Elliptical Stroller from Shark Tank

Elliptical Stroller shark tank

For the past decade, health consciousness has taken over the globe. People make healthy and aware choices regarding their diet, nutrition, skincare, and even workouts. Numerous businesses have introduced and manufactured an infinite number of gym equipment that constantly change how people approach their workouts.

Despite so many advancements, there was no sign of a single piece of equipment that could help new moms lose weight. The challenges of motherhood are already mentally straining, but the leftover pregnancy weight physically challenges females. To top it off, making time for routine workouts is also impossible for mothers, as taking care of the baby and juggling other chores make it too tough to fit workouts into the schedule.

The Elliptical Stroller was designed by Pier Paolo Visconti when he saw his sister struggle to make time for her workouts after having a baby. She desperately wanted to lose the pregnancy weight but had no time for herself. Pier decided to design a piece of equipment that’d allow moms to work out while strolling and having quality time with their kids.

The Elliptical Stroller is a stroller with a folding elliptical machine. While the stroller works like any other baby carriage, the collapsible elliptical machine has two pedals and a mechanism that allows the stroller to operate as an elliptical. The foldable handles also helped become arms of the elliptical that helped in supporting the body weight onto the machine.

Pier saw the design as a genius model and worked on getting several design patents for the prototypical model. As the founder was also a real estate dealer from the bright land of Florida, he had no problem investing a huge sum into the process. The only thing he then needed was a shark to help him scale the business.

Pier appeared on Shark Tank Season 9 seeking an investment of $500K in exchange for 40% equity in the company. He needed help streamlining his genius idea’s production and supply chain, the Elliptical Stroller. He started his pitch by introducing himself and his product.

He explained to the sharks how his product stood out from the market competition. He also opened the floor for experimentation and quality assessment for the sharks. Robert and Kevin jumped at the opportunity and saw the machine’s potential firsthand.

While the sharks loved a good product, what spoke to them was numbers. Unfortunately, Pier had no numbers to offer regarding the Elliptical Stroller as he had never taken the product to the consumers. This revelation raised a lot of red flags for sharks.

Pier explained that he had spent a major sum on getting patents on the prototype, which sharks weren’t impressed about. One by one, the sharks started backing out of the deal. None of the sharks knew if the product would ever be in demand.

While Kevin, Robert, and Mark left the deal due to a lack of sales to back up the business, Lori left because she didn’t like the sum Pier was asking for. Daymond also left the deal but advised Pier to focus on customer acquisition before every other shenanigan.

Pier had a great product idea but no sales. He left the show empty-handed.

Our Review of Elliptical Stroller

Elliptical Stroller never went into sales. The business didn’t take off when it could not score a deal from sharks. Since the device didn’t have any sales to back up its consumption, the sharks didn’t bother with the businesses.

Since there have been no sales by the business, there’s no mention of their revenue either. The products were never used by any customers leading to vagueness regarding the machine’s validity and effectiveness in weight loss. Elliptical Stroller’s website is still up and running for a visit.

Pros of Elliptical Stroller

Even though Elliptical Stroller didn’t take off, here are some things that may have worked in favor of the business:

  • Elliptical machines are commonly used for aerobic exercises. The Elliptical Stroller would have been a perfect model for a mom who wanted to spend time with the baby while trying to stay fit.
  • Elliptical machines have been associated with fat burning that may have helped moms lose weight to some percentage, if not entirely.
  • Elliptical machines exert less pressure on knee joints compared to traditional walking.
  • Elliptical Strollers may have worked to spice up the workout routine for moms.
  • The Elliptical Stroller had a collapsible model that made it space effective.
  • Customers could have easily supported themselves using the Elliptical Stroller’s handles that one could effortlessly fold for using the device as an elliptical machine.
  • The baby carriage could also double as a pet carrier so that even pet moms could enjoy a nice stroll with their baby pets.
  • The Elliptical Stroller would have been time-saving as it incorporated two activities into one device.
  • The Elliptical Stroller would have been cost-effective as it reduced the need to buy a separate elliptical machine.
  • Elliptical Strollers may have made workouts possible for new moms.

Cons of Elliptical Stroller

Here are some things that haven’t worked in favor of the Elliptical Stroller:

  • Elliptical machines aren’t scientifically proven to help in weight loss. Hence, its incorporation in a stroller may not be the perfect model.
  • The Elliptical Stroller isn’t available for sale.

Who Is Elliptical Stroller For?

Elliptical Strollers could have worked for all moms who want to lose pregnancy weight but are too busy taking care of their babies. The stroller-cum-elliptical machine allowed moms to go on walks with their babies while trying to lose weight or get in shape. The collapsable model is perfect for saving space while providing functionality when operated.

Even if you are a pet mom, you can use the baby carrier on the stroller for your pet to enjoy your walks while using an elliptical machine attached, which automatically makes the stroller propel forward.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While three aren’t any designs in the market that incorporate gym equipment into strollers, you may find big shots like Britax to be the best manufacturers of strollers in town. The brand manufactures quality strollers that impart maximum comfort to the baby and the parent. Whether the adjustable handlebar or seat recliner, the features are endlessly installed to help parents and babies enjoy the stroller ride.

Our Final Thoughts

Elliptical Stroller may have been a great business idea for an unexplored niche. However, there isn’t enough evidence for the equipment’s functionality and validity. The business may have done well had its founder invested more in customer acquisition to understand the demand for the product.

Though Elliptical Stroller’s website is still up and running, there’s no proof of sales and the actual business operation.