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Are you frustrated by the lack of comfortable baby shoe options? If yes, our review of Freshly Picked will be very useful for you. Necessity is the mother of invention. We all have heard this timeless maxim which has proven itself over time again and again. The same is true for today’s product but what is more interesting is that in this case, it’s a mother’s necessity that gave birth to this unique product.

In 2009, Susan Peterson was busy sewing shoes for her newly born second child on her dining table. She was doing this in desperation as she failed to find cute-looking moccasins for her children throughout her first child’s infancy and the next childbirth. While she has concluded that the only way her kids can have cute-looking soft moccasins that wouldn’t fall off their feet, she gets a bright idea that this might be a product that other people are looking for.

Freshly Picked is a company that produces and sells Baby Products, including leather moccasins, soft sole shoes, and diaper bags. Their unique selling product is their moccasins. However, they also specialize in a range of accessories for functional use by mothers, including zip pouches, Stroller caddies, stroller clips, cosmetic pouches, bottle bags, and changing mats. You can also shop their collection by style, for example, the Milano collection, and the Berlin Bag pack collections, besides limited collections made in collaboration with leading style icons, including a Harry Potter-themed set, Mickey & Minnie Themed Set, etc.

As for any baby product line, quality is of paramount importance to the parents. Babies in their infancy require more care and support than elder children. In this regard, Freshly Picked products have a hallmark of quality and score high on the Quality Index. A strong indicator of this is the use of leather and soft padding in their shoes. While the first leather moccasin made for Susan’s child was made from pieces of leather sewn together taken from Yard Sale Scraps, today’s products utilize high-quality leather, which is very comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

After generating $500,000 in sales, Susan decided it was time to take her business to the next level. Hoping to seek investment for her business, she made an appearance on Shark Tank seeking 150,000 dollars in exchange for a 10% ownership of Freshly Picked. She started her pitch by explaining that she had to go through 26 different designs before finalizing the perfect product. Susan then distributed the moccasins to the sharks for them to examine and explained her motivation behind the business idea. She received the following offers from the Sharks:

  • An investment of 75,000 dollars in exchange for 10 percent royalty.
  • An investment of 150,000 dollars in exchange for 25 percent royalty.
  • An investment of 150,000 dollars in exchange for 20 percent royalty.

Final deal: Susan accepted the offer of investment of 150,000 dollars in exchange for 25 percent royalty.

Freshly Picked benefited from the Shark Tank deal and gained a lot of publicity, drastically increasing sales. Their products became famous among celebrity figures like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba.

If you are wondering whether Freshly Picked is still in business, the answer is a rounding yes is doing exceptionally well. They have a modern and user-friendly website where you can browse a wide range of products for babies.

Our Review of Freshly Picked

After carefully reviewing the products by Freshly Picked, we have to say we are very impressed. Freshly Picked has clearly defined its objective; it aims at creating functional and beautiful products for empowering mother’s across the globe and giving them more freedom to nourish their kids in the best possible way.

Freshly Picked is recognized globally and has been spotted being worn by kids of various celebrities and social influencers. Freshly Picked Products are also noted for their soft padding in leather shoes. This has distinct benefits for comfort and allows room for the baby’s feet to grow.

Pros of Freshly Picked

  • Soft Soles offer safety and protection for baby’s feet from the effects of the outside world. These are soft yet very safe, and your baby will be free from the effects of the outside climate, surfaces, and even from colliding with hard surfaces.
  • Leather Moccasins are incredibly stylish and have a very high-end finish.
  • Soft Soles allow for room for growth in Babies’ feet. This is a big plus for all moms as their babies are the age of growing at a rapid pace.
  • These shoes are easy to walk for toddlers, and they get a good grip on the surfaces that prevent slipping and falling.
  • These shoes are highly well-fitted and give a very snug and perfect match look on babies’ feet.

Cons of Freshly Picked

  • Some users have complained that these shoes are not as breathable as they would like. This comes naturally because leather has been used in many products.
  • These shoes are slightly on the pricey side amongst other alternatives in the market. Quality vis-à-vis price has to be weighed in all individual cases.

Who Is Freshly Picked for?

Freshly Picked is meant for babies learning how to walk as these shoes provide soft padding and an excellent grip needed for balance. They allow for room for the growth of the baby’s feet. Freshly Picked has also introduced a line of functional products for mothers to help them tend to their baby’s growing needs.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many companies are offering similar baby products. As per our research, two of the best alternatives are Itzy Ritzy LiveBox Moccasins.

Our Final Thoughts

Treat your babies’ feet with the most comfortable pair of baby moccasins by Freshly Picked. Their products are made from high-quality leather and have extremely soft soles that allow your babies to flex their toes and achieve balance. Softer shoes are essential for babies when they are learning how to walk. These adorable moccasins by Freshly Picked come in various colors and patterns. The company also follows an ethical approach in its manufacturing.