The Mission Belt from Shark Tank

The Mission Belt shark tank

Mission Belt manufactures comfortable ratchet belts for adults, children, and teens with a long-lasting design. As these are made without openings, you’re guaranteed a comfortable and precise fit every time.

Mission Belt Co. has created works of art out of purely functional belts using their patented technique. The Mission Belt is no different from your ordinary belt: merely a thin piece of leather with small holes drilled into it.

It is made from premium leather, with a unique buckle that eliminates the need for an extra belt notch. Notches make the belt look bad and don’t last as long as they should.

Mission Belt’s ratcheting buckle sets it apart from its competitors. The buckle has a ratchet that attaches to the belt’s teeth at the back, preventing it from moving.

Nate Holzapfel created the Mission Belt after recognizing the market gap for belts that have been made exactly the same way for as long as they have existed. No one has ever considered enhancing their design or functionality, even though there have been definite issues with our traditional belts.

First of all, every now and then, people’s weight fluctuates. It is common for people to lose or gain a few pounds here and there. Therefore, if you choose to buy a belt, it may fit you perfectly right around the second notch of the belt. But unfortunately, that may be the only time it will fit you perfectly. There is a possibility that next week or next month will be a different situation.

Besides that, there is usually a space of one or two inches between the holes. And if your waist size falls between two belt holes, you’re in trouble. If that’s the case, you’ll have to make a new hole, which will most likely ruin your look.

Nate created the Mission Belts to tackle these problems that belt wearers often faced. Mission Belts can be adjusted up to 14 inches at a time and will not wear out when adjusted. The product stands out not only because of its exceptional fit. It is also a trendy addition to your wardrobe.

Is Mission Belts Still an Active Company?

Nate launched Mission Belts in 2012, and it has grown exponentially since its appearance on Shark Tank. And although the company has come under fire because of the fraud charges on Nate, who, as per the company, is no longer associated with Mission Belts, it is still doing well in the market.

As of May 2022, the company has an annual revenue of $7 million and has deals with brands like NHL and NBA. The company is also affiliated with, which helps generate microloans for underprivileged people by taking $1 from every sale made by Mission Belts.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Nate appeared on Shark Tank with an ask of $50k in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. He, right off the bat, connected with the Sharks and was completely unfazed during the entirety of the pitch. All the Sharks recognized Nate’s marketing capabilities and were impressed. He then demonstrated how easy it was to wear and adjust a Mission Belt and explained the belt’s functionality to the Sharks.

Seeing that the Sharks are impressed, Nate got to the numbers and said that the company has generated $39K in revenue in the last three months. He also mentioned that he was mainly looking for a strategic partner to help him with the distribution aspect of the business.

Despite liking the belt, Lori believed it required excessive showmanship. She was out. Despite Kevin’s liking for the product, he did not want to be associated with its distribution to chain stores; he bowed out too. Robert followed suit, which left Daymond and Mark.

Mission Belt appealed to Daymond, although he believed one product can’t sustain a company. However, he was willing to offer Nate $50K for 40% if he led the sales department. Mark advised Nate to accept Daymond’s proposition before leaving. Nate bargained down the company’s equity rate to 37.5 percent and struck a deal with Daymond.

Our Review of the Mission Belt

An issue with traditional belts is that their holes are prone to get worn down over time. As the damaged hole is clearly visible, it presents a problem when adjusting to another hole. Besides that, one of the most significant issues traditional belts have is they never seem to fit everybody. One hole can make the belt lose, while the other can make it too tight. The Mission Belt solves these problems, as it is a belt without holes.

Most customers liked the functionality and its trendy style. They believe that it makes them look good and formal. However, some people complained about the price of the belt, and a few also had issues with its lever. They say the lever is difficult to press when the wearer tries to get the belt off.

Pros of the Mission Belt

  • There are several options to choose from.
  • A wide range of adjustments
  • Excellent quality.
  • There are no holes in the belt that can be worn down
  • Storage is quite simple

Cons of the Mission Belt

  • Slightly high price.
  • It occasionally has challenging functionality.

Who Is the Mission Belt For?

The company makes belts for men, women, and children, therefore whoever is looking to add a bit of style to their look, Mission Belts can be their go-to accessory.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although when Mission Belts started, it was the only company making ratchet belts, but now companies like Kore, Slide Belts, Marino Trellis, and many more are making such belts.

Our Final Thoughts

Mission Belt offers its customers belts that are trendy and easy to use, making them perfect for everyday wear. They have a variety of options for men, women, and children.