Holiball from Shark Tank

Holiball shark tank

Interior and exterior decorations during the holiday seasons are an exciting part. Everyone wants to ensure their space looks vibrant and well-lit, with decorations that genuinely stand out. If you want a holiday decoration with that wow factor this year, look no further; Holiball is just the brand for you.

Holiball is the crazy fantastic Texas-sized Christmas ornaments. They are hard to miss, inflatable, bright, and super fun and reusable decorations that you can either place outside your house or inside. They are UV resistant as well.

People will always celebrate Christmas everywhere, so Holiball would never go out of use. You can inflate them with any air compressor and deflate them quickly to store away until the next holiday season.

The Holiball comes in two sizes, 18-inch diameter and 30-inch diameter. You will receive stakes, anchoring patches, a topper, and a hanger plug along with the balls. Customers can choose from a wide range of colors, up to 22 available.

The 3 cousins from Texas, Jennifer Couch, Kristy Moore, and Amberly Hall, are the brains behind Holiball. Amberly has always invented silly things, but when she finalized the design for Holiball, the cousins knew this was something big (no pun intended).

The cousins did thorough market research to find a gap in Christmas-related products and found out no one was selling giant inflatable Christmas balls. It was in 2019 when they first launched their products, but they witnessed promising sales at the end of the year, even with minimum inventory. In 2020 the sales boosted impressively.

But because of COVID, the business suffered, and the women improved their digital presence. With the help of a Shark, they hoped to expand their inventory to manage the prices and shift to branding and licensing.

Are They An Active Company?

As of 2023, Holiball is still an active company, and those interested in its products can head over to its official website or through the mom-and-pop stores.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The cousins appeared on season 12 of Shark Tank, where they sought an investment of $150,000 for 10%. They came on the show carrying their giant ornament balls and gave a fun, entertaining pitch. They introduced their product and highlighted all the essential features that made Holiballs your perfect holiday decoration.

They even demonstrated how you could inflate these balls as quickly as you can deflate them. The sharks also got to try their Holiballs, and needless to say, they loved the product. They further captivated the Shark’s interest when they explained how their sales had been ever since the launch.

The first Shark, however, to go out was Mr. Wonderful, who, although he loved the product, explained how he had explored this space greatly in a decade, and now was not interested in taking this journey.

Daymond John had asked why their evaluation was that high, to which the women explained how they had created something that was not already available and had proven the demand for it with their sales.

Barbara also found the valuation of their business problematic, but because she loved how visually appealing the product was that she did not hesitate to make an offer of $150,000 for 25%, she did not only make an offer, she wanted the women to take an instant decision and not hear another offer. When they decided to listen to other Sharks, Barbara went out. Daymond John made an offer of $150,000 for 20%

Mark Cuban joined Barbara’s deal of $150,000 for 25%, and Lori joined Daymond John on his deal. After the women had thought about the offers, they finally accepted Mark and Barbara’s offer.

After the appearance on Shark Tank, while their sales did boost, the deal with Mark and Barbara was never closed. They faced some shortcomings like their website being hacked and compromised bank details. But as of July, the company is all geared up for the coming holiday season.

Our Review of Holiball

The holiday season is about joy, decorations, and vibrance, which is what we believe Holiball is all about. For your subsequent Christmas or new years celebrations, we know Holiball would be a definite star of the show. And the best part is you can use it every holiday season.

Apart from how beautiful they look, one thing we find incredible about Holiball is that they are made of a specific polymer material, making them not only lightweight but also long-lasting. You can hang them from the tree and place them on your porch or in pools. You can be assured that your Holiballs will not give up that easily.

This makes the Holiballs an excellent one-time investment because you can use them anywhere, anytime, for a prolonged time.

You can also easily clean your Holiballs; all you need is soap and water, and then store them anywhere once the season is over.

Pros of Holiball

There are many pros of Holiball. It is just that incredible of a product. Here are a few of them:

  • They come in two sizes.
  • They are sold with the right decorative tools you need.
  • Customers have plenty of color options to choose from.
  • They are a long-lasting product.
  • Readily available both online and in-store.

Cons of Holiball

While it is a great product, some of the cons the company can consider are the following:

  • The Holiball is an expensive product.
  • They are a one-time purchase.

Who Is Holiball For?

If you love the holiday season and especially the decoration, this is a perfect gift/product.

Are There Any Alternatives?

From our research, we have found that, as of now, there are no known alternatives to Holiball. And while you may at some point find a knockoff, you should be aware that the quality Holiball has is unmatched.

Our Final Thoughts

Holiball is such an exciting product, and it is sure to bring your holiday celebrations to life with its gigantic size and beautiful colors. We have found that the brand and product reflect the fun and large personalities of Jennifer Couch, Kristy Moore, and Amberly Hall