Heidi Ho from Shark Tank

Heidi Ho shark tank

While cheese is one of the most consumed food products, not everybody can enjoy this rich and flavorful item. Lactose intolerant individuals have to stay away from cheese which is a dairy product. Does that mean such people have no way of enjoying the delectable savory?

That was true a few years ago, but since the genius idea of Chef Heidi Lovig has taken over the food market through a few minutes-long appearances on a reality TV show, cheese is now digestible for everyone. Chef Heidi Lovig started a company called Heidi Ho and has sold vegan cheese products to the masses that are prohibited dairy products. The idea came to the Cordon Bleu-trained chef when she took a job in vegan consultancy at a restaurant but found limited cheese options on the menu.

Heidi started experimenting and using a recipe with all plant-based products; she finally nailed the perfect plant-powered cheese in three different flavors. In the 12 months since her launch, Heidi Ho generated $140,000 in sales by selling to Whole Foods Markets in the west. Heidi now wanted to expand her distribution range and therefore appeared before in the Shark Tank US Season 6 to ask for $125K in exchange for 20% equity of her company.

Heidi handed out samples of her vegan cheese to the sharks, who LOVED the flavors they got. But none of the sharks showed as much interest as Lori. After Kevin was the first to announce, Lori immediately offered to invest $125,000 and help in the packaging in exchange for 30% equity of Heidi Ho. As soon as Lori presented her offer, all the sharks, including Mark, Robert, and Barbara, backed out, leaving Heidi with only Lori’s offer, which she eagerly accepted.

The business has seen only growth in the market because just after four months since the Shark Tank episode aired on TV, there was a surge in sales, making Heidi Ho some $750,000. Lori has remained an active investor and member of the Heidi Ho family, checking every few months on the business and looking for new ways to expand. Their partnership is still intact and expanding the horizons of the business.

As of 2021, Heidi Ho has made 5 million dollars in annual revenue and continues to grow.

Our Review of Heidi Ho

While initially starting the company with only limited cheese options, Chef Heidi has since expanded their product line and added new flavors of cheese dips, including Smoky Bourbon dip made of liquor. Heidi Ho’s delicious sauces and dips are available in various brick-and-mortar stores across Oregon and Washington. However, their private label services have served not only other brands but also people who can’t get their hands on the retail products.

Heidi Ho also offers distribution across the university and corporate campuses, including big names like Bon Appetit and Blazers. The more people are getting their hands on the vegan take on cheese, the more they are seeking Heidi Ho’s products.

Heidi Ho cheese dips are rich in flavor, smooth in texture, and a healthy and sustainable option compared to traditional dairy cheese. The cheese products are also manufactured, keeping consumers’ health in mind as traditional cheese is a staple ingredient in fast food, the leading cause of obesity. Besides that, Heidi Ho chefs are also mindful of allergies; therefore, none of their products have soy, corn, gluten, and dairy.

Pros of Heidi Ho

The ever-growing business has created a solid customer base in just a few years. Here are some of the things customers praise about regarding Heidi Ho all the time:

  • The cheese comprises all vegan ingredients, with no additives or preservatives that could jeopardize the product’s quality.
  • The dips are incredibly smooth in texture and melt into the mouth instantly, leaving only the creamy flavor as a residue.
  • The flavors of the cheese dips are up to the mark and satiate your sensory hunger to the fullest.
  • The vegan ingredients make cheese an option for everyone, especially lactose-intolerant people.
  • The bulk quantity of cheese produced ensures that the products never go out of stock.
  • The founder of Heidi Ho, Chef Heidi Lovig, is adored by many and is inspirational for many due to her speaking engagements on LGBTQ+-related topics.

Cons of Heidi Ho

While the loyal customers of Heidi Ho swear by all the goodness mentioned above, there are a few drawbacks of the business you should be aware of before making a purchase:

  • The sizing of the dips isn’t big enough to satiate a food lover’s demands. It’s small in quantity and available only in standard size.
  • Few customers have found molds in their products, which is never a pretty sight but is possible because the company uses no additives and preservatives.

Who Is Heidi Ho For?

If you’re someone who has been missing out on cheese due to your gluten allergy or lactose intolerance, Heidi Ho is the shop for you. With a variety of flavors to choose from, you won’t be able to get enough of their products. Heidi Ho will be ideal if you have no eating allergies but are opting for a much healthier diet or following a vegan lifestyle. You can receive the same goodness of dairy cheese but with plant-based healthy ingredients.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The loyal customers haven’t been seen deferring from the incredible products of Heidi Ho. However, if you’re looking for some other options with the same vegan goodness, you can certainly visit Vromage, located in West Hollywood. The business sells nut and seed-based cheese, perfect for people who can’t consume dairy products.

The company has various cheese options to choose from and an online store, shipping all over the US at an additional cost. Vromage’s website is also easy to navigate, and people who have been buying from Vromage swear by its fresh products.

The only difference that still makes Heidi Ho a preference is its dips that are available in bold flavors.

Our Final Thoughts

Heidi Ho is a business that blew up in sales not just because of the Shark Tank Effect but due to Heidi’s prompt decision and incredible dedication. The owner has always been committed to the business’s success by serving Heidi Ho’s customers with only the best they have to offer. Chef Heidi’s relentless pursuit of new combinations and recipes has contributed to the incomparable growth of the company, and Lori’s guidance and financial support have given the company a direction.

If you’re someone who follows a vegan lifestyle but doesn’t want to compromise when it comes to flavorful food, bring home some wholesome cheese dips from Heidi Ho. You won’t be disappointed.