First Defense Nasal Screens from Shark Tank

First Defense Nasal Screens shark tank

Season 2 of Shark Tank saw entrepreneur Joe Moore introduce a simple yet effective product known as First Defense Nasal Screens. First Defense Nasal Screens are essentially filters that stick over your nostrils and help you breathe in air free of any airborne particles.  These Nasal Screens claim to reduce 99% of allergens which include bacteria, dust, pollen and other substances that aggravate respiratory problems.

The product website claims that the Nasal Screens are made out of 100% breathable, lightweight material that is comfortable to the wearer. They are incredibly simple to use as well as they are self-adhesive and can be applied instantly.   As Joe Moore explained his product in simple words, “You basically just peel and stick the almost invisible sticker directly on your nose hole for instant results.”

The filters come in three different sizes to ensure a comfortable experience for the user and not to restrict any airflow.

These features of the First Defense Nasal Screens  and its claim of efficient air filtration make it an attractive prospect for people who suffer from allergies and people who want an alternative to face masks especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This simple yet efficient nature of the First Defense Nasal Screens made it one of the biggest success stories out of Shark Tank. The company as of 2022, is a multi-million dollar business providing its products in 50 different countries. It is especially successful in Middle East and Asia where air pollution is a major issue.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

As Joe Moore presented his pitch to the Sharks wearing his product, his confidence was visible. He provided a brief introduction to his product and pointed out that every year millions of people require medical assistance for their allergies.His product provides them with a simple solution. He asked for a $ 500,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in his company.

However, the novelty of the nose filters was clearly amusing to the Sharks. Mark Cuban asked him “are you serious?” clearly showing that the Sharks were not convinced by the product at all. Moore on the other hand was aware of the significance and the potential global implication that his product has. He was shocked by the response.

The conversation, however, quickly took a turn for the serious when the Sharks found out that Moore has already sold around a million units of his product and signed an $ 8 million contract based in the United Arab Emirates. The Sharks saw how this product had a global reach.

“All of a sudden, you don’t look that funny with that stuff stuck up your nose,” Robert Herjavec quipped.

The Sharks took the product seriously and Moore revealed in response to Mark Cuban’s question that the money acquired from the Sharks will be used to source raw materials for the orders already in place. The Sharks questioned Moore thoroughly to know all the details about his business.

Barbara Corcoran pulled out of making any offers based on the cost of educating people. The other Sharks, however, clearly saw potential and began to lob attractive offers to Moore in order to get equity or in some cases, buy the entire business.

Robert Herjavec made the biggest offer in Shark Tank history by proposing to buy the entire business for 4 million dollars. Moore rejected the offer as knew knows his product has much more potential to grow and bring in even more money. He ended up taking the collective offer given by the other three Sharks; $750,000 in return for a 30% stake in the company. Moore also got 15% perpetual royalty.

Our Review of First Defense Nasal Screens

The best features of the First Defense Nasal Screens are its simplicity and ease of use. Its lab-tested high efficiency rate also ensures protection for people who suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues. Like every product, it also has certain issues that have been pointed out by customers in reviews.

Pros of First Defense Nasal Screens

  • Provide better protection from airborneparticles due to its design
  • Self-adhesive and easy to use
  • Breathable and lightweightmaterial
  • Non-intrusive so does not affect airflow
  • Different sizes to cater different individuals
  • Affordable
  • Almost invisible to the sight

Cons of First Defense Nasal Screens:

  • Sizing issues mean product restricts airflow for some customers
  • Adhesive not strong enough and tends to come off when used on oily skin
  • Cannot be easily used in areas with high humidity as adhesive comes off
  • Cannot be used on runny noses which are an allergy symptoms for some people
  • Adhesive difficult to remove fromdry skin

Who Is It For?

The First Defense Nasal Screens can be used by anyone who wishes to keep any foreign particles out of their nasal passageways. The primary target audience, however, are people who have incessant allergies which intrude in their daily lives. These filters are a way for them to go about doing their daily activities without being inconvenienced by the many symptoms that allergies bring with them.

Are there any Alternatives?

The main and most commonly used alternative to nose filters are face masks. Face masks, however, cover a larger portion of your face and do not adhere tightly to the nose so they provide a different kind of protection.

Some people might find nose filters too restrictive and find breathing easier in face masks. They might also enjoy the element of privacy that face masks provide as compared to nose filters so they might opt for that.

Final Thoughts

First Defense Nasal Screens is one of the biggest success stories from Shark Tank because of its simple solution to a problem that affects millions around the globe. During his presentation on the show Moore repeatedly showed confidence in his product and rejected being bought out for millions of dollars which turned out to be a wise decision.

The product, due to its simple design and efficiency, provides respite to millions of people that suffer from allergies.  It, however, also has a few issues that can be worked upon. If the company takes all the criticism on board and resolves its sizing and adhesive problems, this product can truly reach another stratosphere due to favourable market conditions.