DynoSafe from Shark Tank

DynoSafe shark tank

Many people prefer contactless delivery in the post-pandemic world, and DynoSafe helps you keep your products safe when you’re not at home. Rebecca Romanucci and her husband, Eric Romanucci, invented this smart lockbox. Before creating DynoSafe, Eric was a Colonel in the US army. He had 27 years of military experience and was also a surgeon.

Rebecca was a nurse who began her career during major ongoing healthcare concerns. This inspired her to create a product that would generate ease for people with disabilities who find it hard to visit the pharmacy or grocery store. So, Rebecca built a team and designed the DynoSafe. This safe served the purpose of being an innovative home delivery solution.

What Makes DynoSafe Unique?

DynoSafe is a climate-controlled lockbox that you can install outside your home. If you are not home and receive home deliveries, they can be placed in the safe. If food is delivered, you can adjust the temperature of the safe to as much as is required. DynoSafe also reduces the risks of porch pirates picking up deliveries and claiming them as their own.

DynoSafe functions from a patented app. All you have to do is put the delivery code in the special instructions sections of your order. The delivery person will enter this one-time code and open the DynoSafe. They can place all deliveries in the safe. Once the safe is closed, your items are secure. The application lets you know when the delivery is made. If you have ordered food items such as groceries, you can adjust the temperature of the safe as needed.

This also keeps your deliveries safe from tampering or weather damage. The DynoSafe app is compatible with smart devices such as smartphones, Alexa, drones, and delivery robots. If you prefer ordering your groceries and buying online frequently, DynoSafe is a valuable investment.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Eric and Rebecca appeared on Shark Tank season 12, episode 19, to secure a deal for DynoSafe. They sought $150,000 for a 15% stake in their business. During the episode, they narrated their story and explained how the lockbox with climate control features worked. They also demonstrated the functioning of the interactive application that controls the safe, which really intrigued the sharks.

Kevin was interested and pitched $150,000 for 40% ownership in the business. Robert countered the offer with $150,000, 25% equity and a seat on the board. Mark also agreed to be a board member with the same amount of equity. The duo agreed to Mark’s terms and left the show with a deal.

Is DynoSafe an Active Company?

DynoSafe is still actively in business. As the deal closed less than three months ago, the agreement may still be in the works. During the pitch, DynoSafe had a net worth of $1 million. In January 2022, its net worth was $600,000. From July 2021, DynoSafe has been available for pre-order on the company website. However, the annual revenue of the company is yet to be revealed.

Pros of DynoSafe

  • DynoSafe provides consumers with peace of mind, knowing their deliveries will be secure and safe.
  • DynoSafe is also easy to usefor all age groups. All you have to do is generate a code using the application and share the code with the delivery service. The app also notifies you of the delivery time, delivery name, and the temperature inside the safe.
  • You don’t have to schedule your deliveries. You can receive them anytime, whether you are at home or not.
  • DynoSafe is also energy efficient and only runs when the safe needs cooling. You can choose to cool the safe or leave it at the ordinary temperature.

Cons of DynoSafe

  • DynoSafe is not a suitable option if you don’t frequently order online.
  • You can order the safe online, but there is a long waitlist.

Who Is DynoSafe for?

Originally, DynoSafe was created to provide convenience to veterans suffering from PTSD. Some individuals had problems with crowded shops and preferred their groceries delivered. Rebecca wanted to create a secure lock box to store all items.

This included food items, medicines and other deliveries. The Covid-19 pandemic induced a surge in online shopping. Today anyone who is an avid online shopper can purchase the DynoSafe. This safe is excellent if you prefer to buy your groceries online. Any perishable items you buy can remain fresh until you reach home.

Are There Any Alternatives?

DynoSafe is a refrigerated safe with a large capacity. You can store many items, from food items to medicines to other purchases. Today there aren’t many competitors for DynoSafe.

Conventional Lockboxes

You can use lockboxes or safes to secure your delivery. However, you can’t store perishable items for a long time and don’t really get updates on your delivery.

Amazon Key

This is primarily available for Amazon orders. It automatically allows your front door to unlock, and the order can be placed inside. The door automatically locks when the parcel has been delivered, and a security camera records the entire transaction.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are helpful in letting you know if someone is at your front door. They can also record footage of porch pirates, which makes it easier to track them down.

Our Final Thoughts

DynoSafe stands out from other lockboxes and safes due to its unique features. It offers real-time notifications for your parcels, temperature control and remote locking. It’s an excellent buy for anyone who prefers online shopping over visiting the grocery store.

If you frequently get food items and medicines delivered to your house, DynoSafe is a great investment. With this safe, you don’t have to schedule your deliveries, and they remain fresh until you reach home. It is also relatively easy to set up and use.