FairyTail Pet Care Review from Shark Tank: Unleashing the Magic for Your Furry Friends

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When entrepreneurs enter the “Shark Tank,” they not only present their businesses but also their dreams and passion. FairyTail Pet Care, a pet care service that specializes in helping pets participate in their owners’ weddings and other special events, took the spotlight with a pitch that tugged at the heartstrings of pet lovers everywhere. The service provided by FairyTail Pet Care offers a unique solution for pet owners who wish to include their furry friends in their most cherished moments, aiming to simplify the logistics of pet participation in events.

The appearance on “Shark Tank” was a pivotal moment for FairyTail Pet Care, giving the company national exposure and the chance to secure an investment from one of the renowned sharks. The show not only serves as a platform for fundraising but also as a catalyst for business growth and brand recognition. By bringing pets to weddings, FairyTail Pet Care has carved out a niche in the pet care industry, providing a memorable and stress-free experience for couples and their pets.

Key Takeaways

  • FairyTail Pet Care presented their unique wedding pet care service on “Shark Tank.”
  • Their pitch detailed the ease of including pets in special life events.
  • The “Shark Tank” appearance was instrumental in highlighting FairyTail Pet Care’s brand.

FairyTail Pet Care Origins

FairyTail Pet Care emerged from a passion for pets and the joy they bring to special occasions. This unique service caters to pet lovers who want their furry friends to be part of their most memorable moments.

Founding Story

Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski, driven by their love for animals, identified a niche for pet care centered around life’s special events. They saw an opportunity to create a company that allowed pets to be more than just at home companions, but also a part of their owners’ significant celebrations.

Meet the Founders

Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski’s friendship and business partnership began with a shared vision. Both founders had the foresight to see how meaningful it could be to include furry members of the family in weddings and other milestones. Kelly and Ilana’s efforts created a business that stands out for its dedication to making special events inclusive for pets and stress-free for their human counterparts. The inspiration behind the brand was their belief in the ‘pawsitivity’ that pets bring into people’s lives, a sentiment that resonated well with pet owners and ultimately led them to showcase their ideas on Shark Tank.

Journey Through Shark Tank


FairyTail Pet Care’s appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank was a pivotal moment as they sought investment for their innovative wedding pet care service. Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski took center stage in Shark Tank Season 15, ready to charm the Sharks with their furry-friendly pitch.

Pitching to the Sharks

During their time in the tank, the co-founders presented their business idea with passion, emphasizing the uniqueness of including pets in wedding celebrations. They effectively demonstrated how FairyTail Pet Care caters to pet owners wanting to incorporate their beloved animals into their special day, without any hassle. The service struck a chord, particularly with Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec, who were keenly interested in the business’s operations and potential growth.

The Deal with Barbara Corcoran

In a turn of events that benefited both parties, Barbara Corcoran offered $100,000 for 30% equity in FairyTail Pet Care. The deal was a significant milestone for the business, promising the expertise and support of one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. Notably, the arrangement also highlighted how strategic partnerships can profoundly impact a start-up’s trajectory. Kevin O‚ÄôLeary, Mark Cuban, and others watched as Barbara secured the deal, showcasing her belief in the pet care service’s future success.

The segment aired on ABC and is available for streaming on Hulu, allowing interested viewers to witness the exciting exchange and indulge in the magic of making business dreams come true on Shark Tank.

Services and Operations


FairyTail Pet Care has tailored its services to cater to the special role pets play in family events, particularly weddings. The company operates a franchise-based model that is fully insured, ensuring the peace of mind of their clientele.

Wedding Day Pet Care

FairyTail Pet Care offers a Wedding Day Pet Care service that sees pets becoming an integral part of the celebrations. The service includes:

  • Personalized Attention: Each pet receives dedicated care throughout the wedding day.
  • Transportation: Pets are transported to and from wedding venues.
  • On-Site Assistance: Professional pet handlers are on-site to assist with the pet’s needs during the event.

This specific part of their operation focuses on the inclusion of pets in the wedding industry, accommodating special events with tailored solutions that work seamlessly alongside other wedding vendors.

Partnerships with Shelters

FairyTail Pet Care collaborates with animal shelters to promote the welfare of pets beyond just the services provided at events. Their partnerships help:

  • Support Shelters: A portion of the company’s earnings goes towards supporting local animal shelters.
  • Raise Awareness: Events often serve as platforms to raise awareness about the importance of animal shelters in the community.

By integrating shelter partnerships into their business model, FairyTail Pet Care not only enhances their pet care services but also contributes positively to the broader pet care community.

Growth and Impact


FairyTail Pet Care has seen remarkable growth since its appearance on Shark Tank, with an expansion that’s resonating within communities and positively impacting the lives of pets and their owners.

Expansion and Franchise

Since its establishment, FairyTail Pet Care has extended its reach far beyond its Tampa roots. The company has implemented franchising to scale up operations, enabling a presence in multiple cities including West Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh. They’ve established an innovative franchise business model that encourages passionate pet lovers to be a part of their growth story. This expansion strategy has not only broadened their market but also increased their net worth.

Community Involvement

Beyond mere expansion, FairyTail Pet Care is deeply involved with local animal shelters. They are committed to supporting homeless animals across their locations, often using their social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, to raise awareness. They’ve developed innovative programs that foster a connection between the community and local shelters, embodying their mission to care for and celebrate pets. By integrating community service into their business model, FairyTail Pet Care has fortified its reputation as a pet care service with a heart.