Fort Magic from Shark Tank

Fort Magic shark tank

Fort Magic is a set of indoor fort construction kits that allows kids to challenge their sharpness while assembling the fort. The brains behind this intelligent toy, Erika Pope, made Fort Magic for kids to test their capabilities and for kids at heart who would enjoy assembling a fort through interchangeable sections.

Erika first got the idea to build a fort construction kid when her son got bored of limited sets of the same. She realized that kids love life-size toys, allowing them to enter that zone completely. This also pushes kids to participate more in the game, fueling their motivation to accomplish the task. Toys that help kids become more productive are essential, as they learn something new from anything they participate in.

After this realization, Pope set out to create her very own line of fort construction kits that would allow kids to enter a creative play. However, building such a toy isn’t a piece of cake, and it took Pope almost two years to bring this idea to life. Finally, in late 2011, Fort Magic took birth.

The Fort Magic construction kit includes a bunch of connectors and sticks that, if joined correctly, would form a section of the fort. The gameplay also includes participants attaching other fabric sheets with the provided clips. It’s a creative way to enhance your kid’s focus and mental sharpness.

Kids get a cool toy to play with, while parents will be happy knowing their kids are engaging in an activity that will improve their mental concentration. Fort Magic might also improve one’s math skills, so it’s undoubtedly an educational yet fun toy to play with.

Erika, however, needs more help to expand Fort Magic and earn higher sales. She enters Shark Tank, hoping she will receive funding from at least one of the sharks. If she manages to enter a deal with the sharks, it will undoubtedly help her business.

Pope demands $75,000 for a 15% stake in her business. Before speaking to Erika in detail, Robert goes to play with the kit himself to test the product. The Fort Magic box contains 384 sticks each but no fabric. The sharks got to know Erika runs this business alongside her mother, who’s an equal partner. She claims she can negotiate and give the sharks 70% of the equity in her company.

Barbara thought Erika had spread herself way too thin and didn’t think it worth her while to make a deal with her. Lori thought the toy would’ve had more value if it included a fabric; she doesn’t make a deal with her either. Mark claimed Erika lacks focus and doesn’t have the vision required to take this business to the next level; hence, no deal.

However, Robert seemed to have some faith in Fort Magic. He told Erika she would sell plenty of kits when the episode aired. Robert makes her an offer of $75,000 for a 50% ownership of the business. Erika tried to negotiate and offered 25%, but Robert stayed adamant, leading to Erika declining his offer.

After the episode aired, Erika sold all her Fort Magic kits, but the business slowed down for a while. Fort Magic picked up sales again, but these kits are no longer sold on Amazon, and buyers can visit its official website for more information. Fort Magic now comes with added fabric in the kits.

Our Review of Fort Magic

Fort Magic is undoubtedly an intelligent creation, as it’s both fun and educative. It’s highly satisfying for parents when their kids play with toys that positively impact their mental growth. Since Erika is a mother herself, she could resonate with the idea, leading her to create this kit.

Her two-year hard work started paying off when she finally released Fort Magic. This construction kit gathered a lot of traction, eventually selling like hot waves. Fort Magic undoubtedly has highly positive reviews from kids and parents alike. Children got a fun toy to play with, while parents knew their kids would grow mentally.

Fort Magic got such excellent customer reviews that it got awarded the best toy award by Dr. Toy, a pseudonym for Stevanne Auerbach, a child development expert and toyologist. This award proved well for Fort Magic, as its credibility and reputation only increased from thereon. Erika carefully created this construction kit so that kids will be forced to use their mental capabilities to piece the fort together.

One concern for all parents was the safety of this product, and reasonably so. However, Fort Magic is a highly safe toy ensuring all kids who play with it stay safe and sound.

The sticks and connectors with this construction kit are not sharp and, hence, harmless. Children will benefit plenty if they use their time to assemble this fort, as it’ll positively impact their brains.

Pros of Fort Magic

  • It increases children’s mental sharpness.
  • It’s an excellent toy for leisure activities.
  • It’s a great way to educate children.
  • The components involved are highly safe.

Cons of Fort Magic

  • Components may break if mishandled.
  • It doesn’t include fabric or sheets.

Who Is Fort Magic for?

Fort Magic is for kids who want a fun toy to play with. It’s also intended for people who wish to test their mental sharpness while passing the time. This toy is targeted at children, but adults can undoubtedly purchase it too.

Alternatives to Fort Magic

You’ll find many alternatives in the toy market, as all companies manufacture the same kind of toys. A significant alternative to Fort Magic is Crazy Forts. This company also sells forts that kids can assemble using sticks and connectors.

Our Final Thoughts

Fort Magic is undoubtedly an intelligent toy that promotes the mental growth of children. If you want your kid to focus more and learn, we suggest you buy them this set of fort construction, as it’ll help them improve their concentration levels. Many parents are now turning to Fort Magic to help their kids get educated while having fun. There’s a reason why Fort Magic has been doing so well in the market and is only growing more.