HairyGrabster from Shark Tank

HairyGrabster shark tank

HairyGrabster is a solution to the most common problem we face in shared bathrooms or with our partners. That is a shower filled with hair stuck everywhere.

Hair falling while taking a shower is natural, but it is gross that the hair sticks to your hands after you shower. The hair is on the walls, sink, on the mirror, and clogs the drains. This is mainly because the hair that gets stuck to your hands while you run them through your head is washed away in the running water, and that is how you find them on all the surfaces of the bathroom.

What Do They Make?

HairyGrabster is a unique tool that allows you to wipe your hand on its surface, grab your hair on your hands, and hold it for you till you are done with your shower.

What Makes Them Unique?

HairyGrabster is a quick and effective way to remove hair from your hands. After you have wiped your hand full of hair on the HairyGrabster, the hair can be removed just like you remove it from a hairbrush.

Are They Still an Active Company?

The company is still running an active business, and HairyGrabster is available on Walmart and Zulily online.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Patty and Andy Watne appeared on the show seeking $75,000 in exchange for 20% stakes in their company. They provided samples of HairyGrabster to the Sharks. Andy told them he was a floor trainer for about ten years and became a product manager. Patty’s flower shop was a hundred-year-old family business in the suburbs of Chicago, and she worked there after graduation in sales until she and her husband had more children.

The Sharks asked them about the sales, and the couple replied that they had only sold 60 units which landed about $600 in sales. They were marketing their product through Facebook ads and other social media platforms.

Kevin said that he was a partner in a company called DrainWig, which allowed people to fix it to their drains, and when it collected all the hair, people pulled it out, threw it away, and got a new one.

Kevin wanted to know how this product was any better than DrainWig, and Lori agreed that HairyGrabster could not be thrown away like DrainWig since it was made of plastic which didn’t make the product sustainable.

Daymond inquired about the inspiration behind the product, and Patty replied that Andy was concerned about the amount of hair he regularly found in their bathroom. Barbara asked them to tell them what they would use the money for. Patty replied that they needed the Shark’s help to get their product out there and create awareness among people to use this product to gather and grab their hair before it clogged their drains.

Mark chimed in that Patty and Andy had come up with a solution that people didn’t even need. Daymond joined him by saying that they needed to focus on more things than just marketing. For example, their packaging needed to be improved. It wasn’t a suitable business for him to invest in, so he went out.

Barbara also agreed that HairyGrabster didn’t solve a problem big enough to create such a concern, and she would rather see her hair on her shower walls than HairyGrabster hanging there with all the hair stuck to it. She wasn’t convinced by the feasibility of the product, and that was the reason why she was going out.

Kevin said he would never want HairyGrabster to make it to the markets because it would compete with DrainWig, a business he had invested in season 9. HairyGrabster was competitive and clashed with what he had been marketing and selling for years. He also didn’t think that this product was ever going to work. He went out.

Lori thought this was a niche market and could be a significant individual business for Andy and Patty, but this wasn’t an investable business for her. She went out.

Mark asked them about their inventory and investment. They said that in inventory, they had 5000 units and had invested about $63,000 of their own money in the business. Mark suggested they use 500 units in their inventory and reach out to people with long hair, influencers, family friends, etc. Ask them for feedback and ideas, and that is how they would realize their product’s selling point.

Mark wished them luck and went out.

The Sharks gave them good wishes, and the couple left without a deal on the show.

Our Review of HairyGrabster

HairyGrabster is a unique tool that sticks to your wall and lets you wipe your hand on it when it has all the tangled wet hair stuck to it. It allows you to grab the hair in one place to collect and throw them away after your shower.

Pros of HairyGrabster

  • Very affordable product
  • Comes in a  variety of shapes and colors
  • A convenient product to grab all the hair from the walls without creating a lot of mess.

Cons of HairyGrabster

  • The product might look repulsive to some people as it hangs on the wall with all the hair stuck.

Who Is HairyGrabster For?

HairyGrabster is an excellent product for people with medium to long hair who want to grab their fallen hair before they make it to the floor drain. You can easily stick it to the shower wall where you can wipe your hair so that it holds your hair for you to throw out when you are done washing it.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • DrainWig Shower Drain Protectors
  • OXO Good Grips Silicone Shower & Tub Drain Protector.

Our Final Thoughts

Andy and Patty’s mistake was that they didn’t research their product demand and customer target before appearing on the show. Had they collected their data more appropriately and presented it to the Sharks, one of them might have agreed to invest in the business.