GolfKicks from Shark Tank

GolfKicks shark tank

GolfKicks is a kit with spikes you can attach to the bottom of any type of shoe to turn them into golf shoes. This means you can wear fun sneakers instead of boring golf shoes when you go to play. The spikes are made with a combination of rubber and a metal core. They don’t poke into your feet, though. Thanks to the rubber over mold, you won’t feel them at all.

The kit comes with glue you use to stick them onto any shoes. And it comes with a screw mechanism so you can easily screw the hooks onto any type of shoes. This product was invented by John Krosky and Tyler Stewart, who wanted more range in golf footwear.

To prevent potential rivals from using their technique, they patented their product. In terms of technical progress, though, you may be startled to hear that not much is happening. At first glance, Golfkicks seems to be more of an example of creativity than sophistication.

The two friends originally started the business with a third partner through a Kickstarter campaign, where they managed to raise $15,147 then also got some more funding through an IndieGoGo campaign. Before coming to Shark Tank, they were already making sales by selling each kit for $29. They needed a Shark investment to help them grow.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, the company is active and still in business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

They came to Shark Tank seeking an investment of $300,000 for an 8% stake in the company. They started the pitch by explaining the concept behind their product and initially handed out samples. The Sharks reacted positively to the sales, especially since the company had already managed to make $120,000 in this department over 3 months in business. They were projecting $1 million for that year. They ended their pitch by stating that the real reason for a Shark investment was growth on Amazon and increase in distribution through golf shops.

Then it was time for the Sharks to respond. Lori was the first to admit that she liked golf and she made them an offer of $300,000 in loan with an 8% interest rate plus $2 in royalty per unit until the original loan’s returned. Mark countered with the same amount for a 13% stake in the company because he thought the product had a lot of potential to attract young people. The two entrepreneurs accepted his offer.

Overall, the GolfKicks Shark Tank Review was positive and they left with a good deal. After the episode, they managed to raise even more, almost $131,363, through another crowdfunding campaign. They’re now making $4 million in profit every year.

Our Review of GolfKicks

We decided to try out GolfKicks for ourselves to see how they would fare in practice.

The good news is that these cleats give you more variety in the kind of shoes you can wear when you’re playing golf. Plus they come in a variety of attractive colors. They’re easy to attach so it doesn’t require any complex mechanism and the kit is compact enough to carry everywhere. They’re comfortable because of the rubber outer mold.

These are detachable, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your Jordans while changing them to golf shoes. The cleats may be removed in the same way they were installed, by unscrewing them from the bottom of the shoe. After removal, the cleats might leave a tiny hole in the sole of your shoe, but they won’t harm the sole or the shoe in any other way. Golfkicks provide the necessary tools for attaching cleats to your shoes. You will need the spikes, a tiny Screw head screwdriver, plus a manual to help you locate the holes correctly. To attach the spikes for the conversion, a drill is required to create pilot holes.

The bad news is that you can only attach them to shoes with flat and thin soles. Thicker ones might be harder to attach these cleats to. Plus if you don’t attach them properly, then they might easily fall out. If the sole’s too delicate then that’s a problem too. Also it’s a little expensive and it can definitely damage some shoes during the installation process.

Pros of GolfKicks

  • Comfortable
  • Complete kit with everything
  • More variety in golf shoes
  • Detachable cleats
  • Easy-to-carry

Cons of GolfKicks

  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for delicate soles
  • Might damage some shoes

Who Is GolfKicks for?

This product is mainly aimed at people who like to play golf but are tired of typical boring golf shoes. It’s also perfect for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to carry golf clothes and shoes around.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are some alternatives on the market.

The Gusnilo Easy Replacement Spikes are one good alternative to GolfKicks. These metal cleats are easy to insert into any shoes with a hex screwdriver. The only difference is that they’re mainly designed for golf shoes unlike GolfKicks which can be used on any pair of sneakers. These hooks are meant to upgrade your sports shoes and give you better balance.

They’re much cheaper in comparison and have the same rubber outer mold and metal core mechanism as GolfKicks.