GRIND Basketball from Shark Tank

GRIND Basketball shark tank

Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world, with over 2.2 billion fans. As high school kids, many individuals rely on seeking scholarships in prestigious colleges based on their performance in sports. However, some fail to do so due to competition and other reasons. The fact that these individuals can’t afford good colleges adds to the misery, and many people give up in such times.

Despite going through a similar situation and not being able to score the basketball scholarship due to multiple injuries during high school, Thomas Fields did not quit. Instead, he kept grinding in the face of adversity and set out to choose a problem all basketball athletes go through on a daily basis on the field. This venture kept Thomas close to his passion while giving him an individual identity.

Thomas came up with the idea of GRIND Basketball¬†when he realized that the amount of practice that goes into basketball is overloaded with the effort of fetching the ball that was shot towards the basket. Practicing shooting is essential, but Thomas realized that the fetching doesn’t need to be so painful. He came up with the prototype of a machine that shoots back the basketball once it falls from the basket or nearby. What’s unique about this machine? It is the first portable basketball shooting machine you can carry around in a duffel bag.

Thomas then appeared on Shark Tank post-pandemic and sought investment of $250K in exchange for 5% equity in his company. He had managed to sell around 125 units with the costs upfront. But the most incredible thing that impressed the sharks was that despite the pandemic, Thomas had sold a high number of units through social media and word of mouth.

However, the profit margin failed to work for most of the Sharks. Since Mr. Wonderful is all about money, he announced he was out after wishing Thomas good luck as he believed in the product but not the numbers. Lori was next to exit the deal as she didn’t see herself as a sports fanatic and didn’t want to invest her money in a business she knew nothing about. Alex was the next to announce as he too loved the product but didn’t want to invest in a company that didn’t look promising in terms of numbers.

That left Barbara and Mark the only two remaining sharks. Before the negotiations, Mark had shown off his basketball skills as he also owns one of the NBA teams. However, he, too, was skeptical about the profit margins.

Barbara loved the product, but she loved Thomas’s vision more and wanted to help him, especially with the machine’s aesthetics. However, due to her lack of knowledge about the sports business, she didn’t want to dive into it alone. Barbara managed to convince Mark to invest with her, and together the two sharks offered Thomas a deal of $250K in exchange for a 30% stake in the company.

Thomas loved the idea of having two sharks in the business as it opened uncountable doors for GRIND. However, he tried to negotiate the deal that got Mark to lower the stake to 25% and didn’t budge an inch after that. Thomas’s presence of mind and the advice from other sharks to seek the deal made him finally accept the offer.

Our Review of GRIND Basketball

Though the business has had over two years to create a name for itself, GRIND Basketball is still trying to fulfill the previous orders. Despite the delay, which is likely to be caused due to the manufacturing capital and the pandemic, the company has managed to impress numerous basketball fanatics around the country. The customer base is quite happy with the products as well as the customer service.

The net worth of GRIND Basketball is unknown, but seeing the surge in its orders and sales on its e-commerce site, along with the overall popularity and demand, the business looks promising. The sharks’ support is likely to make the company a revolutionary startup in the basketball field.

Pros of GRIND Basketball

Customers are surprised by numerous aspects of GRIND Basketball despite the business being so young. Here are some of the things that customers have extensively praised:

  • Customers love the customer care services of the company as they respond to every little query and provide a detailed answer, making customers feel welcome
  • Customers also appreciate the convenience of setting up the basketball shooting machine wherever they like
  • The machine’s operation is easy and straightforward for even non-sports individuals to grasp
  • The quality of the device is superior to any other machine out there on the market
  • The fact that the GRIND Basketball machine is portable makes it easier for basketball players to practice their game instead of chasing after the balls
  • The shooting machine is made up of solid material, making it strong and sturdy
  • The machine can easily last for years owing to its thoughtful design and quality manufacturing

Cons of GRIND Basketball

Though customers love using the GRIND Basketball shooting machine, there are some things they couldn’t help but point out for further improvement:

  • The net that catches the ball can be made up of a sturdier material as it hangs pretty low and comes in the way of the ball’s shoot
  • At times, the machine manages to rise from the flat ground and causes jerks, changing the launch point of the shoot
  • The adjustment of the net needs a more ergonomic design to help with easy catching of the ball and adjusting the net effectively according to the height of the basket at various locations

Who Is GRIND Basketball For?

If you’re an individual who’s training for basketball, you will appreciate the efficient design of the GRIND Basketball. The fact that you can fold and fit the entire setup in a duffel bag makes the carriage of the machine easy. Apart from that, the machine’s easy setup and function aid in getting the ball back to you every time, without you having to move or chase the balls.

Are There Any Alternatives?

SIBOASI is a famous company that designs and manufactures innovative equipment for numerous sports. This equipment includes basketball shooting machines and other necessary gear. However, the GRIND Basketball shooting machine remains superior due to its quality of design and its easy and efficient portability.

Our Final Thoughts

GRIND Basketball is more than just a company. It is evidence of what humans can achieve if they put their emotions and lessons toward a better way of living. Solving problems for others can aid in successful businesses regardless of your background or failures.

GRIND Basketball is a unique sports business and shows a promising upward trajectory. We will surely see more of this business revolutionizing the sports industry.