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Street sports are no longer as popular as they once were. People used to go out, gather their friends, and create a physical vibe with their buddies. However, things have changed now. Technology has taken over, and the concept of street games has become stale.

The decline of street sports is an unintended consequence of the popularity of internet gaming and gaming consoles. It’s a given that most people don’t deliberately seek out illegal street sports since there isn’t the necessary infrastructure for them to do so.

Donte Morris and Dominic Morris, twin brothers, resided in California. They were passionate about street games, especially basketball. Their passion and determination led them to take matters into their own hands and revolutionize the gaming world.

The twins were not the type to take no for an answer. Street basketball was ingrained in their culture. Therefore, they didn’t give up when the city began to consume other activities they enjoyed. Donte learned to code on his own and built the framework for an app.

These brothers claimed that they created the software HoopMaps so that people don’t have to waste time traveling¬†from park to park in search of basketball games. According to them, the software was efficient enough to broadcast all the outcomes of active matches and those scheduled to start nearby, allowing you to simply select the most convenient to engage in.

The brothers’ idea originated over a month before their appearance on Shark Tank. They had already amassed a substantial user base, with an estimated 50,000 downloads and nearly 1,000 daily logins. However, they were confronted with one obstacle; they lacked enough paying customers to make their dream a reality.

They came to Shark Tank to propose an offer in which the investors would put up a total of $100,000 in exchange for 5% ownership in the company. They could put their point across and pitch in front of Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks; it was a risk worth taking.

The brothers had a decent plan; however, they left without making a deal. Dominic claimed they also had discussions with Big3 by rapper Ice Cube, owner of a professional basketball league. He also claimed that Mark Cuban, interested in their idea, called him to help them improve their subsequent pitch to the Big3.

Even though they didn’t walk away with a contract from Shark Tank, Big3 and HoopMaps were able to successfully cross-promote their respective businesses by working together on a four-point challenge collaboration game. As a result, the brothers embarked on a path of slow advancement that was unusual but not unexpected.

Our Review of HoopMaps

The HoopMaps software is still listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play; however, it is currently inoperable. It’s safe to presume that the business is still operational. However, despite early successes, the app hasn’t been able to sustain its momentum over time.

After installing the program, the startup screen with the logo continues to display for more than 30 seconds before powering off. If the application’s social media accounts have been inactive for more than two or three years, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that it has been shut down.

The 3.3-star average rating the app had in the App Store during its active period shows that it was not well-received by the general public. If you skim through the comments and ratings, it becomes clear that the software had numerous technical problems and that users weren’t completely content with the free version, leading you to wonder why they would have paid for it.

Moreover, the twins revealed in 2018 that they were working on a new app version that would serve as a tool for community development rather than merely a way to locate street basketball games. Additionally, they expressed optimism about establishing a long-term company and launching a HoopMaps podcast; however, none of these promises were fulfilled, and the company stayed dead of late.

The company has changed names to Curated Runs.


  • The app was convenient when it was functional.
  • The app had a private feature that could keep you safe from those with malign intent.
  • The app was efficient and easy to use.
  • The app could predict upcoming matches.
  • The app was capable of identifying ongoing contests.
  • The app was available to everyone at no charge.


  • Many problems with the technology
  • Not even a reinforced improvement
  • No events aimed at bringing the community together
  • No recent developments
  • Currently nonexistent

Who is HoopMaps For?

Much like its creators Donte and Dominic, HoopMaps is primarily intended for casual street basketball players. Essentially a user-id and password-protected portal to local pickup basketball games, this software provides its users with a bird’s-eye view of the sport’s rapid expansion.

Suppose you are free on Wednesday at 8 o’clock, and you’re seeking a game to join; however, you have no idea where or when it will be held. You don’t have to worry, as this app can come in handy. All you have to do is log on to HoopMaps, look at the schedule, select a game, and show up.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many different programs had been floating about during the time HoopMaps was introduced. However, Fullcourt is undeniably one of the most widely used apps that have stood the test of time as a pickup basketball game software.

You can download this program without spending a dime. It has a high rating of 4.4 stars and garnered audience praise. NBA and collegiate players created it to give back to the communities that helped them succeed.

Our Final Thoughts

Morris brothers didn’t achieve much with HoopMaps, either in terms of their commercial goals, financial success, or even marketing tactics to help them in other forums. Even so, successful pitches on Shark Tank don’t always end well for business owners. Consequently, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when a pitch fails.

If you are looking for alternative apps for pickup basketball games, you can find some on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.