Floating Mug from Shark Tank

Floating Mug shark tank

The Floating Mug is a porcelain-made white mug with a silhouette attached to a saucer, giving an illusion that the mug is floating above the surface. It’s a clever alternative for anyone concerned about the aesthetics of their furniture. Floating mugs can prevent the beverage from dripping, leaving no rings on the surface. This mug and coaster combo is the perfect option for those who habitually forget to use a coaster.

The shape of a banana-hook stand was the inspiration for designer Tigere Chiriga’s innovative Floating Mug design. The design is minimal yet attractive and highly useful. The cup’s shape enables light condensation to trickle down the side and evaporate. That means no liquid pooling at the base, damaging your furniture.

The Floating Cup, according to Chiriga, is a “marriage between mug and coaster.” The Floating Mug company raised $105,000 in sales in its first year of operation. The first year’s sales totaled $105,000. Tigere Chiriga entered Shark Tank requesting $75,000 in return for 15% of his company’s shares.

The founder of The Floating Mug received a harsh evaluation from the sharks, who advised him to concentrate on online marketing and reduce the price to increase sales. Kevin O’Leary only said that he could spend half as much on a good coaster and a coffee mug.

The Sharks were not entirely convinced with Tigg’s pitch and couldn’t sign a deal. Despite Shark’s strong critique, The Floating Mug had a strong 4.5 rating on Amazon and over 550 customer reviews. Some coffee lovers tweeted that this mug can be a saviour and loved the appeal of a sophisticated white porcelain mug.

In 2017, Tigs launched yet another Kickstarter campaign for the Floating Mug. With a better outlook for a happier coffee experience, the redesign was 50% larger than the previous one. The initiative received $35,105 in funding from 580 backers and was an instant hit yet again.

However, the Floating Mug’s supporters considered it was challenging to produce a delicate product elsewhere and ship it internationally. Although the Floating Mug Co ran its website, most sales appear to be generated by Amazon. The Floating Mug Co. had a solid presence online and was quite active on Twitter and Facebook.

The Floating Mug Company has not invented or innovated any other items. Tiggs seems to be content with generating his millions only from the profits of the Floating Mug. The company is reported to be no longer in business, yet they still have a website.

Our Review of The Floating Mug

A mug with an integrated coaster? Impressive! The Floating Mug, inspired by a banana carrier, is a white coffee or tea porcelain mug that isolates the liquid-holding area from the base by incorporating a coaster into the grip. This keeps the heat off the wood and other delicate surfaces while offering the cup a cool hanging look.

When a drink is sipped repeatedly from the same spot on a mug’s mouth, the liquid leaks leaving moisture spots on the surface. When we lift the mug off the furniture and allow the moisture to escape before it tarnishes the table, the innovative design controls the flow of this running fluid very well.

The floating mug is quite innovative, and its elegant look will make it any coffee or tea lover’s favourite.

Pros of The Floating Mug

  • The white porcelain mugs have an elegant look and save your furniture from moisture rings.
  • They have a sturdy handle and a large capacity for a mug full of tea or coffee.
  • The elegant look adds aesthetic appeal to kitchen counters or work desks.
  • It saves you from the expense of coasters and saucers.

Cons of The Floating Mug

  • The whole mug’s cost is equivalent to or more than that of a mug and coaster.
  • It is fragile and cannot be shipped overseas.

Who Is the Floating Mug For?

Coffee and tea lovers who tend to forget carrying a coaster or hate having their hot beverages in the cup with a saucer yet end up staining their furniture or desk surfaces might love the Floating Mug.

This mug is big enough for those who sip on large cups of coffee every day. The sophisticated white porcelain gives it an aesthetic look that we can’t ignore. Carry it around your house or keep it on your work desk; you don’t have to worry about the dripping beverage or moisture rings.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If we look at the design and concept behind the floating mug, there aren’t alternatives on the market yet. However, using coasters or saucers with your mugs can serve the purpose. Also, many businesses can design custom-made mugs for the same use.

Such mugs can be custom designed by CKS packaging and Kenny’s Components in the USA.

Our Final Thought

The floating mug could not succeed in its Shark Tank pitch, and despite a tremendous boost through Kickstarter, Tiggs could not sustain the business.

The product, however, made quite a reputation in the market with its elegant look and functionality. Shark Tank execs expressed a willingness but also understood that the asking price was not sustainable over the long run.

The Floating Cup concept was popular among Kickstarter investors, but the manufacture and shipment of the 2-in-1 mug and coaster could not take off. Tiggs was persistent and confident in the idea; however, this was one of those concepts that fizzled out after being shown on Shark Tank.