Hidrent from Shark Tank

Hidrent shark tank

Every day around the house, there are many things one needs to do, whether getting some paintings hung up or moving heavy furniture around. For some people, perhaps the elderly, this is an impossible task to achieve. For these people, digital marketer Dave Heimbuch developed the app Hidrent.

Hidrent is quite an interesting app. It is where Dave has connected off-duty firefighters with people from their neighborhood who need help around the house. We live in a highly digital world where everyone is connected online. So Dave’s app is genuinely relevant and necessary.

The variety of services you can avail of from this app is remarkable. Whether you’re looking for a handyperson, someone to do yard work, or install light fixtures, there is a firefighter near you that you can count on.

The way customers and firefighters use the app is that customers can download the app and look for the services they want and at what time. The firefighters create their accounts on Hidrent; the app verifies their employment. The firefighters are then notified of any jobs to do around their neighborhood. This app is not only smart but also simple to use.

Dave Heimbuch, who comes from a digital marketing and sales background, was inspired to create this app when one day he hired a contractor from an app to do some work, and his brother in law who was a firefighter had suggested he could do the same thing every firefighter knows how to do these tasks. So to help firefighters earn more money and help people around in their neighborhoods, this app was born.

He created the app in 2018, and since then, he has had sales worth $850,000. In 2020, he had earned $260,000. His sales only reflect the booming demand for the app. Dave was looking forward to partnering with a Shark to expand the app’s reach.

Are They An Active Company?

As of 2023, Hidrent continues to help people with their small odd household jobs. People can download the app on android as well as apple devices.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Dave entered the Shark Tank on season 13, where he sought an investment of $300,000 in exchange for 8% equity.

He started his presentation with a woman dressed as an older person, struggling to move furniture around her house or hang her painting. Eventually, a firefighter entered the scene and effortlessly completed her tasks. Dave told the Shark that he developed Hidrent to connect local firefighters with people like the old lady. He explained how firefighters find jobs through his app.

The Sharks loved the comical presentation and his app, which they thought was a great idea. It was not just that; the Sharks were also thoroughly impressed by his sales.

Nirav explained that it was not an easy task to bring people to download the app and try it out. He pointed out how his own company had spent a prolonged period to achieve that, and because he had done similar things before, he went out. Mark also went out because he could not see a path where Dave controlled his destiny through digital ad spending.

Robert Herjavec loved the idea and everything about it, and even though he didn’t know if it would work, he was clear that senior citizens and women would love the app and could help with that. He made Dave an offer of $300,000 for 20%. Lori, too, was interested in joining Robert in his offer but for 35%. Dave did counter her request with a 20%, which Robert thought was not enough for two Sharks. They asked for 33.3%, which Dave eventually accepted.

As of June 2022, there is no sign that the deal between the Sharks and Dave was closed. Hidrent also started crowdfunding for investment through StartEngine in June.

Our Review of Hidrent

We believe Hidrent is such a handy app. Many older people live alone and could use an extra hand without the hassle of finding someone trustworthy; they can hire reliable firefighters in their surrounding area, just through Hidrent.

Firefighters are trustworthy for several odd tasks at home because they have been trained extensively. And because firefighters work 24 hours and then off duty for 48 hours, Hidrent is an excellent app for them to make extra money in those hours, and usually, these tasks don’t take a long time to cover; it works great for them.

Most people today either own an apple phone or some android phone, and since the app is available on both devices, almost everyone can use the app. The user-friendly nature of the app makes it easier for adults to navigate through them.

Pros of Hidrent

Dave has created a genius app. Here are some of its pros:

  • Easy to use.
  • The app conducts trustworthy employment checks.
  • Quick response time.
  • Professional and Efficient workers.

Cons of Hidrent

So far, customers have appreciated the app and the firefighters for their diligent and efficient work. But the app still needs to expand its reach, so several neighborhoods in the USA can avail of their reliable services.

Who Is Hidrent For?

Hidrent is an app for anyone looking for an extra hand to tackle odd jobs like cleaning the gutter or something else. Primarily the app has proved popular amongst older people.

Are There Any Alternatives Available?

Hidrent is part of a large industry, but from our research, we have found that there have been no particular alternatives available for Hidrent.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that Hidrent is an excellent app with a stellar vision. Dave is truly an entrepreneur because he saw a potential problem and came up with a solution that helped two different groups of society.

With Hidrent, you can bid goodbye to the troublesome days you would have to arrange and wait for someone to come to fix your lighting or move furniture. Simply hire a local firefighter from Hidrent, and you’re good to go.

The quick service and professionalism that the firefighters have shown so far only reflect the future growth of the app.