GarmaGuard Cleaner from Shark Tank

GarmaGuard Cleaner shark tank

GarmaGuard Cleaner is an on-the-go anti-bacterial dry spray to instantly freshen clothes and fabrics that would otherwise require washing to remove odors. It takes away the tedious and time-consuming chore of washing clothes and gives you fresh, clean, odor-free clothes in seconds.

Pete Badawy is a U.S. Army Veteran and a police officer who invented and cofounded GarmaGuard Cleaner with his wife, Bianca, a first-aid nurse. While coming home from work, the couple always had a similar routine.

They would routinely remove their scrubs and uniforms before entering their home after work because of the nature of their jobs. Their clothes had odors and bacteria that they did not want entering their home after work.

Hence, they made it a strict rule not to enter their home with their work clothes. To overcome their daily problem and chore, they searched the market for a safe product that could remove odors from their clothes during work days and keep them feeling fresh for longer, during and after work.

Fortunately, they couldn’t find anything, so Pete decided to solve the problem himself and create a product that could remove odors from clothes and fabrics on the go. Soon after, the couple founded Elysian Labs LLC company and created the ideal solution to their problem, GarmaGuard Cleaner.

They introduced the world’s first non-GMO, fully organic, natural garment and fabric cleaner. It works to instantly eliminate odor-causing bacteria and germs from clothes, fabrics, and shoes. You may remember GarmaGuard Cleaner¬†from season 12 of Shark Tank, where Pete and Bianca pitched their product to the Shark Tank investors.

They came into the Shark Tank seeking $100,000 for 10 percent of GarmaGuard. Their skit made the Sharks laugh, but they were more impressed with the numbers that Pete gave them. GarmaGuard Cleaner has had nearly half a million in sales since it launched 18 months ago and an excellent profit margin.

Despite commending their product, sales, and business, none of the Sharks offered them a deal. Some Sharks wanted to see a “Kills Covid” tag on the product, while others felt the business did not need Shark Tank investors to make it big.

Pete and Bianca left Shark Tank without a deal, but their business continued to flourish. Pete claimed in Shark Tank that they had 14,000 loyal customers, but today, GarmaGuard’s Instagram page has well over 20,000 followers.

They have a growing customer base and excellent reviews. Customers have stated in reviews that they like the product, so we decided to test it ourselves and review it.

Our Review of GarmaGuard Cleaner

We got our GarmaGuard Cleaners for this review from the official GarmaGuard website. However, you can also get the product from other online stores like Amazon. GarmaGuard Cleaner comes in a convenient aerosol spray bottle that contains around 180ml of the spray.

Most notably, GarmaGuard Cleaner is fully organic, non-GMO, and uses natural ingredients to eliminate odor-causing bacteria botanically. The active ingredient is citric acid, an effective natural cleanser, and odor-repellant.

The bottle claims to contain more than 225 sprays and can last up to 30 days. Of course, usage will dictate how long the GarmaGuard Cleaner lasts for you. However, in our testing, we noticed that the bottle lasted slightly less than a month with regular use (once- or twice per day) over our daily outfits.

The GarmaGuard Cleaner proved to be surprisingly effective for a natural on-the-go product. It effectively eliminated all odors from clothes, uniforms, fabrics, bedding, bags, socks, shoes, jeans, jackets, car seats, gym wear, and couches.

It left everything smelling fresh and clean, which is the product’s main purpose. It easily removes tough smells like smoke, sweat, food, and perfumes. What’s great is that it saved our team a ton of money on dry cleaning.

You can quickly freshen up around 30 garments at the price of dry cleaning just 2, which is incredible value for money, especially if you dry clean clothes just because of odors. If you wash clothes at home, GarmaGuard Cleaner can help save your washing costs of water and electricity.

Not to mention the countless hours spent waiting for clothes to wash and dry. It takes seconds for the GarmaGuard Cleaner to do its job. Ultimately, we found this on-the-go natural product to be one of the best cleaners we have ever used.

Pros of GarmaGuard Cleaner

GarmaGuard Cleaner offers an organic, convenient, and cost-effective solution to everyday problems. It has many qualities, and here are some of its most notable pros:

  • Environment-friendly, cruelty-free, non-GMO, non-bleach product
  • Fully organic product made with citric acid that botanically removes odors
  • Effectively removes odor and odor-causing bacteria
  • It can be used on clothes, bedding, furniture, bags, car seats, and many other fabric surfaces
  • Supply lasts up to a month with normal usage
  • Compact, on-the-go bottle that is easy to carry
  • Can save resources on dry cleaning and home washing
  • It prevents clothes from the wear and tear of washing
  • Inexpensive product with great value for money
  • Money-back guarantee

Cons of GarmaGuard Cleaner

Surprisingly, the GarmaGuard Cleaner is one of the rare products we’ve reviewed, with no significant drawbacks or cons.

Who Is GarmaGuard Cleaner For?

The GarmaGuard Cleaner is an excellent natural cleaner for anyone who wants clean, fresh clothes on the go. It is a helpful product to solve an issue we all face now and then.

In particular, it is excellent for professionals like gym trainers, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, military personnel, teachers, and even students and mothers. There is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be using the GarmaGuard Cleaner.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, plenty of organic and synthetic odor repellants, air fresheners, and other products serve a similar purpose as GarmaGuard Cleaner. However, none are as effective at botanically removing odor-causing bacteria from fabric materials.

Most of them trap unwanted odor molecules or introduce perfume molecules, and none of them actively and naturally attack odor-causing bacteria. They are also not as effective, environment-friendly, or cruelty-free as GarmaGuard Cleaner.

Our Final Thoughts

GarmaGuard Cleaner is perhaps the best on-the-go instant clothes and fabric cleaner on the market. It is an all-natural product that is surprisingly effective at removing odors from all items. It is instant, highly cost-effective, and environment-friendly.

We highly recommend every household to have this product handy, as it offers excellent value for money for a common issue that everyone faces.