Gameday Couture from Shark Tank

Gameday Couture shark tank

Gameday Couture is a fashion brand run by couple Kurt and Shawnna Fedderson. The idea behind this brand came about when Shawnna, the CEO and one of the partners, realized there weren’t many options for sports women’s apparel in fashion. That’s how Gameday Couture took birth and has been doing substantially well since then.

The apparel Gameday Couture produces is licensed mainly by sports teams, and it currently supplies to thirty college teams in different universities. Women’s fashion has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. However, according to Shawnna, there was still a void that had to be filled by someone.

The void refers to insufficient sports shirts produced by top-notch fashion brands. Women’s fashion was limited to blouses, skirts, dresses, and tops. This was when the Feddersons identified a gap in the market. What does a female sports fan wear to her favorite game? The answer came about through numerous sports apparel being put into action by Kurt and Shawnna Fedderson.

The Feddersons work closely with colleges to design different apparel for their sports teams. They do not restrict their creativity to just making pink jerseys for girls. They also make scarves, mufflers, sweaters, etc. Anything that a female fan can wear to a game, Gameday Couture makes.

Gameday Couture’s mission is to work with colleges and identify their taste and style regarding their sports teams. The couple has excellent knowledge about what works in the fashion market, which they use to fuel their product line.

Kurt and Shawnna entered Shark Tank to look more into funding and licensing, as they’re currently considering working with smaller schools on a case-by-case basis. This young entrepreneurial couple is also working on getting licenses for professional sports teams, which will help earn higher sales.

The Feddersons entered Shark Tank, seeking $500k for a 20% chunk of their business. The Feddersons explained their business to the sharks and how they managed to go from earning three-quarters of a million to $1.25 million in merely three years. But what did the sharks have to say?

Mark Cuban inquired the Feddersons about their online says, as he believes they should’ve gone online much sooner in their business. Regardless, Mark offered them a deal of $500k for 30%, to which he wanted an immediate answer. When the Feddersons agreed, Mark asked them to design and license Maverick’s apparel for his wife, which Shawnna claims she already has a design.

Gameday Couture also managed to crack a deal with ABC’s The Bachelor, a show where numerous women compete with each other to win “the bachelor.” The Feddersons were asked to design multiple apparel pieces for the contestants on the show. Gameday Couture has been doing exceptionally well after their little visit to Shark Tank.

The company currently holds $ 5 million in revenue annually, which isn’t bad for a company that hasn’t been operating for too long. If Gameday Couture kept going at this rate, the company is expected to double its annual revenue in the next three to five years, something the Feddersons are looking forward to.

Our Review of Gameday Couture

The best part about Gameday Couture is the variety it produces. There’s something for everyone, and women worldwide will find their fit. Since everyone has a different style, Gameday Couture considers that and makes something that every female fan will seem to enjoy.

If you’re into athletics, Gameday Couture is a brand you should be shopping from. The apparel this brand makes is highly comfortable, not to mention how stylish they are. Many female fans choose Gameday Couture as their number one sports brand.

Being comfortable while looking your best – what more can a woman ask for? Fortunately, Gameday Couture took care of that when the Feddersons (its owners) identified a gap in the market. The market lacked enough sports apparel for women, which the Feddersons weren’t too happy about.

After Gameday Couture came into existence, many brands followed suit, as they also started making sports apparel. Other brands may be licensing sports apparel, but Gameday Couture will always be a pioneer. This is what makes this brand so successful, and that too in its early years.

Gameday Couture continues making different kinds of apparel for women, giving them a choice between stylish clothing pieces. Gameday Couture’s quality is unmatched, as the apparel won’t fade away as quickly as one would think. You can wash them as much as you’d like and still get the same quality.

It’s features like these that make Gameday Couture such a success in the apparel world. The fashion world has undoubtedly been introduced to a new gateway where women with different styles can get what they want without having to search so much. If Gameday Couture keeps up at this rate, this company will surely reach much bigger heights in the near future.

Pros of Gameday Couture

  • Flexible sizing.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Variety of clothing.
  • Made from solid material.

Cons of Gameday Couture

  • No refunds are available.
  • Shipping may take some time.
  • Customer department is difficult to reach.

Who Is Gameday Couture for?

Gameday Couture is a brand for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe by adding some sports apparel. If you’re a female fan of sports, you must look into this brand to check out their collection. Gameday Couture has the best clothing for women in street style. Also, they have other clothing items in different sizes. So, this brand is for all those women who’ve been struggling to find the right size of sportswear.

Alternatives to Gameday Couture

A few alternatives sports enthusiasts can look into are Alternative Apparel and Legacy Athletic. Both brands provide a wide range of athleisure collections, making them worthy enough brands to shop from.

Our Final Thoughts

Gameday Couture has been doing quite well for itself, if we’re being honest. It has introduced a new range of sportswear for women, making it very convenient for them to shop.

This brand looks after sizing and quality, so females worldwide prefer shopping from them. Gameday Couture has managed to carve a niche for itself, and it’s only expected to grow more in size in the coming future.