the time is up. Originally meant to keep snacks and junk food away from you, this product now has many applications.

If you are addicted to smoking and would like to quit but find it hard to keep away from cigarettes, lock them away. If you can’t get to them, then you won’t have a chance to fall into it.

This also goes for those who want to go on a diet. Dieting is easy when it starts, but soon we get hungry and go for that little snack, thinking only one wouldn’t harm us. If you have a problem with willpower, use the Kitchen Safe.

The Kitchen Safe can be used by students too. Now, it’s hard for students to focus on studying when their mobile phone becomes such a tempting distraction. Lock away your mobile phone for a set amount of time every day you want to invest in your studies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Kitchen Safe is an excellent product for those who want to avoid cravings. But it is not perfect. There are many alternatives to the Kitchen Safe, depending on your needs.

One of the best alternatives to the Kitchen Safe that you can choose is the Time Lock Safe Countdown. The Time Lock Safe is more expensive than the Kitchen Safe but can lock away items for up to one hundred days. It is also more durable than the Kitchen Safe.

It also comes with an “out of sight, out of mind” bonus, as you cannot see what is inside the box, unlike with the transparent plastic container of the Kitchen Safe.

Our Final Thoughts

The Kitchen Safe is a valuable tool for those who seek to kick their bad habits, giving you a helping hand in achieving your goals. The time lock mechanism allows to lock away items for up to ten days.

If you want to let go of your cravings or kick some addiction, you need to get the Kitchen Safe.