GoGo Gear from Shark Tank

GoGo Gear shark tank

GoGo Gear was founded by Arlene Battishill and Desiree Estrada, who previously worked in corporate. When they lost their corporate jobs, it inspired them to start a unique clothing line. Because both the women rode motorcycles, they wanted to explore how women could keep themselves safe on the road.

And that is how GoGo Gear came to be. They decided to create a line of protective safety wear for women who ride motorcycles and scooters.

This collection does not include your typical fringe leather jackets. Rather it is a collection that is purposefully designed to protect riders in case of an accident. The owners have incorporated engineering techniques to ensure maximum protection is provided to women.

The clothing from GoGo Gear is made from materials resistant to abrasion and fluorescent fabric that gives the riders a sense of safety in an accident.

The collection from GoGo Gear includes protective Kevlar armored leggings, hoods, and jackets.

A year before appearing on Shark Tank, GoGo Gear made sales worth $172,000. Their products were available in 25 retail stores specializing in motorcycles and scooters.

Before GoGo Gear, there was an evident gap in the protective clothing for female riders.

GoGo Gear is the first stylish protective clothing for women who ride bikes. They can wear while riding or not. Its luminous fabric remains hidden when not in use, and the kevlar reinforcements are hidden well as they are sewed inside out. Given its clever construction, people can’t tell if the gear is simply a stylish statement piece or protective riding gear.  GoGo Gear also has options for men.

The two women participated in the third season of Shark Tank, where they sought $300,000 from the Sharks for 15% equity in GoGo Gear. They intended to utilize the money by launching GoGo Gear in the European market. The Sharks were skeptical, as Cuban told them they should prioritize building their business in America before moving internationally.

O’Leary refused to invest because he found the $2 million valuation of the company to be excessive. The Sharks were not thoroughly impressed because of the weak marketing plan and the owners’ unrealistic optimism toward their company.

Robert Herjavec convinced Daymond John to consider the deal, given his understanding of the motorcycle and fashion business. The partners offered a 50% equity, but John and Herjavec wanted a higher stake. Estrada offered them 55% which still didn’t satisfy the Sharks.  Batishill upped the offer to 65% and Daymon John proceeded to accept that deal alone without Herjavec.

The ladies never closed the deal with Daymond because he decided to act as an advisor only. Eventually, GoGo Gear found a smooth operational momentum without the assistance of the Sharks.

GoGo Gear is still in business. In 2021 they earned $3 million in annual revenue. As of 2022, the net worth of GoGo Gear is $7.5 million.

Our Review of GoGo Gear

From protective leggings and hoodies to jackets, GoGo Gear‘s range of clothing is a perfect blend between stylish and edgy.

These clothes come in a wide variety of sizes, from size 4 to size 24 in leggings. The sizes for jackets range from 6 to 14, although some have been discontinued.

The gear has garnered ample attention from women, who consistently say positive things about the GoGo Gear. Some women state that they have frequently purchased from the brand and how the leggings have enhanced their riding experience.

For businesses today, online marketing and digital presence are integral. GoGo Gear could improve even further by investing in these two spheres.

Pros of GoGo Gear

GoGo Gear has established itself well in the market as a brand that creates effective protective clothing without compromising on style.

Here are a few of their pros.

  1. These pants are super comfortable and stretchy. Women can wear them easily while riding or for everyday use.
  2. For protective leggings, these are not heavy to wear, unlike some other protective leggings.
  3. The material of the GoGo Gear leggings is durable.

Cons of GoGo Gear

There are some things that the company can consider getting better at to improve the quality of their products.

  1. Size can be confusing sometimes. The measurements are not completely accurate.
  2. The gear is only available in dark colors, which makes it difficult to wear on a sunny day.
  3. They don’t make any other protective products like helmets or gloves.

Who Is GoGo Gear For?

The protective clothing from GoGo Gear is a women-owned brand that is aimed primarily at women who enjoy riding motorcycles and scooters. It is for women who want to feel safe without compromising their style. GoGo Gear also has a small collection for men who ride motorcycles.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The concept of women riding motorcycles is not new.

These alternatives include the following brands:

  1. Women Riders Now
  2. RevZilla
  3. Dainese

These other brands are making effective protection clothing, and  have more variety than GoGo Gear. But what sets GoGo Gearapart from other brands is their focus on empowering women who ride motorcycles and giving them the luxury of remaining stylish while continuing to enjoy the thrill of riding motorcycles.

Final Thoughts

The style of the protective clothing did receive appreciation from the Sharks, but they were not impressed by the marketing plan of the business, along with its high valuation. Although GoGo Geardid not receive any investment, it did receive great business direction from Daymond John.

GoGo Gear took the advice and achieved great things for itself. It became a brand that women could trust easily. GoGo Gear’s protective clothing added to the experience of women riding their motorcycles effortlessly.