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iCPooch shark tank

iCPooch is a smart device invented by 14-year-old Brooke Martin and CEO James Pelland. The device lets pet owners talk to their pets remotely while feeding them. This smart device involves plenty of technology, making it a practical piece of investment.

The idea came to Brooke when she was just 12 years old. One day she had to leave her recently-adopted shelter dog behind, which made her regret it immediately. Since all pet owners can be highly sentimental about their pets, Brooke was no different. The 12-year-old started looking for ways to talk to her dog via video chat, but unfortunately, no such solution was available.

This got Brooke’s creative juices flowing, as she thought of a way where pet owners can leave their babies behind but not regret it as they can watch them continuously and communicate with them. This also makes the pets comfortable as they know their owners are around them, making them feel safe.

Two years later, iCPooch started its operations where numerous smart devices were launched, allowing pet owners to be in contact with their pets. But what happened in those two years, and more importantly, how did it happen?

Brooke teamed up with her father and started creating prototypes using treat dispensers. The treat dispensers all had Wi-Fi, which is how owners would communicate with their pets when they are paying attention. The app allowed owners to see what their pets are doing and immediately become aware if they sense their pets nearing danger.

In 2013, Martin, Brooke’s father, launched a campaign to kickstart iCPooch as an official business. However, the first campaign failed miserably, as the $70,000 goal he had in his mind wasn’t achieved. However, things started looking up a year later, in 2014, when Brooke and her father launched another campaign and managed to raise $30,000 against a goal of $20,000.

This helped iCPooch become a viable business and start running its operations immediately.

iCPooch was sold on Amazon until it ceased its operations. A mounting bracket used to come with the device, accommodating tablets up to 10 inches, and is even compatible with Android and Apple.

iCPooch was undoubtedly a life-saver for people with plenty of pets. Pet owners worldwide can relate to the fact that your pets are no less than your family member, so taking care of them is equally essential. This is where iCPooch came in, as its video-conferencing capabilities made from ground-breaking technology are its unique selling point.

However, Brooke still needed help to get iCPooch more out there, leading to her visiting Shark Tank. She needed more capital to expand iCPooch and add more technological elements to make iCPooch stand out even more. Brooke Martin may be the smartest 14-year-old of her generation, considering the entire conception behind iCPooch.

The more people invested in iCPooch, the more they realized what a practical and valuable investment iCPooch was, making pet owners stress less while leaving their pets behind.

Our Review of iCPooch

Since iCPooch involved a lot of technology, you should know it was highly versatile in use. The world revolves around technology, which has made life easier for everyone. The same is the case with iCPooch, as it has relieved pet owners when they decide to leave their pets behind. iCPooch has undoubtedly hit the market with many bricks since it was the first of its kind.

People were investing in iCPooch and thanked Brooke for coming up with such a brilliant idea. One of iCPooch’s most prominent features was its easy use. Almost everyone (especially the younger generation) knows technology like the back of their hand. They aren’t unfamiliar with using technological equipment, making it iCPooch a piece of cake equipment.

Modern lifestyle often makes it challenging for people to spend time with their pets, as they’re constantly on the go. However, with the launch iCPooch, things have started to change for pet owners. Because of this device, pet owners worldwide can keep an eye on their pets and see what they’re up to. iCPooch also allows pet owners to talk to their pets, not making them feel alone.

iCPooch was reasonably priced, considering it came with so much technology. Anyone who can afford a pet can undoubtedly have afforded iCPooch, as raising a pet can cost much more.

The pricing factor played an integral role in iCPooch’s sales; as more people found it easy to afford, the more numbers iCPooch made. iCPooch, while it was operating, received pretty decent reviews, as pet owners were delighted with this novel device.

Think of iCPooch as the nanny for your pets you never had. You do not have to pause your life to look after your pets, but simultaneously, you can be with them virtually and see what they’re up to, thanks to iCPooch.

Pros of iCPooch

  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Watch your pets remotely.
  • Comes with or without a tablet.
  • Compatible with all types of devices.

Cons of iCPooch

  • It can go obsolete if not used carefully.
  • Not suitable for non-tech savvy people.

Who Is it for?

iCPooch was for anyone looking to monitor their pets remotely. People with pets are constantly guilt-ridden while leaving them behind at home. If this is you, iCPooch would’ve undoubtedly been for you. This intelligent device made pet owners feel as if they were never away from their pets, and it made watching them much easier.

Alternatives of iCPooch

Two of the most effective alternatives of iCPooch are Whistle and Petzilla. Both these companies provide intelligent solutions to monitor pets, making them close in competition to iCPooch.

Our Final Thoughts

iCPooch had made life pretty convenient for pet owners worldwide, as it allowed them to watch their pets from any corner of the world. Brooke Martin, the youngest tech entrepreneur, has made monitoring your pets possible by the invention of a Wi-Fi-infused treat dispenser.

The video conferencing feature allowed pet owners to communicate with and feed their pets, no matter where they were. Hence, investing in iCPooch would’ve undoubtedly been wise, especially for people with numerous pets. Unfortunately, it no longer runs in the market, but you would’ve loved having it.