Heart Pup from Shark Tank

Heart Pup shark tank

Traveling with a puppy in one hand and the rest of the luggage in the other isn’t the easiest of tasks. But what if we told you there’s a solution to this problem many dog parents face? Shark Tank Season 6 had brought to screen one such young and talented designer and entrepreneur Anastasia Heart with her label Heart Pup.

Anastasia’s entry was quite pleasing as she entered with her pup Trixi in a dog carrier scarf sling over her shoulders. The red color of the sling exuded confidence, while Trixi’s relaxed innocent face peeking through the carrier melted the sharks. Anastasia was looking for an investment of $25K in exchange for a 10% stake in her label.

Heart Pup¬†originated as an Etsy store serving the dog carrier niche market with ergonomically designed scarf slings that went over both the shoulders to avoid straining the neck with the pup’s weight. Heart Pup’s Etsy store had made $130K in sales. The materials used to make the handcrafted slings were either knit cotton or Italian cashmere wool blend giving a luxurious feel to the overall outfit. The designs of the scarf slings were unique in patterns and colors as Anastasia’s trips across the globe inspired them.

Upon handing out the samples, sharks were immediately impressed by the quality and understood the fashion statement Anastasia wanted every small dog owner to make. Sharks also had some immediate answers for Anastasia’s offer as they decided whether it’s a business they’d want to support. All four of the sharks announced that they were out as they didn’t quite connect with the market of dog carriers and thought the product design could be easily stolen and replicated, giving the business no competitive advantage.

Daymond was the only remaining shark that had not yet announced his decision. He was also the only one with design experience on the panel. He struck a deal with Anastasia of $50K for a 40% equity in her business.

Anastasia was young but also wise. The shark and the passionate founder of Heart Pup shook hands, hugged, and sealed the deal.

Our Review of Heart Pup

Since its appearance on the US-based reality shows Shark Tank, Heart Pup has experienced a great surge in sales. The business continues to grow, especially when traveling has become affordable for the masses, and people want to take their pets with them without having to worry about their luggage. Heart Pup has also diversified its range of products, giving customers more fabric and material options such as luxe leather, different collar designs, and cross-body leashes.

Heart Pup’s customer base has also expanded, with people from all over the nation ordering new products daily. There’s still a lot of potential for the business to grow as various dog owners are looking for other carrier options for their big dogs. Nonetheless, Heart Pup is still winning hearts and earning $500,000 in annual revenue as of 2022.

Pros of Heart Pup

Addressing such a particular need with precision and fashion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, Anastasia’s can-do attitude has made Heart Pup a brand that thousands of people trust and buy from. Here are some things that people swear by when it comes to purchasing dog carrier slings from Heart Pup:

  • The dog carrier scarf slings are made up of soft, breathable material that’s not too heavy and make carrying a small dog feasible
  • The carrier has a soft yet firm padded bottom to give your canine a good space and a base to relax on
  • Wherever you’re going, your dog can always accompany you. And instead of walking around with a leash, you can carry your dog with the support of your shoulders
  • the sling scarves have impressive designs that allow you to stay fashionable instead of looking odd
  • Customers are absolutely in love with the great customer service that Heart Pup offers
  • The variety in the material also allows customers to choose their sling according to their mood and their outfit of the day

Cons of Heart Pup

While Heart Pup is one of its kind business, there are some things that customers don’t find here or don’t particularly like:

  • Customers find the prices to be high for a dog carrier. Not every dog owner is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a single design of sling scarf, no matter how fashionable it looks
  • There aren’t many options for people with big dogs. Dog owners are looking for big carriers such as a backpack for taking their dogs on hikes or trips, but Heart Pup isn’t the place where they find it
  • All the dog carrier designs are particularly to serve women owners. There are no practical designs for men, which is another need in the market not yet met.

Who Is Heart Pup For?

If you have a small dog or any other pet you’d like to carry around the house or on travel trips across the globe, you must check out Heart Pup. The design may only serve women, but they serve fashionably with a soft premium quality material that doesn’t feel heavy or irritating. Small dog owners, especially women, must give it a go as these are designed to make travel easy while carrying their canines.

Are There Any Alternatives?

No other brand sells dog carrier sling scarves nowadays except for Heart Pup. However, iHeartDogs is a brand that sells other goodies and accessories related to dogs, such as food, plates, chews, etc. The brand also rescues dogs daily, and some of the profit generated from sales goes to the food and medical supplies. The business is also actively participating in awareness programs, especially regarding the basic care of newborns and older pups.

A fascinating thing about iHeartDogs is the community they have been able to build. All pet parents of dogs use social media to interact with each other and share tips and some cute memories of their dogs. Customers also buy custom frames from the brand to capture these moments and frame them with their pups.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a dog carrier that’s comfortable and stylish for you and your dog, Heart Pup is the only business you’d find to be trustworthy and actively thriving. The founder and owner, Anastasia Heart, is extremely passionate about the cause of serving dogs and dog owners with a fashionable way of carrying their dogs around without having to use their hands. The firm dog carrier slinging like a scarf on both the shoulders gives the dog and the dog owner a way to enjoy the entire trip experience.

The business can still do more and serve a wider market of dog owners, but Heart Pup is a promising business nonetheless.