Ice Age Meals from Shark Tank

Ice Age Meals shark tank

Thanks to a lot of awareness regarding fitness, clean eating, and a healthy lifestyle, people prefer to know what they are eating, where the ingredients in their meals are coming from, and what they are doing to their bodies.

There are several different diet plans out there like keto, intermittent fasting, vegan diets, and many more. Noticing the increasing market demand for such meals and his own passion for cooking and healthy eating, Nick Massie decided to produce his line of frozen meals following the paleo diet called Ice Age Meals.

What are Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age Meals are a line of frozen nutritious meal boxes prepared by none other than Nick Massie, aka culinary ninja. Nick is a passionate chef who’s been cooking for over 2 decades and sells small batches of delicious, nutritious meals made with organic vegetables, grass-fed meat, and other ingredients.

Since Nick is also an athlete and is in excellent physical condition himself, he decided to share his diet secret in the form of Ice Age Meals (since they are frozen) with the intention of encouraging a healthy way of living.

He started his business by preparing meals himself and then freezing them. The frozen meals were then microwaved and tasted to see if they still tasted delicious. If the meals pass the mark, then he begins to mass-produce them with his crew.

The company is based in a shopping strip in Reno, Nevada. Nick started his business earlier in 2016 and sold over 5000 meals every week. In order to expand his business, he needs a new freezer so he can meet the demand to sell 5000 meals/day. He aims to produce over 100,000 meals a day and needs a shark to invest in his business.

Ice Age Meals on the Shark Tank

Nick Massie appeared on the show, all pumped up to deliver his pitch. He came in looking for ten million dollars in return for 10% ownership of his business. He started his pitch in the form of a poem that left all the sharks confused about his business as his poem wasn’t clear.

The confused sharks were then handed out samples of his best-selling Ice Age meal, the butternut squash lasagna. All the sharks who were shocked at the 7-figure demand were thoroughly impressed by how delicious the lasagna was. This was proceeded by the sharks’ questions where they asked him about the paleo diet, his culinary experience, and his business.

Nick tells them that his business is doing extremely well, and each meal sells for over $10, and he made around $1.5 million in just the first year of his business. The sharks, who were clearly impressed by the company’s revenue, then ask him how much he made the previous month. Nick confirms that he made over 130,000 dollars last month.

The sharks are, however, confused by the high amount Nick has demanded to interrogate further and find out the reason behind his business valuation. It appears that Nick had a discussion with the CrossFit Organization, which owns gyms in over 142 countries, and therefore gave such a high valuation of his business, even though there was no agreement between them.

What followed was a series of unpleasant rejections from all the sharks starting with Kevin, who goes out with a poem making fun of Nick’s pitch. The final shark to leave was Lori, who advised him against the overvaluation of his business.

Nick walked out of the Shark Tank without an investment.

Our Review of Ice Age Meals

We think Ice Age Meals is an innovative product that succeeds at meeting the growing market demands of the health and fitness industry. It is made with love using completely organic and healthy ingredients that are packed with nutrition. If you are a health-conscious fitness junkie, these meals are definitely worth a try.

Pros of Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals are easy and straightforward. All you have to do is order it from their website per day or buy a monthly package. Once you receive your meals, just heat them in the microwave and enjoy gourmet quality, nutritious meals in the comfort of your home. It is an excellent bargain.

Cons of Ice Age Meals

Considering the healthy ingredients used in these meals, the pricing also seems very reasonable. So far, we haven’t found any drawbacks of Ice Age Meals. If you are conscious of microwave radiation, then you can alternatively heat the meals up in a traditional oven. They will taste just the same.

Who is Ice Age Meals for?

If you have a love for physical fitness and love for food, then Ice Age Meals is for you. If you don’t have time to cook and you don’t want to compromise on taste if you are on a diet, then you will find that every meal on the Ice Age Meals menu is top-notch.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Ice Age Meals does have a few competitors in the industry, including Underground Prep, Trifecta Nutrition, Pete’s Paleo, and Paleo Power Meals.

Our Final Thoughts

While Nick did not get a shark investment, he did end up partnering with CrossFit and proceeded to spread the word about his business.

Ice Age Meals made over $100000 in just one night when the episode aired on Shark Tank, and since then, Nick has been doing pretty well, making over 3 million dollars in revenue every year.