Drop Stop from Shark Tank

Drop Stop shark tank

The Drop Stop device has been developed and patented to prevent goods from falling between the front seats and center console of a vehicle.

It was created by Jeffrey Simon and Marc Newburger in Los Angeles. Drop Stop is 17 inches long and made of black neoprene and polyester fiberfill.

You may slide the seat belt clasp through a small opening in the fabric and shift the vehicle seat back and forth without interference.

Newburger and Simon claim that the area between the front seats and console in a vehicle is always under the shadow; hence Drop Stop’s black hue is universally compatible with the interior of any vehicle.

Drop Stop should fit in most cars with a center console-to-seat distance of fewer than 3.5 inches. Although certain automobiles, including BMW and Volkswagen, do not have enough space to insert the Drop Stop in the gap, you may still use the Drop Stop in most vehicles.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Take a peek at Drop Stop’s website, and you’ll see they’re still in business. The Drop Stop made over $500,000 in sales less than a week after their program appeared on TV.

The product’s sales have continuously increased over the past few years, reaching more than $24 million. Lori has been a lifesaver for the two of them.

Due to her help, they’ve been able to get the product into places like Walmart and Target.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

In exchange for a 15% stake in their company, Jeffrey Simon and Marc Newburger asked for $300k on Shark Tank. They reported that they’ve sold over 250,000 pieces and made $1.3 million in sales after recounting the story of their product’s origin.

Despite its impressive sales figures, Robert wasn’t a fan of Drop Stop. Even though Daymond liked the numbers, he decided to leave with Robert.

While Mark appreciated the sample and thanked the folks for providing it, he couldn’t see how he could contribute anything to the project. Mr. Wonderful was willing to pay $300,000 for a $2 per unit royalty.

To make Jeffrey and Marc rich, Lori offered $300,000 for a 20% stake in the company. In response, Kevin offered $300,000 for a one-cent royalty, but Lori didn’t have it.

With a million-dollar check in hand, she had them imagine cruising around Martha’s Vineyard. The boys were on board with her vision.

According to Marc and Jeffrey, in a post-show update conversation with Shark Tank┬áBlog, they sold nearly half a million dollars’ worth of their product.

They made an additional $120,000 in sales during their appearance on The View. Last summer, they began reinvesting 100% of their revenues into the company.

Drop Stop has been the most popular automobile accessory on Amazon since it first appeared on TV. Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, and many more retailers carry the product.

In episode 104 of Beyond the Tank, Drop-Stop received a lengthy upgrade.

Drop Stop made another appearance in Season 9, Episode 913’s update section. The latest report gave a total sales figure of $24 million. The corporation remains operational with $5 million yearly revenue in June 2022.

Our Review of Drop Stop

We tried the Drop Stop for our SUV, and we have to say that we like the product. The Drop Stop seat gap fillers can operate in big SUVs.

The gaps in SUVs are large and extend further than the seat belt buckle, which is where the majority of objects end up falling into the gap.

Drop Stop totally closes off the opening between the seat’s front edge and the buckle farther back. If you don’t want to remove everything, you may just pull up on the parts that are stuck and remove them with a car wash vacuum to get rid of the residue.

The product is a resounding success, and we wholeheartedly endorse it.

Pros of Drop Stop

  • It helps prevent cash and other small objects from slipping into the gap.
  • Quick and simple set-up.
  • You will not have to adjust the Drop Stop seat gap filler in your car once it has been installed.
  • The product may be used on nearly any car model.
  • The color black is unobtrusive.
  • Passenger as well as driver side usage is possible.
  • Facilitates the management of little objects

Cons of Drop Stop

  • It is more expensive compared to its competitors

Who Is Drop Stop For?

It’s an excellent option for drivers of cars, trucks, and SUVs. A popular place for individuals to drop vital objects is in the chasm between their seat and the center console, which can be filled by this device.

To match any interior color scheme, this Drop Stop car seat gap filler is virtually undetectable when the seat is adjusted back and forth.

The device incorporates a patented slot gliding over the driver’s seat belt clasp for added security. The device is easy to install, so you can start benefiting from its security features right immediately.

You’ll never have to re-adjust the gap filler after it’s placed entirely. You can keep your car neat and your belongings safe with this easy method. It also helps to avoid risky automobile searches.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Maxsa Twin Hanger

Maxsa shopping bags can store jackets, purses, garbage bags, umbrellas, and more. It fits a twin post with a half-inch or smaller hole. It contains hooks that you may use for a variety of purposes.

You can store up to ten pounds in this bag. This ingenious accessory may hang everything you need to travel in style from your car’s headrest.

It is compatible with any two-post headrest of fewer than 12 inches. There are two multi-purpose solid hooks on this bag.

It stores anything from shopping bags to jackets to purses to garbage cans to umbrellas. The hanger may support 10 pounds, with each hook holding up to 5 pounds.

Our Final Thoughts

There is a lot of buzz around Drop Stop. A material known as neoprene is used in its construction, which allows it to fit around the seatbelt and move with the seat.

In an unexpected twist of fate for two individuals who came to Hollywood with vastly different goals, the Drop Stop has become a surprising commercial hit.