FoHawx from Shark Tank

FoHawx shark tank

FoHawx is a line of funky helmet accessories designed by two moms, Kelly Dineen and Jocelyn Fine. Together, they’ve created a line of bike helmet accessories that kids and teens would gladly wear without fuss. Since some kids can become grumpy about wearing boring helmets, putting them at risk while biking; so, the founders came up with an innovative idea that would protect kids while becoming a profitable business.

Dineen and Fine used to work at Toys R Us, making both of them pretty exposed to children and the gadgets they prefer having. Dineen used to work in the visual merchandising department, while Fine was a part of the business development team. The pair used their corporate and creative knowledge to develop a business later termed FoHawx.

The idea behind FoHawx was accidentally conceived by Jocelyn’s daughter Maya. When Jocelyn’s son was fussing about wearing his bike helmet, Maya cut out a paper mohawk and glued it to her brother’s helmet, giving it a much more creative and funkier look. This made Jocelyn’s brain tick, especially when she saw her son happily wearing the helmet crafted by Maya.

Jocelyn then took this idea to Kelly, and together, they started thinking of ways to turn this idea into a good business. The pair started making funky accessories that kids of all ages would love. These accessories are so versatile that even adults sport them while biking.

While the duo’s idea was undoubtedly creative, they still needed more resources to expand their business and get it more publicized. This resulted in Kelly and Jocelyn marching down to Shark Tank to seek help from the sharks.

The moms entered along with an entourage of kids riding their bikes while wearing bright-colored FoHawx on their heads. This indeed made an impression, as it was a colorful entrance. FoHawx comes with a strip, allowing the decorations to attach to the helmet smoothly.

The owners ask for a $150,000 investment for a 30% stake in the company. However, Kevin O’Leary argues that the sales are too low for just a year in the market. All the sharks agree the ladies should reduce their price point, resulting in argumentative chaos between the owners and the sharks. The sharks claim the pair needs to figure out how to drive distribution appropriately.

Barbara Corcoran told the ladies they dream about a business without looking at the reality. She doesn’t find it worth her while to invest. Mark Cuban claimed the ladies weren’t convincing enough to have him sold on their business idea, leading to him not investing.

Robert said there’s too much competition from existing products, and FoHawx doesn’t seem ready for such intense competition; he denies investing. Lastly, Kevin O’Leary told the ladies they aren’t looking at reality or considering the numbers. The owners try to convince the sharks once again but to no avail. With O’Leary being the last shark not to enter a deal with FoHawx, the pair exited Shark Tank without a deal.

Our Review of FoHawx

FoHawx is undoubtedly a unique idea, as many kids neglect bike safety while biking. It’s a smart solution for kids and parents, as the former would have something funky to wear while the latter would be satisfied knowing their children will be safe.

These helmet accessories created by FoHawx are the perfect way to add spunk while one rides their bike. Since this brand mainly targets kids as their customers, they also work on their psyche. Many kids, who are not interested in biking, would go out and do so so that they can wear these funky accessories with their friends.

This allows kids to get some sun while participating in physical activity. Mothers, in particular, love the idea behind FoHawx, as many have claimed their children have started biking more ever since they bought this product. These accessories come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, offering something for everyone.

One might think this is just for kids, but that isn’t the case. Adults can wear FoHawx, too, and many have started sporting them to look cool while biking. Especially creative adults who have a spunk for color and flair love wearing FoHawx. This made FoHawx a rather versatile brand, allowing people of all age brackets to use it.

FoHawx may have had a creative line of accessories, but sadly, it couldn’t garner many sales because of the excessive price point. After the ladies exited Shark Tank, they continued selling their products for about a year until they finally came back to reality and accepted they should’ve reduced their price point.

This company may have had what it takes to thrive in the market, but a lack of practicality resulted in it going out of business relatively sooner. However, these strong women (Fine Dineen) undoubtedly have a knack for creative ideas, and we’re sure they’ll develop something much better soon.

Pros of FoHawx

  • It promoted bike safety.
  • It made a range of different accessories.
  • It was suitable to wear for people of all ages.

Cons of FoHawx

  • The price point was too high.
  • There was no direct website for customers to browse.

Who Is FoHawx for?

FoHawx would’ve been great for anyone looking to spruce up their biking game. If you like the idea of your bike helmet having some character, this product would’ve undoubtedly been for you. Children wanting to add flair to their helmets would’ve also loved FoHawx.

Alternatives to FoHawx

A perfect competitor to FoHawx is a similar company selling skateboard helmets to people of all ages. Skate Warehouse has been doing pretty well in the market lately.

Our Final Thoughts

FoHawx might’ve grown more substantial if it followed a more reasonable business plan. It had a good product line and would’ve sold more items if the owners had taken a more practical approach. Overall, FoHawx was undoubtedly a creative idea, and if Kelly and Jocelyn continue this streak of developing excellent ideas, they’ll undoubtedly start an even better business in the future.