EZ VIP from Shark Tank

EZ VIP shark tank

EZ VIP allows customers to get special treatment and access to early tickets for events at nightclubs through their website. Using EZ VIP, you can quickly and conveniently make reservations for any special events or clubs.

The Founder of EZ VIP

The CEO and Founder of EZ VIP is Alashe Nelson. When his mother introduced “Concierge with a Smile,” he began his concierge business at the age of 13. It was intended that he would be a successor to his mother’s legacy. But rather than working for his mother, he chose to launch his own business after seeing what she had accomplished without his assistance.

After being denied entry to a bar, Alashe Nelson experienced a humiliating social faux pas that wrecked his prospects of getting the woman he was dating at the time. Then, he promised both himself and everyone else that he would refrain from such “social snubbing” in the future.

This idea inspired the 2001 founding of EZ VIP. Everyone thought that Alashe would facilitate entrance to the most exclusive clubs. He later announced that he would expand into Las Vegas after working with local Miami club owners as EZ VIP quickly prospered.

Alashe talked with the Shark Tank investors in search of a partner that might help improve the visibility and value of EZ VIP.

EZ VIP on Shark Tank

Alashe Nelson entered the Shark Tank in search of a $150k investment in exchange for a 15% interest in the VIP Business. Nelson’s presentation on Shark Tank took place after the business had already been successfully introduced in the Miami, Florida, region. EZ VIP has already generated $250,000 in revenue and had a net profit of $9000.

The main goal of the company was to avoid waiting in line and getting turned away at the doors of premium clubs. He explains to the Sharks that when they invite their clients and friends to a big event at a club, they are unable to get them seats. Therefore, EZ VIP serves as a substitute. The company’s site allows users to view the top events taking place in the city and reserve a spot at the club of their choice. At the club, the “EZ VIP rep” will welcome the customer and show them to the area where they will receive VIP treatment.

Nelson claims that the business has made more than $250K in sales in Miami alone, which the sharks found quite impressive. He uses the example of a $1,000 table that a client bought months in advance. Due to Mark Cuban’s impressive victory in basketball, the table rates had increased to $30,000 to $40,000 on the night of the booking.

Nelson claimed that clients could enter the place of their choice with only a few tables available at any given time. He also explains that the owner of the venue is guaranteed a profit, thanks to advance sales.

Although Mark Cuban is intrigued by the company’s concept, he doesn’t believe he can significantly improve it and decides not to invest in the company.

Daymond, on the other hand, is only prepared to accept a 45 percent ownership stake in the agreement with Herjavec. Nelson insists on preserving a sizable portion of his stock and claims he has a right to 18 percent. As an added incentive to the sale, John promises to include a famous endorsement.

In the end, Daymond John and Mark Cuban settled on a $150,000 investment for a 30% interest in EZ VIP. The sharks saw an opportunity in EZ VIP, as seen by their fervent endorsements.

The business established itself in New York and Las Vegas, and it seemed like it would succeed. However, shortly after the revised segment aired, the company’s website went dark and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. As of today, Nelson’s LinkedIn page does not have any employment posted, and the company’s website has been taken down.

Shark Tank Update for EZ VIP

In the final episode of Season 3, we got a glimpse of EZ Vip’s work after he made a deal with Daymond. He told Alashe that he had hired Armando Perez to be a spokesperson for the business. The Grammy winner is most recognized for his party tracks and top-charting rap songs. Daymond, Alashe, and Pitbull (Armando Perez) talked over drinks about the future of EZ Vip.

Our Review of EZ VIP

One of the many services offered by EZ VIP is entry to elite events, locations, and clubs. They provide 24/7 service to meet the needs of their consumers. This way, customers don’t have to stand in line for hours just to be denied entry. The company has expanded astronomically since 2001.

With EZ VIP, you won’t have to worry about waiting in line at a club and being turned away from the door. While avoiding any potential issues, EZ VIP sold tickets to Miami’s hottest, most upscale venues and escorted bottle service to the preferred table.

Nobody can “bump” your reservation once you’ve made it, not even Daymond John or Mark Cuban. Plus, you never even have to pay extra to reserve your table in advance. The service prevented situations when you would bring friends or customers to a posh club only to be turned away.

EZ VIP gives you access to particular nightclubs, event tickets, and bottle service in addition to enabling you to reserve the precise table you choose.

Pros of EZ VIP

  • Table can be booked in advance
  • No extra cost incurred
  • Long queues can be avoided

Cons of EZ VIP

  • Easy to replace

Who Is EZ VIP for?

EZ VIP was created for individuals who did not like waiting in long queues to enter into a club or a mega event. Additionally, nobody likes paying extra for a table at the club, especially when a celebrity arrives. Thus, EZ VIP offers a solution to people who want to enter without any hassle and save face in front of their family and friends.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Table Agent
  • Wisely

Our Final Thoughts

It’s unfortunate that EZ Vip has failed to succeed in recent years. Although it was anticipated that Alashe’s business would succeed, the company had been stuck in the past since 2014.  The website was taken down when users could not find any results after booking their slots for different dates.

However, EZ VIP has partnered with Wan-tickets, a traditional ticketing company, despite having a website that is all but nonexistent. Events in Miami and Las Vegas seem to be channeled via Wan-tickets. It has a minimal symbiotic connection at most.

Wan-tickets is not mentioned on EZ VIP’s website or social media pages, making it challenging to attribute any of Wan-tickets’ traffic to EZ VIP.

We have no notion what is happening and for all we know, this page might serve as a reminder of potential outcomes. Regardless of the facts, this appears like a Shark Tank failure even if Daymond has no hidden motivation.

Internet rumors claim that Pitbull assisted Alashe Nelson despite the fact that he did not get the money. The website has been taken down as a result of a dispute between EZ VIP and Alashe. Their most recent update on Facebook was in 2016, and there is now no additional information. Since they made a deal with the sharks, EZ VIP has not introduced any new cities.

EZ VIP and Alashe Nelson have not been heard from recently. Alashe’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were deactivated as of April 2014. The EZ VIP Business just requires early payment for your bottle table at the hottest nightclubs to guarantee VIP Treatment. The owner and founder of EZ-VIP, Alashe Nelson, has created a website that looks professional and makes it incredibly simple to pre-purchase your night out in town without having to worry about having your table rates drastically increase or possibly being turned away at the door should a Famous Celebrity appear unexpectedly.