Eyewris Review from Shark Tank: Unveiling the Innovative Reading Glasses

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EyeWris, the innovative reading glasses introduced in Shark Tank’s 14th season, has sparked interest for their unique approach to an everyday necessity. With reading glasses that wrap around the wrist, Kenzo and Mark Singer presented EyeWris to the Sharks, proposing a practical yet stylish solution to carrying reading glasses. The concept immediately intrigued viewers and potential investors alike with its promise to blend convenience with function, addressing the common issue of misplaced eyewear.

The product’s appeal also lies in its design and technical features, which set it apart from typical reading glasses. EyeWris glasses are not only portable but also claim to uphold a high standard of durability and elegance, targeting those who appreciate innovation in ordinary objects. The business performance and sales data presented on Shark Tank further strengthened the case for EyeWris, suggesting that there’s a promising market for these reinvented reading glasses. Consumers’ response to EyeWris post-Shark Tank has been a critical measure of its real-world applicability and acceptance.

Key Takeaways

  • EyeWris combines style with practicality, offering a unique solution to keeping reading glasses handy.
  • The design prioritizes convenience without compromising on durability and elegance.
  • Post-Shark Tank sales and consumer feedback highlight the product’s market viability.

Concept and Appearance on Shark Tank


Eyewris, the innovative reading glasses brand, made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank‘s Season 14. The entrepreneurs behind Eyewris are Kenzo Singer and Mark Singer. In their pitch, they outlined their unique foldable glasses solution and sought investment from the Sharks for their burgeoning business.

Eyewris in the Shark Tank Arena

Kenzo and Mark Singer entered the Shark Tank arena, confidently presenting their unique product: Eyewris foldable reading glasses. These glasses are designed to fold and conveniently wrap around the wrist, ensuring they are easily accessible whenever needed. During their time on the show, they sought to gain a strategic partner among the Sharks to scale their business, requesting an exchange of equity for a significant investment.

Feedback from the Sharks

The Sharks were intrigued by Eyewris’ practical innovation and the potential market for such a product. Named Sharks like Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary listened intently to the pitch, dissecting the business model and the product’s market fit. Equity was a key discussion point as the entrepreneurs were weighed on their company’s valuation versus the investment they were asking for. Feedback from the Sharks centered on the company’s financials, customer reach, and long-term strategy, all crucial for a business looking to thrive post-Shark Tank.

Design and Technical Features


EyeWris reading glasses have been recognized for their unique approach to combining style with practicality. These glasses are not just a vision aid but also a fashion statement, designed with an array of technical features that ensure durability and comfort.

Innovative Product Design

EyeWris’ design is a blend of practicality and innovation. They have transformed the way people think about reading glasses with their foldable feature, allowing them to be worn on the wrist for convenience. The glasses make use of nickel-titanium memory metal in their architecture, allowing them to retain shape after folding. A structural engineer’s expertise has been applied to ensure the durability and functionality of the foldable reading glasses design. This unique proposition is protected by utility patents, underscoring the originality of their concept.

Quality and Durability

EyeWris stands out not only for its design but also for the high-quality materials used in construction. The frames are crafted from durable stainless steel and flexible Swiss TR-90 thermoplastic, materials known for their quality and comfort. The lenses come with scratch-resistant and smudge-resistant coatings, ensuring that the glasses maintain their clarity over time. Moreover, they offer additional protection with 100% UV Protection and a Blue Light Filter, optimal for those who are exposed to digital screens. Collectively, EyeWris has incorporated technology and innovative features into their product to heighten functionality and durability.

Target Market and Consumer Experience


Eyewris glasses have captivated a diverse market, with an emphasis on delivering both function and fashion to men and women consumers who value convenience in their vision correction needs.

Demographics: Men and Women Consumers

Designed to cater to adults who frequently rely on reading glasses, Eyewris targets both men and women with an appreciation for style and fashion. These consumers often seek products that are not only useful but also contribute to their personal aesthetic. The Eyewris glasses cater to this demand with designs that are described as sleek and chic, as noted in an Eyewris review. Their target consumers often find themselves in scenarios where carrying traditional glasses is impractical, making Eyewris’s foldable reading glasses a practical solution.

User Testimonials and Social Proof

Consumers have often turned to social media and online platforms to express their opinions and share experiences with products. In the case of Eyewris, testimonials and feedback highlight the brand’s success in merging convenience with modern vision solutions. Highlights from users can be found across various platforms, including Influencers In The Wild and Tones of Melanin, providing social proof and driving consumer interest. Nonetheless, some users have pointed out the need for improvement in areas such as customer service, emphasizing responsiveness and more efficient shipping times. These real user interactions offer potential buyers genuine insights into the product and serve as a testament to the brand’s standing in the market.

Business and Sales Performance

Eyewris Reading Glasses made a significant splash on Shark Tank, intriguing not only the Sharks but also the broad audience with their unique concept. Here, we dissect how well the product has fared in terms of retail footprint and revenues post their television debut.

Retail Presence and E-Commerce

Since their Shark Tank feature, Eyewris has expanded their retail presence and bolstered their e-commerce sales. Not confined to traditional store shelves, they have effectively leveraged platforms like Amazon to reach a wider audience. This approach has particularly resonated with customers valuing convenience and quick access to the innovative foldable reading glasses. Their comprehensive online store is not just a sales channel but also showcases their commitment to their mission and entrepreneurship spirit.

Financial Figures and Company Growth

Financially, Eyewris has displayed promising growth. While specific profit figures post-Shark Tank are not publicly disclosed, the traction gained through their official website and Amazon indicates a positive trajectory. The company, rooted in Santa Barbara, California, has its foundation in sturdy Giati Designs, known for furniture that’s built to last. Maintaining inventory to meet demand, especially with an eye on expansion into markets such as Europe, where potential lies especially in cities rich in museums and cultural heritage, suggests a well-managed supply chain. There’s also an indication of the smart allocation of funds raised possibly through avenues like pre-orders or a Kickstarter campaign, implying solid business acumen and foresight into maintaining sustainable operations.