Goumikids from Shark Tank

Goumikids shark tank

We’re all looking for sustainable alternatives from food to energy usage and household equipment to traveling. With the desire for an eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainable clothing is like a cherry on top.

Lili Yeo and Linsey Fuller were involved in the clothing and fashion industry for many years. Both women, who were mothers, believed that there was a market for organic baby apparel. Their organic and ecological baby clothes brand, Goumikids, was launched after more brainstorming on the concept.

Goumikids produces organic mitts, footed pajamas, boots, sleepers, and robes for newborns and babies.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Goumikids items are cozy, and most have two-part zippers to stop any unintended clawing that infants frequently cause themselves.

The mommy duo of Goumikids was brimming with confidence as they entered the Shark Tank. They proposed one of the most audacious investments in the history of Shark Tank as they presented their Goumikids. They had already elicited murmurs and astonished glances of amazement from all the sharks within a minute of their presentation. They asked for an outrageous $1 million for just 8% of the ownership in the business, rating their brand at over $12 million.

The entrepreneurs, who are “passionate about the power of little,” developed a solution to solve newborns’ weak muscular strength. They market “necessary infant supplies” that are “useful, comfy, breezy, ecologically friendly, and attractive.”

Goumi Mitts, their signature item, is kept on and safeguard a baby’s delicate hands thanks to an inventive 2-part snap fastening. Their Goumi Boots help achieve the same goal by employing Velcro and elastic to adjust and fasten, guaranteeing that the baby’s feet remain warm and snug in their boots. Moreover, their revolutionary Goumi Jams can instantly transform from pajamas to sleep socks.

Although the presentation impressed the Sharks, they believed the business was overvalued. The business partners’ lifetime sales were barely $5.8 million when they made their Shark Tank presentation. They were seeking $1 million in exchange for merely 8% of the brand’s ownership, so their total sales were unimpressive.

Their higher price point was also a source of worry. The apparel range from Goumikids, in the opinion of many, was not intended for the typical American family. Sharks also cited a problem with unsatisfactory marketing. With all these problems in play, everyone except Daymond Johnson of the Sharks made a formal offer for investment. The moms of the Goumikids, though, were unimpressed.

Kevin O’Leary offered to lend $1 million at 9% interest in exchange for 10% ownership of the business rather than making any investment offers. The business duo accepted Kevin’s proposal.

Goumi Kids seems to be doing well! During the lockdown, they experienced shipment delays because of COVID-19, but they have a powerful social media presence. They have more than 200k Instagram followers and more than 30k Facebook fans. On their e-commerce site, several reviewers of the items have given them five stars. It appears as if this business can only continue to grow from here!

Our Review of Goumikids

Before we begin our review, let’s talk about Goumikids’ position as a brand and company before getting into the specifics of the product line. If we had to put this mother-founded infant clothing company into a category, we might say it’s a profit-making social business for two reasons. The company provides goods primarily created from sustainable and organic raw materials.

Secondly, Goumikids donates a portion of its earnings to a worthwhile cause, as other social companies do.

All the goods sold under the Goumikids brand aren’t just ecological but also comfy, safe, and simple for mothers to use. For example, its mittens, which are included in gowns and available separately, have inherently antibacterial surfaces.

They also lack sharp or abrasive components (zippers, buttons, etc.). These two characteristics render them safe for young children who prefer to chew on anything to dry up their sore gums.

Similarly, no matter how agitated newborns get, Goumikids’ mittens, boots, and other items stick on their feet and hands.

When it’s time for a diaper change, Goumikids pajamas offer a unique function that makes life simple for parents. These pajamas feature a hip opening that enables caregivers to replace a baby’s diaper without taking the pajamas off completely.

For more information on their product line, you can visit their website. (https://goumikids.com)

PROS of Goumikids

  • Items made from sustainable and organic raw materials
  • Items come in pretty pastel and soft shades.
  • Items provide scratch protection and have inherent antibacterial qualities.

CONS of Goumikids

  • Products in the line are over-priced

Who Is Goumikids For?

Goumikids’ products are designed for parents who have chosen sustainable living and want to ensure that it permeates every part of their existence. Goumikids has tirelessly worked on products that render them safe for newborns. Therefore, its merchandise will benefit mothers who worry that their newborns might get infections or injure themselves from their clothes.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Some companies sell baby clothes made of organic materials. But most of them only offer limited items, unlike Goumikids’ organic mittens, booties, pajamas, and robes.

Here are a few brands you can explore:

Our Final Thought

The Goumi website has a modern, high-end clothing store feel with plenty of clear white canvas, gentle color schemes, harmonious design, with big block text. From the adorable, fun language on its homepage to the photographs on company media platforms, every aspect of its profile has been meticulously chosen and created to pique the interest of a sizable, lucrative, and famously discerning market of new parents.

After their appearance on Shark Tank, their whole product range has grown. Their website now features a bewildering selection of exquisite, boutique-quality luxury products and bundles.

However, Goumikids must reevaluate its greater price points while providing high-quality organic baby accessories and apparel and demonstrating excellent social conscience.

Many parents currently find Goumikids’ items to be far too pricey. Goumikids must increase accessibility and affordability for those in the center of the economic range if it is to emerge as the flagship company of baby clothing.