His and Her Bar from Shark Tank

His and Her Bar shark tank

Micheal and Jennifer Gallagher from Boynton Beach created His and Her bars from natural ingredients. Jennifer was a former sales executive, and Micheal was a navy veteran and former firefighter.

Both entrepreneurs took a keen interest in fitness and stated that the idea of this product came to them while out for a run together.

After going through several financial setbacks, they finally launched their unique product and appeared on Shark Tank for an investment to boost their business.

What Makes His and Her Bars Unique?

The His and Her Bar is a unique product that has multiple benefits. These bars were created out of completely organic ingredients with the goal of lifestyle enhancement. These healthy snacks also serve as aphrodisiacs that boost one’s libido over time.

They are said to be effective for both men and women. These bars seemed quite ordinary when viewed for the first time, but that changed once they were tasted. The His and Her bars had a creamy consistency and a nutty flavor, making devouring them easy. They left behind a great aftertaste once eaten and contained no fillers; they were vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

These bars were created using maca root, vanilla, dates, cashews, almonds, chocolate, and cayenne pepper. The chocolate, dates, and vanilla added sweetness to the bar, while the cayenne pepper added spice. Jennifer also called the Maca Root ‘Peruvian Natural Viagra,’ and since other products in the market didn’t contain this ingredient, she believed these bars stood out.

The Macca root paired with cayenne pepper also created a unique combination. The entrepreneurs state that cayenne pepper is used to improve bodily blood flow paired with maca root, creating a distinct taste with zero side effects.

These bars also received a lot of positive reviews. Couples stated how they had helped them lead healthier and more active lives. However, the primary ingredient was the maca root that gave this bar its aphrodisiac properties. The couple began experimenting with the ingredients in 2019 and launched the bars in 2020.

Their launch was during the Covid-19 pandemic. A pack of 12 His and Her bars cost $44.28, each bar costing $3.69. Consumers could get a pack for $39.99 if they get a three-month subscription. The Gallaghers’ goal was to sell the bars on the shelves of major retail outlets and hoped a shark would help them with this task.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Micheal and Jennifer appeared on the 12th season of Shark Tank on the 9th episode. The couple sought $50,000 and offered 10% equity in their business. This meant a valuation of $500,000. The couple started the pitch very well and grabbed the Sharks’ attention with a catchy rap song they sang.

However, they could not manage to get an investment from the sharks. This was because as they had launched during the covid-19 pandemic, their business was in its initial stage, thus less than a year old. The couple did not have enough sales to retain the sharks’ attention. During the episode, the couple stated that they had only sold $2000 worth of bars, which did not sit well with the sharks. The sharks were also a tad dissatisfied with the bars’ flavor.

Micheal got emotional during the episode, and the couple explained their hardships. Jennifer quit her six-figure advertising, sales, and marketing job to begin a business of hers. Micheal put all his energy into this product after working as a former firefighter. He also revealed that he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm a while back.

Lori, Daymond, and Barbara immediately backed out from investing in the firm. Mark encouraged the couple that they would build the business step by step but stood down from investing too. Mr. Wonderful also lectured the couple on the risks associated with entrepreneurship.

Is His and Her Bars an Active Company?

Today, His and Her Bars are not active. Even though both entrepreneurs were disappointed after the show, they received a huge amount of support from their social media community. They also received a large influx of sales after appearing on the show. In December 2021, they were still running even though revenue figures were unavailable. By February 2022, they posted on their Instagram that they had shut the company down and were moving in another business direction.

Our Review of His and Her Bars

Pros of His and Her Bars

  • The bars were a unique product, being an Aphrodisiac bar.
  • They were well priced, not being too expensive
  • The brand owners were transparent
  • Brand owners had good customer service

Cons of His and Her Bars

  • These bars may not be suitable for different types of climates.

Who Is His and Her Bars for?

The His and Her Bars are for anyone interested in maintaining an active lifestyle and boosting their sex drive. However, these bars are not created for instant sex enhancement.

They do not instantly improve your sexual performance. Instead, they use a holistic approach to improve one’s libido. They boost your immunity over time, enhance your activity levels, and make you healthy overall.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t many alternatives for the His and Her Bar. Individuals tend to create many homemade concoctions in Asian countries by mixing crushed dried fruits and maca root to increase energy and libido.

Our Final Thoughts

The His and Her bar is a well-priced product with great consumer reviews. Undoubtedly, it was created with organic, healthy ingredients and promoted an active life. However, it would be suitable to have it only in the winter and fall seasons.

It would also have to be consumed regularly to observe its effects over time. If someone is looking to enhance their sex drive immediately, this is not the right product. This is more of a healthy lifestyle bar that improves libido naturally along with many other health benefits.